Where Can You Buy The Best CBD Oils In Australia & Legal Products? The Best Guide In 2022

Cannabidiol is currently a trending molecule that you can easily find on the online market or in some land based outlets in Australia. All around the world, people confirm that CBD is a product that can help them in many different ways.  With MiisterCBD, you’ll know more about the Australian laws and deliveries in your country. Moreover, we analyzed many shops reviews on the internet for you in order to give you the list of the best CBD Australia shops to buy CBD oils or other items.


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How to get CBD in Australia? 3 options

physical cbd shop

1. Locally & Over the counter

To purchase your CBD in a physical shop in Australia, or a pharmacy, in this case, you need to have a medical prescription as CBD is only legal for medical use. We recommend that you get in touch with your doctor in order to discuss the possibility of starting a CBD treatment.

online cbd shop

2. In an online shop

Due to the legislation in Australia, the ideal option is to purchase your CBD items in online shops that will deliver to the country. Even though there might be a possibility of the order being stuck in customs, if you order from Endoca you’ll most likely have a successful order and be satisfied with their products!

Importing cbd

3. Importing from abroad

As mentioned before, importing CBD items to Australia is one of the options. Even though there are certain Australian CBD shops, the variety of products available is quite small. Make sure to look for online shops from the United States or European countries in order to find which ones deliver to Australia.

TOP 3 best CBD shops online in Australia (April 2022)

1. Naturecan CBD Australia

With one of the highest ratings in the industry, Naturecan‘s range of products is excellent. This brand offers CBD oil, capsules, snacks, balms, and much more. Focused on offering premium, safe, and effective hemp derived hemp, Naturecan's items are made from hemp grown in the USA and that is tested by third-party laboratories.

  • PRO: Wide range of products
  • CON: Only 3 payment methods

2. Endoca CBD Australia

Endoca is one of the top online shops in the CBD industry, and its items speak for themselves. With a wide range of high-concentration CBD, this brand focuses on innovation and variety. All the options are made from organic hemp, are free from toxins, chemicals, and preservatives, and are tested by third-party laboratories.

  • PRO: Products are extracted from organic hemp
  • CON: Prices are in American dollars

3. Naturicious CBD Australia

Naturicious offers a very interesting collection of CBD products with concentrations ranging between 5% and 30%. The CBD tinctures available in this online shop are of high quality and purity levels, and are 100% vegan. Moreover, it's guaranteed that all the hemp is grown organically and without any pesticides, thus ensuring a biologically safe CBD extract.

  • PRO: High quality broad spectrum CBD
  • CON: Money conversion needed for $AUD

TOP 5 best CBD oils in Australia (April 2022)

You can find the best CBD oils in Australia directly on our website. We analyzed the reviews and other consumer's tests to deliver a list of many shops’ websites that can deliver your items at your home. Moreover, you have the choice between 100% organic CBD oil drops and different doses. Tinctures can also have different properties, and we advise you to choose the top one regarding what you expect in terms of effects.

NumberCBD Oils AustraliaTotal CBD (in mg.)Range of CBD potencyCBD FeaturesCost for 500 mg.Customer ReviewsWhere to buy?

Kiara Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil

1000 mg. to 3000 mg.

100 to 300

Organic Swiss Hemp, Used by Practitioners in Germany and Switzerland

$64,00 for 1000mg



Naturecan Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

500 mg. to 4000 mg.

50 to 400 mg./ml.

THC Free, Vegan, and Organic MCT Carrier Oil

$54,30 AUD



MaxCBD Wellness Relief CBD Oil

300 mg. to 2500 mg.

10 to 83 mg./ml.

All-natural ingredients, ideal for pain relief

$83,00 AUD



Endoca Hemp CBD Oil

300 mg. to 1500 mg.

30 to 150 mg./ml.

Full Spectrum, Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO

$54,00 AUD



Naturicious High Quality CBD Oils

500 mg. to 3000 mg.

17 to 100 mg./ml.

Fast shipping

$58,50 AUD


Where to buy the best CBD oil in Australia?

1. Kiara Full Spectrum CBD Oil

  • Offer: CBD Oil 10% 2+1 Free
  • 1000 mg. to 3000 mg. CBD
  • 10% off – Coupon: MIISTER10
Buy now

What to look for in CBD oils in Australia?

Cannabidiol has been rising in popularity in Australia over the past years. Whether you are from Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney, you probably know someone who is taking CBD or looking into it. But how can you find the top CBD products available in the country? And which of these options is the ideal one for you?

