CBD Gummies in Australia: The Best Brands Reviewed in May 2023

Despite CBD Australia being a Schedule 4 substance, the market for these products is booming. If you are curious about CBD but worried about potential psychoactive side effects, the best CBD gummies are a great idea for Australians.

Though all CBD products from reliable brands contain negligible amounts of the “high-producing” THC, using CBD in gummy form may help put your mind at ease. Consuming it with food will also help dilute the CBD, helping even beginners adjust to the substance easily.

Buoyed with crucial information about the brand and the properties of these gummies, we've compiled a list of the five best CBD Gummies in Australis. The following products offer high-quality ingredients, great taste, and an effective CBD experience to people looking to take CBD the non-conventional way.

Hemp Infused CBD Gummies
43 Reviews

1.  Premium Jane Hemp Infused CBD Gummies

Comments from customers like Mona Smith saying, “these gummies are the best tasting gummies I've ever had”, are easy to spot on the Premium Jane website and with good reason. Their hemp gummies come with all-natural berry extracts to give these edibles an addictive taste. The ingredients list includes annatto, grape concentrate, organic white grape juice, corn syrup and more.

Meanwhile, the broad-spectrum formula ensures that these gummies are delicious and potent as they come packed with all the essential nutrients and vitamins.

Recommended Dosage: Two 25 mg per day

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  • The product has a high 25mg/gummy hemp content
  • The gummies come in a delicious range of natural flavours
  • Free from artificial colouring


  • Expensive in comparison to regular gummies
70 Reviews

2.  Nuleaf Naturals – CBD Full Spectrum Gummies

Introducing the must-have CBD gummies in Australia by Nuleaf Naturals! These gummies are not only made with organic ingredients and zero artificial colors or flavors, but they are also rigorously lab tested for purity and precisely dosed at 15mg/gummy. What sets Nuleaf’s gummies apart from the rest is the proprietary genetics, which allow them to create a highly concentrated CBD extract that contains an optimal blend of secondary cannabinoids.

This results in an entourage effect that's sure to leave you feeling relaxed and pain-free. But don't just take our word for it, customers rave about the effectiveness of these gummies in providing relief from pain and stress, promoting relaxation, and helping with sleep. With the highly anticipated mixed berries flavor, these gummies are simply irresistible! Get your hands on Nuleaf’s high-quality CBD gummies today and experience the difference for yourself!

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  • High-quality product on Australian market

  • Proprietary genetics and entourage effect

  • Top customer reviews and ratings


  • Can be pricey compared to some other brands
Naturecan Vegan and Fruity CBD Gummies
568 Reviews

3.  Naturecan Vegan and Fruity CBD Gummies

Naturecan's CBD Vegan Gummies are made using tapioca syrup, tangerine and beetroot extracts, turmeric, lemon, and other natural ingredients. This broad-spectrum CBD product uses all-natural flavourings and is perfect for when you are on a keto or a plant-based diet.

In addition, the company uses high-grade US-grown organic hemp to produce these gummies that are 0.01% THC free, making them suitable even for non-CBD users. Customers love that it has live websites in over 30 countries, making them accessible worldwide.

Recommended Dosage: Initial dosage of 25 mg CBD per day

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  • Guaranteed THC-free
  • Delicious, tangy, sweet flavours
  • High CBD concentration of 10 to 25 mg per gummy


  • The product may take a little to produce an effect.
Organic CBD Gummies - Barker
25 Reviews

4.  Barker Wellness Organic CBD Gummies

CBD gummies make such great lifestyle products because they combine easy dosing with delicious taste. Barker Wellness's Organic CBD Maintainance Gummies are just this, containing the original CBD ingredient, cannabidiol, with well-known wellness ingredients like Green Apple Matcha, Ginkgo Biloba, Lion's Mane Mushroom and more.

The broad-spectrum composition works well with these additives to produce gummies that improve immunity, brain function, memory, and focus, in addition to the characteristic CBD traits.

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  • Potential to improve alertness, brain function, and inflammation
  • The product has a pleasant flavour of green apple matcha
  • Well-balanced composition


  • The gummy taste may not be to everyone's liking.
Cubes and Ring CBD Gummies

5.  CBDSky Cubes and Ring CBD Gummies

Available in CBD Isolate and full-spectrum variants, these Cubes and Rings gummy range by CBDSky are known for their bold colours and fruity tastes. The brand uses 100% bio-organic hemp-extracted through the highly precise Supercritical CO2 method to make delicious THC-free edibles.

