5 Best CBD Drinks You Can Buy in 2023 to Relax

The number of different CBD products available in the market keeps increasing, however, one staple of the cannabidiol world is CBD drinks. Our team did the research for you and tried the different options available. Find out which are the best CBD drinks available near you and what health benefits you can get from them!

How Did We Pick These CBD Drink and Beverage Brands?

The vast number of options available online is one of the main reasons why selecting a CBD drink might be difficult. In order to help you with your quest for the best CBD drink, MiisterCBD decided to try and review several options.

Our team of experts has done thorough research for different types of beverages and brands and reviewed them using our strict set of evaluation criteria. These criteria were established to ensure that our readers have access to CBD products that are:

  • Made with high-quality hemp extract
  • Sold by reputable online shops
  • Tested by third-party laboratories
  • Not harmful nor toxic

5 Top Rated CBD Drinks Reviewed in 2023

  1. The Best Sparkling CBD Drinks: Miraflora
  2. The Best CBD Mix Drinks: CBDistillery
  3. The Best CBD Sparkling Water: American Shaman
  4. The Best CBD Energy Drinks: Eco Sciences Shots
  5. The Best CBD Chill Shots: CBDFx

It’s not easy to find a good CBD product online. There are so many online shops and different brands to choose from, which often makes the selection process quite overwhelming. That is why MiisterCBD is committed to doing that research for you, and review our experiences. Keep reading to find out which are the best CBD drinks available!

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1. The Best Sparkling CBD Drinks: Miraflora

If you want to try the best sparkling CBD drinks on the market, the CBD beverage sampler by Miraflora should be your go-to.

This pack offers the three major variants – Relax, balance, and Sport, in one product. With Miraflora’s mixes, you can expect flavors like Berry Hibiscus, Tuscan Blood Orange, Peach Ginger, and Yuzu Camomile. And as one reviewer writes, “the flavors are all vibrant and juicy without being overly sweet.”

Product Highlight: The natural sweeteners used for these drinks.

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  • No Added Sugars
  • 35 mg Full Spectrum CBD Per Serving
  • Multiple Flavor Options


  • Low Product Exposure
CBDistillery - drinks (1)
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2. The Best CBD Mix Drinks: CBDistillery

Available in “Daytime” and “sleep” variants, these 25 mg CBD mixes are perfect for daytime and night use. Their easy-use design makes them convenient to carry- to use the mix, you only need to add a packet to a water bottle and wait for the product to dissolve.

Product Highlight: Unique CBD drink concept.

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  • Non-GMO and Cruelty-Free Products
  • Naturally-farmed US-grown hemp
  • US Hemp Authority Certified


  • The mix doesn’t dissolve completely.
American shaman -drinks - sparkling-water (1)
4 Reviews

3. The Best CBD Sparkling Water: American Shaman

If summer had a taste, it would have the same flavor as American Shaman’s CBD Sparkling Water. As Katie D writes, “refreshing, healthy, and the perfect end-of-day treat.”

Available in combinations like watermelon,/strawberry lime, and coconut/grapefruit, these drinks offer a unique, refreshing take on CBD beverages. The 10 mg cannabidiol concentration is neither excessive nor too weak, and it is clear why this product has so many takers.

Product Highlight: Balanced taste and flavors.

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  • Delicious Flavors
  • Balanced CBD concentration
  • Well Reviewed


  • Limited Flavors
CBD.co - Eco_Sciences_CBD_-_Eco_Shots_ (1)

4. The Best CBD Energy Drinks: Eco Sciences Shots

These energy drinks by Eco Sciences are the perfect pick-me-up for the days you feel a little down. Combining 25 mg of cannabidiol with essential cannabis terpenes like limonene, terpinolene, caryophyllene, and more, these Ecoshots manage to offer all the benefits of hemp in drink form.

Product Highlight: Stimulating product.

