CBD NZ: How & Where To Buy The Best CBD Oils In New Zealand?

In this article, you can discover all the information about cannabidiol, the sale of CBD oils in NZ, import and export for wholesalers, and more. There are actually many common questions about CBD in New Zealand. Most of them are about the law and the import of CBD via the Internet. In fact, it is possible to get cannabidiol products in NZ, but the conditions are really strict. That’s why our team is here to help you find the right information and the best CBD websites.

List of the best CBD shops online in New Zealand (2021)

Top Deal 1 Naturecan
2 Endoca
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Guide about CBD in NZ written by MiisterCBD™.

Article updated in: 10/03/2021

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Is CBD legal in New Zealand?

Medicinal cannabis, including CBD products, are currently regulated under the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Regulations 2019, which states that although purchasing CBD products in New Zealand is legal, you are required to provide a prescription from a registered doctor.

Under this regulation, the definition of medicinal cannabis products includes any form of dried cannabis or pharmaceutical product, such as tablets, that contain one or more cannabis-based ingredients, such as CBD or THC.

How to get a CBD prescription in New Zealand?

The best option to legally purchase CBD in New Zealand is to contact your doctor, who will have access to your medical history as well as the medications you are taking. This is important information that one needs to know before consuming CBD products, therefore we recommend that you book an appointment with your personal health practitioner and request their opinion on the risks and benefits of using CBD products.

Once you have consulted with your doctor and he or she has given you the green light to consume CBD products, you can request them to give you a prescription in order to purchase your medicinal cannabis product. These products can be sold only by licensed professionals or pharmacies.

What is the best CBD oil you can buy in New Zealand (online)?

The best CBD oil that can be bought in New Zealand is the one sold by the brand Endoca. This online shop offers premium hemp-derived CBD oil, that includes a full spectrum of beneficial additives, such as omega 3, vitamins E and D, phytocompounds, flavonoids, terpenes, co-nutrients, and co-factors.

Endoca currently offers six different CBD oil products, which can be categorized as “strong”, “medium”, and “flavoured”, ranging from 30 mg CBD to 1500 mg CBD, some of which including CBDa. Offering flavoured CBD oils with a chocolate mint scent, those who do not like the hemp taste will be able to still intake their CBD without any problem.

Discover the CBD oil of Endoca


How to choose and buy the best CBD oil in NZ?

As mentioned before, there are several available CBD products that you can purchase, however, in order to ensure you are choosing the right one for you there are some steps you should consider:

  • Was the CBD hemp organically grown?
  • Was the CBD biologically sourced?
  • What are the percentages of CBD and other cannabis-based compounds of the product?
  • Is the product full-spectrum CBD?
  • Was the product tested by a third-party certified laboratory?
  • Do you know what type of CBD consumption you would be interested in?

These are some of the questions that should be answered before selecting one product to buy. MiisterCBD™ has done that work for you, and in our guide, you can find the answers to those questions in the detailed reviews we have written about the different CBD online shops available in New Zealand.

Where to buy CBD oils in New Zealand?

First of all, you will need to get a prescription to buy CBD. For this, please refer to a doctor or a local specialist. This will also be the opportunity to ask all your questions about cannabidiol and the potential effects on your body.

CBD is actually used in minor medical treatments. With anxiolytic, calming, and anti-inflammatory properties, cannabidiol could be very useful regarding your health needs. If you visit the online shops mentioned on this page you can find many products such as CBD oils, food supplements, capsules, and more – that can be delivered in New Zealand.

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In a physical shop

In New Zealand, you can purchase your CBD products at a local licensed pharmacy. Please note that you will have to present a doctor’s prescription in order to be able to have access to any type of CBD product. Currently, you can purchase Sativex™ without requiring any type of grant by the Minister of Health.

Can you travel to New Zealand with CBD products?

It is possible for travellers to enter the New Zealand border with CBD products as long as certain criteria are met:

  • The CBD product was prescribed by a health professional
  • The traveller has possession of the prescription or a letter from the doctor stating that he or she is being treated with medicinal cannabis
  • The product is declared on the passenger arrival card
  • The CBD is stored in its original container
  • The traveller only brings CBD product to last to up to three months
  • In case the medicinal cannabis is not CBD, it can only last up to one month

Can you import CBD products from abroad?