The worldwide shipping by CBDSky is a boon for global customers, and the company even offers a 30-day full refund in case of order mismanagement.

Recommended Dosage: One to two gummies per day

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  • Full-spectrum/CBD Isolate options available
  • Great shipping options
  • A larger quantity of gummies per pack


  • The gummy flavour may not be sophisticated enough
  • Milder effect
Gum CBD - Endoca

6.  Endoca CBD Gums

Not only is Encoda's idea of a CBD-based chewing gum ingenious, but it is also highly effective. The reason for this is that the gum CBD-containing gum remains in the mouth for the entire time, letting the maximum amount of the substance enter the bloodstream. This higher bioavailability ensures that you get the full benefits of CBD.

The sugar-free, minty taste masks the natural cannabis flavour, making it a great fit for people with difficulty with the hempy bitterness. And as customer “Miss Sunshine” says, these CBD gum has “a pleasing taste and (is) soft to chew.”

Recommended Dosage: It may require more than usual to produce full effect.

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  • 100% biodegradable gum
  • High bioavailability per product
  • Sweet minty taste


  • Requires a high dose
Gummie CBD - Kiara
Top Reviews

7. Kiara Swiss-made CBD Zen Gummies

Our top pick goes to Kiara’s CBD gummies which come in a wild lime flavor and contain all-natural and premium Swiss ingredients. Add organic Swiss CBD into the mix and you end up with a very well-balanced gummy for both beginners and more experienced users. Since Kiara is based in Switzerland and not in the US, they also offer free and relatively fast shipping to all of Australia.

These gummies are vegan, NON-GMO, and made locally in Switzerland. Each dose contains 20mg of CBD in addition to vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K1, Niacin, Folic Acid, and Zinc making it a great all-in-one gummy to start or end your day with.

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  • Free and fast shipping to Australia 
  • Great taste and texture 
  • High-quality Swiss ingredients 
  • Infused with other important vitamins


  • Only 1 flavor

How Did We Pick These CBD Gummies Delivered in Australia?

Keeping factors like ease of use, taste, and potency, we've compiled a list of the best CBD Gummies in Australia to help you get started. Gummies are not only easier to use for first-time CBD users, but they also taste great. The added flavours and sweeteners help mask the bitterness of the cannabis well.

However, taste and other physical aspects are not all that matter regarding CBD Gummies. So, when picking these CBD gummies, we also considered the legality of the products and how they align with the Australian standards. In addition, factors like the brand image and the customers' experience using these edibles further helped inform our choices.

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Can You Buy CBD Gummies in Australia? Yes!

Though not illegal, CBD products, including gummies, are still considered prohibited substances and can only be procured via prescription. The Australian law is so strong on CBD use because it is a cannabis product and thus in the same league as the highly potent marijuana.

If you want to buy CBD Gummies in Australia legally, you need to have a doctor's prescription. These are difficult to acquire as medical professionals must apply to the Therapeutic Goods Administration on your behalf. Not only does this process not guarantee a valid prescription, but the said permit also only has a validity of 12 months.

For medical purposes, patients can only access Schedule 8 and Schedule 4 cannabis products via a script from a physician or specialist under the SAS B accreditation system, or from an accredited prescribing physician. However these products are available over the counter to the public through a pharmacist since 2021, with the TGA's recent decision to reduce the schedule for certain low-dose CBD preparations from Schedule 4 (drug by prescription) to Schedule 3 (drug by pharmacist only).

Thanks to a partnership with Cannatrek, Chemist Warehouse will supply with low dose CBD products that can be sold to consumers without a prescription, and will develop new products such as CBD Gummies. At the moment, few foreign CBD gummy brands can ship their products to Australia.

How to Choose the Best CBD Gummies in Australia?

Even though it has been legal in Australia since 2016, CBD use is still restricted in the country. Despite its potential benefits in treating anxiety, inflammation, and even addiction, the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods is still hesitant about putting any CBD products on its official list.