Cannabis Doctors Australia, which is presided by Dr Ben Jansen, have a great platform to help you discover how CBD can help you and what type of product and dose will be ideal for you. Moreover, there are several shops such as the ones mentioned in these lists and even others, such as Elixinol and Charlotte’s web, that offer high quality cannabidiol items for Australians.

When searching for the top CBD oils in Australia there are some things that you should always consider:

  • The source and production methods of the hemp plant
  • The extraction method used
  • Whether the product has been tested by a third-party laboratory
  • The type of CBD used: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, isolate
  • And the concentration of cannabidiol

These are the main aspects that can guide you on whether the product is of high-quality and if it’ll be as effective as you want it to be. It’s always recommended that you consult your doctor before consuming CBD as it might interact with any medication that is already in your system, or cause side effects in your body.

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The best CBD gummies Australia

NumberCBD Gummies AustraliaTotal CBD (in mg.)Range of CBD potencyCBD FeaturesCost for 500 mg.Customer ReviewsWhere to buy?

Naturecan CBD Gummies

300 mg. to 1200 mg.

10 mg. each

THC Free, Broad Spectrum

$36,20 AUD



MaxCBD Wellness CBD Gummies

1000 mg.

20 mg. each

Pure organic hemp products

$30,00 AUD


cbd gummies naturecan

Naturecan's CBD gummies have become quite popular in recent years, and Naturecan offers one of the top options in the market. With 10mg CBD per gummy, these sweet and easy to eat treats are the ideal way to get your daily CBD intake. These gummies are made with broad-spectrum CBD and have 0% THC.

The best CBD vape juices Australia

NumberCBD Vape juices AustraliaTotal CBD (in mg.)Range of CBD potencyCBD FeaturesCost for 500 mg.Customer ReviewsWhere to buy?

Naturecan CBD E-liquids

250 mg. to 1000 mg.

25 to 100 mg./ml.

Broad spectrum, Menthol, Strawberry, Citrus

$81,50 AUD



Naturecan's collection of CBD e-liquids is full of quality. You can find three options of 10ml with concentrations of 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg of CBD. These liquids are made from broad-spectrum CBD and you can choose one of the three available flavours: menthol, strawberry, and citrus fruits. These e-liquids contain 0% nicotine and 0% THC.

The best CBD oils for dogs Australia

NumberCBD for dogs AustraliaTotal CBD (in mg.)Range of CBD potencyCBD FeaturesPriceCustomer ReviewsWhere to buy?

Naturecan CBD oil for dogs & pets

250 mg. to 1000 mg.

25 to 100 mg./ml.

Non-toxic, Free THC, Natural

from $29,99 AUD



Your furry friends deserve high quality, and that's we suggest another choice with Naturicious' CBD tinctures for dogs. You can choose from concentrations ranging between 3% and 10%. These items don’t cause psychoactive effects and are safe for animal consumption. You can also check what dose is ideal for your pet by consulting the table on the website.

What are the best CBD products in Australia?

Considering that there are several types of CBD items available, it is difficult to say which ones are the top ones. The most popular is, without a doubt, CBD oil, which can be ingested directly in the form of drops, can be vaporized, or even added to food and drinks as a food complement. However, depending on the results you are looking for, you might want to try out other types of options, such as:

  • CBD capsules Australia,
  • CBD creams Australia,
  • CBD hemp oils Australia,
  • CBD isolate Australia,
  • CBD vape oils Australia,
  • CBD gummy bears Australia,
  • CBD edibles Australia,
  • And more other CBD products.

Final thoughts: How to buy CBD online and import products legally in Australia?

There are many CBD options that you can buy online and be delivered legally in Australia. For example, you can purchase CBD oil drops, vape juices, capsules, gummies or topicals. Even so, you’ll need to choose carefully your CBD shops as we know that, for example, some US companies stopped exporting their items to Australia a few months ago (you can contact their customer support before purchasing anything).


How to choose your CBD store?

Even though Australia is a very forward country, the sale, and purchase of CBD itself are still very regulated. In order to buy any type of CBD in a physical shop in Australia, you must have a medical prescription, as this molecule is regulated and allowed for medicinal use only. You can, however, order your CBD products from online shops that will deliver your orders to Australia, such as Endoca.

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What is the best CBD product allowed for you?

