Best CBD Cat Treats in 2023: Top Rated and Healthy Products Reviewed

From alleviating anxiety symptoms to helping with inflammation and chronic pain, CBD cat treats are a great product to introduce your furry friend to. With over 8% of all cat owners attesting to its benefits, cannabidiol-based treats offer a healthy natural alternative to vet-recommended pharmaceuticals.

How Did We Pick These CBD Cat Treats?

Brand reputation was one of the chief factors determining our choices of these CBD cat treats. We've paid special attention to industry renown because a brand's reputation among its customers indicates its product quality.

User reviews for these cat treat helped us formulate a concrete vision of their real-life applications. Because of the legal gray area surrounding CBD-infused items, we've also focused on products legitimately allowed by the law while choosing these CBD treats for cats.

Best CBD Cat Treats on the Market in 2023

From their variations in flavors to their attractive price points, the following CBDtreats are some of the best cat products.

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1. Top Rated CBD Cat Treats: Medterra

Have you got an anxious cat? Medterra's Calming Pet Chews are infused with L-Tryptophan to help your pet deal with anxiety. The brand uses natural botanical ingredients to make each of these 10 mg chews as powerful and safe as possible.

Your cat will love the bacon flavor of the chew, while you will be impressed by the list of ingredients which include valerian root, passion flower, ginger root, and more.

Recommended Dose: as per your pet's weight (for 12 weeks and older only)

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  • 99.9%Β  Pure CBD
  • Lab-Tested Chews
  • 10 mg CBD Per Serving


  • Higher Price Point
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2. JustPets Infused CBD Cat Treats

Turkey, chicken, fish, liver – with an assortment as exciting as this, your pet is sure to go crazy for this cat treat from JustPets. In addition to the delicious flavors, these treats also contain essential vitamins and minerals like biotin, Vitamin K, riboflavin, folic acid, and more, giving each bite a taste of health.

Recommended Dose: As per your pet's weight


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  • Exciting Flavors
  • Contains Numerous Vitamins and Minerals
  • Assorted Flavors


  • Limited Product Information.
What is

What Are CBD Cat Treats?

Be it chews or biscuits, all cat snacks containing cannabidiol is called CBD cat treats. Manufacturers add flavorings like bacon, fish, chicken livery, turkey, and even peanut butter to food items contain CBD. This is done to increase the appeal of the treats with pets.

How Can CBD Treats Help Your Cat?

CBD cat treats are made using the compound cannabidiol. As an extract of the cannabis plant, they have the potential to provide various relaxing benefits for your pet, including

Treating Seizures

Cannabidiol has the potential to help deal with seizures, even in humans. Epidiolex, the only CBD-based drug cleared for medical use by the FDA, is an epilepsy aid. CBD treats for cats have the power to serve a similar function for your pets.

According to a Colorado State University survey, regular administration of cannabidiol to pets for a few weeks can have a positive effect on controlling the duration and frequency of seizures. This study showed an almost 33% seizure reduction in the participating animals.

Regulating Anxiety

Almost 8% of cat owners in America use CBD on their pets, with anxiety regulation being one of its main causes. Studies conducted on dogs showed that cannabidiol exponentially reduces these tendencies, be it separation or noise anxiety. This compound was even shown to help deal with aggression in dogs.

Though the research on the potential of CBD for treating anxiety in cats is still in its infancy, the positive results of these tests on dogs are a favorable general indicator of the application of CBD treats for cats.

CBD effect

Potential Side Effects of CBD Cat Treats

As with all CBD products, cat treats work best when used at the right dosage. Irregular, unauthorized administration of these treats can have various side effects, including drowsiness and dry mouth.

Fortunately, you can avoid all risks like the ones highlighted below by consulting with a vet before using CBD cat treats. These experts will help you develop an appropriate dosage and avoid any potential reactions of the cannabidiol with existing medications./


Studies show that cannabidiol can cause drowsiness in human subjects when consumed in excess. The same is true of CBD treats and your cat; owing to their smaller mass, the sedating effect of CBD is enhanced and more visible.

While lower quantities of these compounds are said to boost focus, you should refrain from using too many CBD treats on your cat unless you want them to be drowsy all day.

Dry Mouth

The terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabis components found in CBD products cause an effect commonly known as dry mouth. These compounds temporarily hinder the mouth's saliva production, making the area feel dry.