So before choosing your CBD Gummies, you must apply for a medical CBD prescription via the Special Access Scheme. You will need the help of your doctor for this because they will be the ones who will be in contact with the TGA regarding your case. The requirements for this process involve information like:

  • Your complete medical history with detailed information about relevant symptoms
  • A scientific backup on why CBD is crucial to treat your symptoms
  • Scientific evidence from past cases shows the positive effects of CBD on similar conditions

After getting this prescription for CBD Gummies from the TGA, you can buy these edibles from a pharmacy. However, suppose you want to get the best CBD gummies from foreign brands Endoca and Kiara Naturals. In that case, you should have a separate import license and permit from the Office of Drug Control to facilitate the smooth import of your product.

In addition, not all CBD Gummies are of the same standard and quality. A study shows that only 7% of brands sell products that have undergone proper lab testing. Buying such counterfeit products can be dangerous for your health as they may contain substances like:

  • Chemicals and pesticides used in growing hemp
  • Heavy metals like mercury from the soil
  • High/illegal levels of THC

Using such products may cause poisoning, internal bleeding, and even death; you may be unaware of the high levels of THC as most of these products are also mislabelled. Such a miscalculation may cause accidents at work, especially if it involves handling sensitive machinery or operating vehicles. For these reasons, it is best to stick to reliable brands like those listed above.

Where To Buy The Best CBD Gummies in Australia?

1 premium-jane LOGO
2 Barker_Wellness_Logo (1)
Top Seller 3 Naturecan

Cheapest CBD Gummies in Australia (Prices Compared)

NumberCBD Gummies AustraliaTotal CBD (in mg.)Range of CBD potencyCBD FeaturesCost for 500 mg.Customer ReviewsWhere to buy?

Premium Jane CBD Gummies

1500 mg.

25 mg. each

Natural & vegan products

$73,00 AUD


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Naturecan CBD Gummies

300 mg. to 1200 mg.

10 mg. each

THC Free, Broad Spectrum

$37,00 AUD


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Final Thoughts: What are the Best CBD Gummies in Australia?

The best CBD Gummies in Australia come from brands like Naturecan, Barker, and CBDSky. These companies are CBD industry leaders and are known to produce high-quality CBD oils, tinctures, capsules, and edibles. As veterans, they offer quality ingredients that are organic and locally grown.

CBD gummies can have many benefits and potentially treat several conditions like inflammation, pain, and even insomnia, and the reviews reflect a lot of these same sentiments. However, customer experience is just as important as brand reputation when evaluating the best CBD Gummies. The five edibles mentioned above have some of the best-reviewed feedback from real customers.

cbd gummies naturecan

Naturecan's CBD gummies have become quite popular in recent years, and Naturecan offers one of the top options in the market. With 10mg CBD per gummy, these sweet and easy to eat treats are the ideal way to get your daily CBD intake. These gummies are made with broad-spectrum CBD and have 0% THC.


Can You Legally Purchase CBD Gummies in Australia?

It is not legal to purchase CBD gummies in Australia without a prescription. CBD is considered a controlled substance in Australia, and its use and distribution are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Only registered medical practitioners can prescribe CBD products, and patients must have a valid prescription to obtain them. If you buy CBD Gummies online, it is your entire responsibility.

Are CBD Gummies Available Over the Counter in Austalia?

No, CBD gummies are not available over the counter in Australia. Chemist Warehouse does sell some hemp-derived products, including hemp oil and hemp protein powder, but they do not sell CBD gummies or any other CBD products without a prescription.

How Much Do CBD Gummies Cost in Australia?

The cost of CBD gummies in Australia varies depending on various factors such as the brand, quality, and quantity. Generally, CBD products in Australia are more expensive than in other countries due to stricter regulations. However, on average, you can expect to pay around $50-$100 AUD for a bottle of CBD gummies containing 30-60 gummies.

Do You Need a Prescription to Buy CBD Gummies in Australia?

Yes, you need a prescription to buy CBD gummies in Australia. CBD is considered a controlled substance in Australia, and its use and distribution are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Only registered medical practitioners can prescribe CBD products, and patients must have a valid prescription to obtain them.

Customers' Ratings About CBD Gummies in Australia: 4,9/5 (289 reviews).

I have been writing several articles on the Internet about natural products and eco-friendly ways to help with general wellbeing. I became interested in CBD when I traveled to the US. I believe everyone should have access to reviews and testimonials to obtain quality and certified products.