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  • 25 mg CBD per Serving
  • Rich Terpene Profile
  • Attractively Priced


  • Limited Product Info;
cbdfx-drinks-pomegranate (1)
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5. The Best CBD Chill Shots: CBDFx

Available in flavors like tropical fruit, pomegranate, and lemonade, these CBD shots are some of the tastiest drinks around. CBDFx’s cannabidiol infusions are not slacking in CBD concentration either, as each shot offers 20 mg of CBD per serving.

Not only are these drinks delicious, but they are also pure. In addition, the flavorings used in these shots are natural and contain zero added sugars. CBDFx offers products that are vegan, gluten-free, and organic.

Product Highlight: The L-arginine is a nice surprise.

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  • 20 mg CBD Per Shot
  • Contains L-Arginine
  • Organic, THC-free, Vegan


  • Website Tends to Lag
What is

What Is a CBD-Infused Drink?

Just like the name indicates, a CBD-infused drink is a beverage that has cannabidiol as an ingredient. While it might seem simple, there are many options available and each was made differently.

For instance, CBD teas can be made by steeping hot water on cannabis sativa leaves or by infusing your favourite tea with CBD tincture. The same happens with different types of drinks, such as:

The quick growth of the CBD drinks sector is quite impressive, and it’s one of the most spectacular we have seen in the industry. In fact, it’s expected that this CBD-based product becomes one of the most sold in the upcoming years.

We believe that one of the greatest advantages of cannabidiol-infused drinks is that they are so easy to ingest. When compared to other types of CBD items, such as oils or tinctures, CBD drinks often have a nicer taste and added ingredients that can make the consumption experience more enjoyable.

Although you just have to drink the CBD, just like it happens with oils or tinctures, the variety of possibilities when it comes to flavours and expected effects is much higher. For instance, if you’re looking to relax you can have a CBD tea, while if you’re looking to feel more productive perhaps CBD coffee will offer you better results.

List of All Different CBD Drinks You Can Buy Online

As mentioned before, there is a wide range of products that you can drink and which contain CBD. With different tastes, dosages, added ingredients, and potential results, you’ll surely find one that will be ideal for you. Here you can find the complete list of the best CBD drinks you can buy online.

best cbd tea


Oppositely to energy drinks, some people enjoy relaxing with a nice cup of tea. Well, you’ll be happy to know that there is a wide range of CBD teas available, as well as some CBD infusions and even hemp leaf teas. You can check our list to find the best CBD tea here.


CBD Coffee

Most people start their day with a nice cup of coffee – but what if you could have your favourite morning drink with CBD? There’s a good amount of reputable brands selling CBD coffee that will wake you up in the morning and keep you balanced for the rest of the day. Find more information to get the best CBD coffee here.

cbd-energy drinks

CBD Energy Drink

Another excellent CBD beverage that is making the rounds in the mouths of cannabidiol lovers are CBD energy drinks. Those who enjoy feeling energized will benefit from the added health benefits of CBD with these drinks. The best part about these drinks is that you will feel awake and productive without the anxiety associated with regular energy drinks.


CBD Beers

CBD wine is not the only alcoholic beverage with added cannabidiol. There is a growing availability of CBD beers on the market, and we are certain you’ll find one that is just perfect for you. From fruit flavoured beers to lager or stouts, there is one for all tastes and preferences. Find out more about CBD beers here.


Hemp Extract Wine

In case you like wine, then you'll love the luxury sparking hemp extract wine available at 420 Green Road. The Rozoy Picot sparkling wines are available in three options: rosé punch, OG kush, and amnesia core cut. But these aren’t the only ones available! The CBD wine industry is growing and more varieties are appearing each day.


How to Choose Your CBD Drinks?

Variety of CBD Drinks

“CBD drinks” refers to all beverages containing the phytocannabinoid cannabidiol as a chief ingredient. The foremost thing to know when choosing CBD drinks is to be aware that the phrase is an umbrella term covering all cannabidiol-infused drinks. This list includes CBD mixed water, cannabidiol-based energy drinks, CBD tea/coffee, CBD juices, and more.

