Our pets are just like us. They feel the same aches and pain. Studies show that dogs can feel separation anxiety acutely like humans, which may result in symptoms like lack of energy, a reduction in appetite, and more. CBD in Australia and especially, CBD oil for dogs is a great solution if you are planning to leave your pets for work or want to help relieve them in old age.

Though all CBD products from reliable brands contain negligible amounts of the “high-producing” THC, using CBD in gummy form may help put your mind at ease. Consuming it with food will also help dilute the CBD, helping even beginners adjust to the substance easily.

Discover The Best CBD Oils for Dogs in Australia

A survey of dog owners who use CBD for their pets showed that the substance could potentially treat many conditions in pets. The list includes physical symptoms like osteoarthritis, inflammation, chronic pain due to old age, and mood and anxiety disorders like separation anxiety and noise phobia. Here you can find the best CBD oils for dogs in Australia:

CBD oil for pet barker
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CBD Pet Tincture by Barker Wellness

Barker Wellness developed a CBD Pet Tincture with vegan ingredients and broad-spectrum CBD oil. The tincture is available in three flavours, beef, tuna, and bacon, making it a tasty and healthy treat for your pet.

This CBD tincture comes in two strength options, 250mg and 500mg, and Barker Wellness formulated it with GMO-free CBD extract. The product has only natural and vegan ingredients, including those used for flavouring.

To ensure your pets can benefit from the CBD's properties, Barker Wellness refined the CBD extract to ensure there is no trace of THC.

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  • Made with vegan ingredients
  • Free from THC
  • Available in two potencies


  • Not available without flavours

Raw CBD Oil for Dogs by Endoca

This Raw CBD Oil from Endoca is an organic, GMO-free, full-spectrum blend containing cannabidiol and all the additional terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and omegas of the cannabis plant. As a stronger concentration, it can also be used on cats and horses to help treat symptoms like joint aches, sleep issues, anxiety, and separation.

Endoca's composition is best administered in medium to low doses as the full-spectrum blend is very potent. This product is made via highly efficient CO2 extraction, so you have nothing to worry about in terms of purity. However, prior consultation with a veterinarian is always encouraged for best results.

Recommended Dosage: Initial dose of 1 to 2 drops

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  • Different strengths available for different sized dogs
  • The product may help treat inflammation in dogs and even cats and horses
  • Formula well-suited for daily use


  • Your pet may not like the flavour.

Isolate Hemp CBD Oil for Dogs by CBDSky

This CBD Oil from CBDSky is made using pure hemp, with minimum additives. The simple solution uses no extra materials besides CBD, natural flavouring, and hemp seed oil as the carrier. These ingredients increase the potential of CBD Isolate to treat anxiety in dogs as the CBD is highly concentrated. Customers who use this oil on pets found that their “anxiety levels have dropped considerably”.

Though there are no fixed doses, try to administer this oil according to the size and breed of your dog. The CBD in this oil affects the pet's endocannabinoid system and will help them feel relaxed and energetic while freeing them from potential inflammation in the joints or muscles.

Recommended Dosage: One full dropper daily for pets below 25 pounds. You full droppers for dogs above 25 pounds.

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  • Bio-organic hemp sourced from America
  • 100% THC, gluten, GMO-free
  • Discrete worldwide shipping with a 30-day full refund policy


  • The 50 mg CBD per ml may need more doses for bigger pets.

How Did We Pick These CBD Oils for Dogs Delivered in Australia?

Endoca and CBDSky are well known for their high-quality organic CBD oils. Their high standards for hemp crops and their low-THC policies align with the regulations of the Australian government.

In addition, the customer reviews for these brands reflect their dedication and experience in making products that are both accessible and potent. These factors help inform our decision in choosing the best CBD oil for dogs in Australia.

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Can You Buy CBD Oil for Dogs in Australia?

It is possible to buy CBD oil for dogs in Australia. However, to do this, you will need a prescription from a veterinarian under specific conditions. For example, the medical professional can prescribe CBD for your dog only if it meets the following criteria:

  • The CBD content in the product must be 98% and more
  • The owner must be willing to pay careful attention to any side effects of the CBD
  • The owner must consent to any potential risks posed by the CBD administration.