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CBD Cat Treats Reviews: What Do Vets Think About it

Though few, the research into the effects of CBD on pets generally shows positive responses in the scientific field. According to a study by researchers at the University of Western Australia, CBD showed enormous potential for curbing anxiety and aggression in pets.

Similar research done by University of Kentucky students also showed that cannabidiol could be an effective alternative to the anxiety-regulating drug trazodone in pets. These scientific findings are further backed by anecdotal evidence from pet owners who have administered CBD with effective results.

Because of this surmounting evidence, 80% of vets agree that CBD in any form, including cats' treats, has no adverse effects. 79% of them even ascertain its chronic pain-relieving properties.

How To Choose CBD Treats for Your Cat?

The variety of CBD cat treats is huge, from salmon-flavored bites to crunchy bites made from bacon oil and chicken liver. So Being aware of your pet's preferences and requirements can help make your CBD purchase considerably easier.

One of the most important things to consider when buying CBD treats for your cat is to know your pet's symptoms. Different conditions require different strengths and extractions, and it is best to know which product suits your cat best.

For example, a CBD Isolate or a broad spectrum composition will be a better choice for administering CBD to your pets. These products contain 0% THC, which can be toxic for cats. CBD Isolate cat treats are well suited for felines with sensitive compositions, while broad-spectrum products help tackle more acute symptoms like pain and inflammation.

To ensure no harm to your pet, choose an organic product that uses naturally-reared contaminant-free hemp. Cats also generally have a more sensitive makeup when compared to humans, and certain substances and allergens affect them more acutely.

To avoid unwarranted health risks, you should check the labels thoroughly to see that the CBD cat treats are GMO-free, vegan, and allergen-free.

If you prefer, you can also give the best CBD oil for cats.

Where Can I Buy the Best CBD Cat Treats Near Me?

1 Medterra CBD
cbd pets

How Many CBD Treats Can You Give to Your Cat?

A recent survey on CBD products revealed that only 30% of products contained the ingredients listed on their labels. The markers on the remaining 70% of CBD products were misleading as they contained little or no trace of the substances they claimed to contain. In addition, 21% of these items possessed noticeable traces of THC despite the labels stating them as THC-free.

Since the FDA does not officially recognize cannabidiol, the government body does not offer any recommendations for its use. One of the reasons for this is the absence of proper market regulation. In addition, CBD treats are available in various sizes and strengths, making uniform dosing an issue.

The number of CBD treats to give your cat also depends on your pet's breed, size, and symptoms. Though 0.02 to 0.04 mg of cannabidiol per pound of body weight is the generally accepted dose, this is only an estimation.

To get a proper reading, you should check in with your vet before using CBD treats for our cats.

Pros & Cons of Giving CBD Treats to Your Cat


Pre Packaged Doses:Dosage can be issued when dealing with CBD oils for cats. This problem is even more pronounced in cases involving travel and large crowds. Using a dropper to administer oil directly onto your pet's mouth can be a trying process.

With CBD treats for cats, there is no need to measure your CBD doses. These products contain specific, pre-packaged amounts of cannabidiol, making CBD intake a breeze. Since CBD is also known to perform better when taken with a constant dose, these traits also help improve product potency.

Great Taste: Let's face it, for all its benefits, CBD oil is not a great-tasting product. Unless flavored, cannabis-infused oils, especially in their raw form, have a bitter earthy flavor. Chances are your cat may not like this product. Administering CBD oils via a dropper can be an issue in such cases.

Fortunately, CBD cat treats are a perfect alternative to these pills. These items infuse CBD in delicious pet-friendly ingredients that ensure your pet yearns for another treat with each bite.


Lower Potency: Because CBD cat treats contain many extra ingredients, they are less likely to be as effective as concentrated CBD oils. Even in human subjects, cannabidiol, when infused in food, is shown to have the lowest bioavailability. Since the compound must travel and be digested before being metabolized, cannabidiol can have less effect in treating symptoms.

Conclusion: Are CBD Treats Safe for Cats?

The sad truth about the CBD market is that not all CBD treats for cats are safe. Out of 10 products, seven are likely to be mislabeled, and some may contain traces of toxins that can be fatal to cats.

Purchasing CBD treats from reliable brands can help avoid health hazards as these products are available with third-party testing reports to verify their transparency. Moreover, top brands offer CBD treats that are organic, vegan, and GMO-free.


I have been writing several articles on the Internet about natural products and eco-friendly ways to help with general wellbeing. I became interested in CBD when I traveled to the US. I believe everyone should have access to reviews and testimonials to obtain quality and certified products.

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