The Best CBG Oils (Cannabigerol) in Canada Reviewed in 2023

You've heard of CBD in Canada and THC, but what about CBG? Another cannabis compound, these substances are very difficult to come by, with a mature hemp plant producing only about 1% CBG as opposed to approximately 20% CBD.

Providing additional potential benefits to traditional CBD products, these Canadian oils may be just the thing you are looking for.

Discover The Best CBG Oils in Canada

From hemp quality and CBG concentration to product transparency and power, the following products represent the best CBG oils in Canada.

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Mellow Oil Purity CBG Oil

As one user remarks, the Oil Purity CBG Oil by Mellow is perfect for daily wellness as it helps “keeps the edge off pain.” With the infusion of a pure cannabigerol blend in an MCT carrier oil, this product is designed to maintain homeostasis in your body. By helping regulate the system's receptors, effectors and control centres, this pure CBG oil from Mellow aims to provide a well-rounded benefit.

Each full dropper of this oil contains 30 mg of CBG. This substance gets extracted from GMO-free hemp with zero THC so that there is no risk to your health when using it.

Recommended Dosage: One dropper per day

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  • The oil uses GMO-free hemp that is naturally THC free.
  • A light CBG oil made using nano extraction technologies that are perfect for everyday use.
  • The product is a pure CBG oil that contains minimal carrier products.
  • The oil contains up to 30 mg CBG per 1 ml dropper.


  • Pure CBG is difficult to come by, which may add to the pricing.
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Honest Botanicals No-THC CBG Oil

Despite being the central cannabinoid in cannabis plants, CBG often gets overshadowed by other compounds like THC and CBD. But Honest Botanicals' No-THC CBG Oil places this substance front and centre as the chief ingredient n the product.

Handcrafted using the finest organic, GMO-free hemp in British Columbia, this CBG oil has the potential to treat everything from bladder irregularities to cancer recovery. The no-THC content makes this oil a great sleep and relaxation aid, as there is less risk of a psychoactive reaction.

Recommended Dosage: One dropper per day initially.

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  • This oil is Canadian-made, being handcrafted in British Columbia.
  • The company uses high-grade hemp that is 100% organic and THC-free.
  • The oil has a higher concentration of 33.3 mg of CBG per dropper.
  • The CBG isolate is known for its antibacterial properties.


  • Excessive use may result in THC-like side effects in some users.

How Did We Pick These CBG Oils Delivered in Canada?

We've only shortlisted companies that are reliable not only in their product quality but also in their legal aspects. The brands on this list have passed the federal and state rules on CBG oil manufacture and sale. Moreover, the ingredients they use are high-grade and often local, as in the case of Honest Botanicals.

The CBG oil from this brand is handcrafted in British Columbia and has zero THC. But the impressive brand names and product quality are not sufficient when choosing the best CBG oils. For this reason, we've also gone through the customer testimonials for numerous brands. These reviews have helped us refine our choices by revealing the real-life potential of these oils.

Is it Legal to Buy CBG Oils in Canada?

Cannabis and cannabis-related have been legal in Canada since October 17, 2018. Since CBG oils fall under the latter category, you can legally buy these products in Canada. Unlike the US, where CBG/cannabis legality varies statewide, the Canadian Cannabis Act is legislation passed federally. This law implies that CBG is available to all legal adults in all Canadian states.

Both the federal and the governments have their particular laws about cannabis-related products. However, before its legalization, cannabis was under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Only medical use of this substance and its related products was authorized. Even after its legalization, there are several restrictions on CBG sales and advertising.

These oils also have specific and visible details about their ingredients and content percentage on the label. The packaging should also include information on its toxicity levels for the CBG oil to be considered legal in Canada. For example, no CBG oil can be marketed as a medical product; it should not make health claims.

Where To Buy The Best CBG Oils Canada ?

1 Mellow

How to Choose the Best CBG Oils in Canada?

Any CBG/Cannabis-related company authorized by the Canadian government has to pass through several stringent processes. The permits like processing licenses are difficult to come by, and with state-wise rules on CBG production, this difficulty is doubled.

For example, to become a legal cannabis producer in British Columbia, you will need authorization from Canada Health and Canada Revenue Agency. But in addition to this, you will also require permits for various production processes, including but not limited to water discharge, construction and retrofitting land and water use approvals, and more.

Third-party testing also reveals the numerous components of CBG oil, including other cannabinoids, THC (if any), and toxins like heavy metals and pesticides. So, to find the best CBG oils in Canada, you must go through these details and see the legal status of these brands. Another great way to test whether a company is reliable is to look for a Certificate of Analysis for each purchase.

CBG oils are similar to CBD in their application and use, so you can also experiment with the oil strength and dosage to find the best CBG. For example, if you have severe arthritis or chronic pain, a full-spectrum blend would be a better option. Similarly, a pure CBG oil or a CBG Isolate has the potential to help soothe nerves, making it perfect for relieving stress and anxiety.

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Advantages And Potential Benefits of CBG Oil

To make CBG oil, you have to isolate the cannabigerol from the other components of the cannabis plant. It is known as the “mother cannabinoid” because all other cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, are later forms of this compound. CBG is the main chemical component in young hemp plants, and it is only when they mature that CBG-A, an acidic variant of CBG, begins to form these other compounds.

CBG is also more difficult to harvest than CBD and gets extracted from young plants instead of mature hemp. As a cannabis product, it possesses the characteristic benefits of the plant while also providing added potential benefits like

Protection from Bacterial Infections                                   

CBG is known for its antibacterial properties, and a study shows that it can potentially kill bacteria resistant to medication like methicillin. These germs are hard to eradicate, and using CBG may help get rid of difficult-to-treat staph infections.

Cancer Treatment

Studies show that CBG can potentially reduce the growth of cancer tumours and cells. It can also be useful during the treatment because of its appetite-boosting properties. Helping patients eat their overall strength and resistance to the treatments.

Bowel Inflammation

By interacting with the body's CB2 receptors, CBG may help reduce inflammation. The compounds signal the immune system, which regulates its inflammatory response. This property can be a huge benefit in treating inflammatory bowel disease.

Final Thoughts: What is the Best CBG Oil in Canada?

Organic, GMO-free crops are a must if you want to ensure that they contain no contaminants. The best CBG oils in Canada combine quality with transparency. To elaborate, you should only buy from brands that work with high-grade hemp.

Transparency, be it in production or ingredients, is also a must. For this reason, the best CBG oils in Canada offer CoA and updated third-party testing results for each batch of their oils.


I have been writing several articles on the Internet about natural products and eco-friendly ways to help with general wellbeing. I became interested in CBD when I traveled to the US. I believe everyone should have access to reviews and testimonials to obtain quality and certified products.

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