Therefore, when choosing your product, you should choose drinks you naturally prefer. For example, if you have an affinity for carbonated drinks, you can choose a fizzy CBD juice. A CBD coffee mix or pod should do the trick for caffeine lovers. Whatever your requirements, following your preferences will lead to a more enjoyable CBD experience.

Extract Type

It would help if you also made it a point to consider the cannabidiol extract type when choosing your CBD drink. Most CBD items are available in three main variants: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD Isolate. Each of these extracts has distinct properties and benefits.

For example, the former two combine all the essential ingredients of cannabis to produce powerful, well-balanced drinks. Meanwhile, CBD Isolates are known to produce beverages with the highest Cannabidiol concentration. Choosing a symptom-specific CBD extract from these options can help treat your symptoms better.

Product Purity

CBD manufacturers typically extract cannabidiol from cannabis using two main extraction methods. Though both Supercritical CO2 and Ethanol Extraction effectively get the cannabinoids out, the former is the preferred way. If you are the type to get allergic reactions easily, checking the extraction method for your CBD drink will be a big help.

If you want to opt for a purer product, you should choose a CO2-extracted CBD drink as it is less likely to contain solvents. Manufacturers use alcohol to break down the plant matter during ethanol extraction. So even after the process is completed, the product may contain traces of these solvents.

To resume:

Selecting the right CBD product for you isn’t always easy, and the same happens when it comes to CBD drinks. One of the reasons why it might be tricky to find the ideal CBD drink is that there are just so many options available.

Although it might seem overwhelming at first, we want to help you with some tips on how you can make your decision easier:

  • Always look for CBD products that are made with organically grown hemp;
  • Confirm if the brands are licensed and follow the regulations in place;
  • Give preference to products that use CO2 extracted CBD;
  • Ensure that the shop you’re buying from is transparent and shares the results of the tests issued by third-party laboratories;
  • Make sure that there aren’t any toxins or harmful ingredients in the drink.

Some other aspects that you should consider are whether the product is made with broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, or isolate CBD. Depending on the results you’re looking for, one of these options might be better than the others.

As always, we also recommend that you consult your doctor before purchasing any CBD product. Your doctor knows your medical history and whether any prescription medication you may be taking can interact with cannabidiol.

Where Can I Buy the Best CBD Drinks Near Me?

Top Seller 1 cbdfx
2 cbdistillery logo
3 miraflora
4 american-shaman-Logo-color
CBD effect

How Will CBD Drinks Make You Feel?

The number of scientific research about the benefits of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids has been increasing steadily over the past years. While there is still a long way to go when it comes to truly understanding what CBD can do for us, the prospects seem to be quite positive:

  • It helps decrease anxiety symptoms
  • It works as an anti-inflammatory
  • It relieves pain

With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why CBD-based products have become so popular, and why people have rushed to the internet to buy them. Nevertheless, there are many other benefits and advantages to buying your CBD drinks or shots online.

For instance, by purchasing these items online, you’ll have the possibility to:

  • Easily compare prices and ingredients;
  • Confirm the results of the tests issued by third-party laboratories;
  • Take time to read reviews from previous customers;
  • Access online-only sales and flash deals and promotions;
  • Easily reach out to customer support in case you have any questions;
  • Have a smooth buying experience from the comfort of your own home!

On top of that, you can also benefit from consulting shopping guides such as our own to see the reviews that our team has made of some of the best CBD drinks on the market.


The cannabinoid found in CBD drinks is an extract of the cannabis plant. It is among the 120+ cannabinoids found in the plant and is responsible for producing the characteristic anxiolytic effects of hemp.

When mixed in drinks, these compounds have a generally relaxing effect. Cannabidiol targets the brain’s CB1 and CB2 receptors, effectively combating stress.


The hemp variety most commonly used for CBD extraction is Cannabis sativa. Out of all the major strains, this variant is known to be the most stimulating. Sativa produces a cerebral high, meaning that the compound targets the brain, boosting focus, creativity, and productivity.

In addition, substances like caffeine in these CBD rinks help emphasize the focus-boosting powers of CBD.