The ideal CBD product varies from person to person, as well as their needs. Depending on the type of goal you have with your CBD consumption, you might opt for an oral ingestion CBD product, or maybe a cream, or perhaps you are looking for CBD for your pet. The right option is to do some research on the different types of options and doses and find out which might be the ideal option for you. You might also consider contacting a health professional who might be able to better guide you in this matter.

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Use our coupon codes to decrease your total cost

By purchasing your CBD products through MiisterCBD™, you’ll also have access to numerous promotional codes that you can use at the checkout. These codes are exclusive to MiisterCBD™, and on top of that, there might also be some special discounts associated with the online CBD shop you have chosen. You’ll be able to have access to superior quality options, but at a reasonable price!

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Time to finalize your order

Once you have added the CBD products to your shopping cart and proceeded to checkout to add your promotional code, it is time to finalize your order by making the payment. There will be several options, all depending on the shop itself. From credit cards to PayPal, we are sure that you’ll be able to find a payment method that is safe and that matches your needs. Once you conclude the payment, you just need to wait for it to be delivered!

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Why can you trust these CBD brands to get shipped in Australia?

MiisterCBD™ was created by a team of CBD lovers who are passionate about the benefits that this natural medicine brings to whoever uses it, which can drive an increase in pain management to the decrease of anxiety symptoms. Due to that, we have created a shopping guide to allow those who seek to use CBD to improve their quality of life and some guidance on how to achieve it.

Our commitment


Products of the highest quality

Our main goal is to ensure that our readers are consuming high-quality products, which are safe, organic, and All the shops listed have been certified by third-party laboratories, thus ensuring the legality and quality of the items themselves.

online shop

Good delivery services

In our website, you’ll find a list of shops we have analyzed and reviewed according to our selection criteria, which focus on the quality of the products and services the shop is offering. We ensure the stores are compliant with the legislation in their home country.  


CBD from biological sourcing

As part of our analysis, we also take into consideration the reviews other consumers have given the shops. And we do all of this to ensure that you have access to high-quality, safe, and trustworthy CBD shops so you can take care of your health.

How did we pick up these brands? Selection criteria:

In order to guarantee that the shops listed on our website are of the quality we are looking for, MiisterCBD™ has selected a number of criteria that are taken into consideration for any shop we review. We aim to ensure that our readers have access to the top shops available. All the shops mentioned in MiisterCBD™’s website have been put to the test according to the criteria below:

  • The overall quality of the products available
  • The sourcing and extracting methods used for the CBD itself
  • The production methods used to process the CBD
  • The certification of the products available (which must be given by a third-party laboratory)
  • The detail of the information available about each product
  • The delivery destinations and delivery times
  • The quality of the customer support service
  • The variety and safety of the payment methods available

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is CBD legal in Australia (2022)?

The short answer is yes, however you must be careful about the legislation. For the time being, a medical prescription is necessary to buy CBD products in Australia. In order to do so, you must get an appointment with your health professional and explain why you believe CBD would help with your health issues. Otherwise, you can import from certain shops abroad.

Where can I buy the best CBD Oil drops in Australia?

The easiest way to buy CBD oils in Australia is through the shop Endoca. This shop offers a wide range of products and will deliver your orders to Australia. In fact, many customers have made reviews of the shop indicating that they had no problem receiving their parcels from abroad. Just make sure that the products you buy are within the legal limit of THC and CBD in Australia.

Why should you buy CBD online in Australia?

Buying CBD on the internet is not only easy and fast, but it also gives you access to a wide variety of products and brands. You’ll be able to compare prices among brands and shops, as well as have many more options in terms of products than you would in case you opted to buy in a physical shop in Australia.

Why can you buy CBD in Australia?

There is no proof that CBD can cure some diseases, but the amount of research done on this topic has been increasing for a while. Many people, all around the world, believe that CBD can be used for treatments. Anxiety, stress, autism, depression, epilepsy, migraines, and many more illnesses are always quoted in the scientific researches. CBD can also help you relax, sleep, or can simply be used for your wellbeing. All these properties and effects made the cannabidiol molecule trend in Australia.

How much does CBD cost in Australia?

The price of CBD varies widely and depends on a series of factors, such as: purity, concentration, production methods, and type of product. Although you can find CBD products that cost $30, you can also easily find products that are more pricey and can cost as much as $400.

Average customer reviews about the brands in Australia: 4,8/5.

Guide about CBD in Australia written by Rita.

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