CBD oil requires such long procedures because it is a Schedule 4 Drug and thus prohibited from non-prescribed use. To import CBD oil for your dog involves a longer process involving the Australian Department of Food and the Office of Drug Control.

Where To Buy The Best CBD Oils for Dogs in Australia?

Top Seller 1 Naturecan
2 Endoca
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How to Choose the Best CBD Oils for Dogs in Australia?

The CBD oils in these cases contained no traceable amounts of the psychoactive THC, which allowed the dogs to remain alert. Dogs are also more sensitive to toxins and other harmful substances, and CBD affects them more strongly than humans. Since this is the primary culprit in marijuana, you must buy only THC-free products when choosing your CBD oil.

For this reason, both the quality and strength of the CBD oil you choose must be appropriate to your pet's size, age, and breed. Make sure to choose products that use only organic pesticide-free hemp and administer doses lower than you would for yourself.

In Australia, when choosing and importing your CBD online, you will require several permits, including:

  • A prescription for CBD from your vet
  • Import license and permit from the Office of Drug Control

Without these documents, you won't be able to legally buy CBD oil for your dog from online markets abroad.

Cheapest CBD Oil For Dogs in Australia

NumberCBD for dogs AustraliaTotal CBD (in mg.)Range of CBD potencyCBD FeaturesPriceCustomer ReviewsWhere to buy?

Naturecan CBD oil for dogs & pets

250 mg. to 1000 mg.

25 to 100 mg./ml.

Non-toxic, Free THC, Natural

from $29,99 AUD


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Your furry friends deserve high quality, and that's we suggest another choice with Naturecan' CBD tinctures for dogs. You can choose from concentrations ranging between 2,5% and 10%. These items don’t cause psychoactive effects and are safe for animal consumption. You can also check what dose is ideal for your pet by consulting the table on the website.

Best Ways to Use CBD Oil for Your Dog

CBD oil can be similarly administered to your pets as human consumption. The effect of CBD oil for both people and pets rely on the reaction of the substance's range of cannabinoids with the body's endocannabinoid system. This interaction is known to help produce many benefits potentially.

Improvements in sleep, treating anxiety, regulating inflammation and joint pain are all potential effects of this reaction, and the process is similar in dogs and humans. To help your pet get the full benefits of CBD oil, you can give the oil directly via a dropper. However, mixing the substance with food is preferred because it masks CBD's hempy taste and flavour, which your pet may not necessarily like.

Reminder: Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

A 2021 study by a group of Italian researchers directed the conversation toward the positive effects of CBD oil on dogs. Though much of the research was based on stimulation rather than live-animal tests, the results still showed that CBD lowered the inflammatory responses in the subject. This report shows the first potential evidence of an immunomodulatory effect of the substance on canines.

The CBD changed the cytokine production in the canine model, which helped it reduce inflammation. This effect on a canine model is startlingly similar to the oil's effect on humans. The study recorded very similar patterns from modulations in cytokine production to the control of the inflammatory responses. It would suggest that much of the same human responses to CBD are reproduced in dogs, and in particular, all the potential benefits of the oil.

Studies like these demonstrate the possible therapeutic role of CBD for pets in helping treat canine inflammation, boosting its potential in veterinary medicine.

Final Thoughts: What is the Best CBD Oil for Dogs in Australia?

Owning a dog is not always a bed of roses, especially if you are the owner of an aggressive or highly excitable dog. Your pet may be harder to train than other canines. In cases like these, CBD oil can be a blessing as studies claim that when administered every 24 hours, they have the potential to reduce aggressive behaviour.

Data show that CBD is well tolerated in dogs, and the substance has been known to reduce chronic osteoarthritic pain. However, it is necessary to include behavioural training alongside these oils, even in anxiety and aggression.

CBD oils like Endoca or CBDSky work best when used in the right dose. It is not only the dog's size but also its breed that is important, as each variety has different body compositions. To find the best CBD oil for your dog, you should check with a veterinarian first and visit forums for people with pets. The experiences of customers with similar breeds will help you determine which oil suits your dog best.

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