Side Effects of Taking CBD Drinks

Too much of a good thing can be bad, and without balanced use, CBD drinks can cause side effects like


At an appropriate dosage, cannabidiol exhibits invigorating, stimulating properties. Excess use of CBD drinks can exacerbate these symptoms, leading to signs of hyperactivity. Aside from the cannabidiol, these drinks also contain other stimulants, including caffeine, and sugar, which can lead to a loss of focus, hyperactivity, restlessness, and more.


Because of its stress-busting, muscle-relaxing properties, CBD is often used as a sleep aid. Studies show that higher doses of this compound can have sedating effects. Cannabidiol, in general, includes drowsiness as one of its side effects, and this is true of CBD drinks as well.

emoticone cbd

Pros & Cons of Buying CBD Drinks


Improved Flavor: In full spectrum or broad spectrum oil forms, cannabidiol tends to have a bitter, earthy taste. Be it coffee pods or fruit-based mocktails; the flavor is one of the USPs of CBD drinks. These drinks provide a delicious alternative to these tinctures by combining fruity, classic flavors and other additives.

Variety of Options: The options on typical CBD oils and tinctures are restricted to broad spectrum, full spectrum, and CBD Isolate. Beyond these exact variations, conventional CBD products have very few options. Fortunately, this is not the case with CBD drinks.

These variations are one of the best things about CBD drinks. These products allow you to access options like CBD coffee, CBD tea, cannabidiol-infused fruit drinks, and more.


Artificial Additives: The sweeteners, artificial flavoring, and extracts used in CBD drinks can make these products unhealthy for regular consumption. In typical CBD oils, the ingredient use is minimal and restricted only to CBD and carrier oils. Such products are likely to be purer and more effective. In contrast, the high number of additives in CBD drinks makes them unfit for regular consumption.

law cbd

Is it Legal to Buy CBD Drinks Online?

The Agriculture Improvement Act, also known as the Farm Bill of 2018, makes it federally legal to buy and sell CBD products within the US. Under this law, you can theoretically buy CBD products in any US state if it contains 0.3% or less THC.

The THC marker is crucial for every cannabidiol-based item as tetrahydrocannabinol is the chief compound responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects. Without this cannabinoid, your CBD product will likely provide all the necessary benefits without the risk of a hallucinogenic high.

CBD is legal in 19 US states, with many gradually following suits. However, these laws vary from state to state, with many territories possessing conditional laws on using CBD products. To keep up with the changing laws, it is best to check in with local regulations before buying CBD products.

The US Food and Drugs Administration also dictates that your CBD not be advertised as dietary supplements or medical aids. So any CBD drink sold as a medical product is strictly forbidden by the law.

Conclusion: What Are the Best CBD Drinks?

The best CBD drinks combine great flavor with powerful effects. Since the market proliferation for cannabidiol-infused beverages is large, you can choose from CBD teas, coffee pods, cannabidiol-based fruit drinks, energy drinks, and more. Because of the variety of options, your personal preference plays an integral role in choosing your CBD products.



What does a CBD drink do?

CBD drinks are a great way to take your daily dose of CBD. Depending on the type of CBD-infused drink you choose, you can expect different results. For instance, drink CBD tea can help you reach calmness and de-stress while having CBD coffee can help you feel energized.

What is a CBD beverage?

A CBD beverage is, just like the name indicates, a drink that has the added ingredient of cannabidiol. This is one of the most popular CBD-based products in the market, and you can easily find numerous options for all tastes. From CBD shots to CBD alcoholic drinks, there is a choice for everyone.

Can CBD water make you high?

Water that has been infused with CBD doesn’t make you high. This happens because, unlike THC, CBD isn’t psychoactive. There might be some CBD water options that are made with full-spectrum cannabidiol which might include THC, however, it will be in very little concentrations and not enough to make you high.

I've been writing for MiisterCBD.com since its inception in 2019, particularly for the French market. I was searching for a trustworthy brand to help me follow a regular treatment based on cannabidiol. While I particularly enjoy reading about science and researching the latest technologies, my curiosity also leads me to discover many CBD shops worldwide.

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