Sadly, for the time being, it is illegal to import CBD products from overseas, as per the current law patients must provide a doctor’s prescription and can only purchase their CBD products at a licensed pharmacy.

What type of CBD products can you buy in New Zealand?

Pharmacies in New Zealand often carry CBD products in the form of capsules or oil, and one of the best benefits of cannabidiol is that it generally does not cause any type of psychoactive effects. Certain CBD products might also come in the form of dried flowers intended for vaporization. It is important, however, to consider that certain medicinal cannabis products might also contain THC or other cannabis psychoactive substances, so it is preferable that you ask your doctor which type of product would be better for you.

As mentioned before, you can only purchase CBD products in New Zealand if you are in possession of a prescription issued by your doctor, and you can only have access to these products from establishments that have been given a licence to sell medicinal cannabis.

In New Zealand, CBD products can be legally sold if they have been assessed for their safety and efficacy, as well as have been accepted for distribution by the Medicines Act 1981 or the Medicinal Cannabis Agency. At the moment of the writing of this information, the only CBD medicine that has been approved for sale in NZ is Sativex™, and therefore doctors can prescribe it without any problem.

Nevertheless, it is possible for doctors to request a special grant from the Minister of Health to prescribe a different type of CBD product in case he or she considers that the patient would benefit from it.

Furthermore, the Medicinal Cannabis Agency has stated that it is possible that other types of CBD products might become available over time, so we suggest that you consult the Ministry of Health’s website to check if any further medicinal cannabis products have been listed.

Why should you buy CBD in NZ with MiisterCBD™? Our commitment

  • Products of the highest quality
  • Efficient and discreet deliveries
  • Sourcing and production from organic and biologic farms

The team of MiisterCBD™ has recognized the need to complete solid and thorough research on the variety of brands available in the CBD market in New Zealand, which will allow its readers to be safeguarded when selecting their online shop of choice. With this in mind, we are committed to giving you our honest reviews on the online shops available to ensure that you will always be satisfied with any purchase you make.

With the goal of guiding, helping, and protecting consumers in their pursuit of the best CBD products, we focus on suggesting brands that offer products that are safe, have been tested by accredited laboratories, and whose CBD products have been tested by our team. We have reviewed a wide range of brands, products, and online shops, always with the aim of guaranteeing that our readers have access to the best products online.

As such, we believe that our readers should have access to the selection criteria that the MiisterCBD™ team considers when reviewing any online shop. This will allow everyone that follows our guidance to have access to the requirements and characteristics we analyse when performing a review on a product or a brand. The main goal of our team is to provide our readers with the selection of the best online CBD shops in New-Zealand, that not only offer high-quality products but are also environmentally conscious and ensure that their products are organically sourced and biologically produced.

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Our selection criteria

Regardless of your location, the first step to ordering CBD products is always the same: to conduct a thorough research about the different available brands, products, and online shops. Over the course of the years, our team has acquired solid experience and knowledge about the different markets in this sector, and we are committed to sharing that knowledge with you, in order to make that search easier for you. With our help, our readers will be able to quickly and easily discover the products that are the best match for their needs, always with the highest degree of quality. The selection criteria we use when writing our reviews are:

  • The variety and quality of the available products.
  • Which are the methods used for sourcing CBD.
  • Which production methods are used for the CBD.
  • Whether the company provides access to the testing certificates by third-party laboratories.
  • The usability and navigation of the online shop.
  • If honest and detailed information is available for customers.
  • The quality of the packaging, delivery times, and locations available for delivery.
  • If there is a customer support service available and its efficiency and quality.
  • The payment methods available, and their variety and safety.

The team of MiisterCBD™ wants to ensure its promise of offering honest information on how to discover and use legal CBD online shops that meet the above criteria and which are safe for its customers. Our recommendations aim to give you the opportunity to find the ideal CBD products for your needs, as well as the chance to take advantage of our promo codes, that can help you purchase high-quality CBD products at the best price.


Is CBD legal in New Zealand (2021)?

Yes, CBD is legal in New Zealand, however, you require a prescription from a doctor in order to be able to purchase any type of CBD product. Currently, it is only possible to buy Sativex™ without the need for a special grant by the Ministry of Health.

Where can I buy the best CBD Oils in New Zealand?

You can find the best CBD oils at the online shop of Endoca. In case you would like to purchase in a physical shop, we recommend that you get in touch with your doctor and request a prescription in order to buy your CBD products at a pharmacy.

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