Best CBD Seed: Buying guide to find your CBD seeds online

If you are wondering “what is a cannabis CBD seed”, then you’ve come to the right place. In this section of, we’ll delve deeper into the history and legislation surrounding high CBD seeds, as well as give you an introduction to the best CBD seeds available in the market.

The 5 best CBD seed banks to buy from online

1 NuLeaf-Naturals
2 sensiseeds
New 3 dutch-passion-logo
4 SEEDSMAN_cbd logo
5 cannadorra

Analysis of customers’ reviews of the best rated high-CBD seeds

Cannabis seeds with a higher content of CBD seem to be flourishing in today’s market and on online shopping platforms. Many seed shops provide you with their own seeds, or resell those of the growers. This is why you may need to take some time to select the right product before placing an order. And that’s what we’re here for!

You’ll have to read the seed’s details given by the vendors. In fact, the level of THC and CBD cannabinoids can really vary depending on the plants. Therefore we advise you to analyze these ratios in order to find a product that suits your needs, but which is also legal in your country.

In our comparison above, you will find the best seeds of the moment which provide a very important rate of CBD. We have also decided to suggest to you

1.   Black Harlequin CBD Feminized (Sensi Seeds)

The Black Harlequin Feminized Seeds germinate into a Sativa-Indica hybrid. The flowering period and height of this plant are quite average, but it has a very large yield. You can expect an earthy scent with floral notes. With a THC/CBD ratio of 1:1, this plant grows well in continental temperatures.

  • PRO: Very large yield
  • CON: Not ideal for all locations


2.   Swiss Dream CBD Feminized (Kannabia)

This strain is mostly Indica, however, it has a THC content of only 0.25% and an average CBD content of 7%. The plant can yield between 550 and 800 grams, depending on whether you grow it indoors or outdoors. With a diesel, spicy, and herbal flavour, you can expect flowers within 75 days.

  • PRO: Excellent for muscle relaxation
  • CON: Requires pruning


3.  Himalayan CBD Feminized (Sensi Seeds)

This Sativa/Indica hybrid is a very compact plant, however, don't let that fool you as it can yield a very large amount of buds. It grows well in temperate and continental environments and has a THC to CBD ratio of 1:2. It has a sweet and sour fragrance, with certain notes of exotic wood and pine.

  • PRO: Very compact plant
  • CON: Strong soporific effect


4.   Charlotte’s Angel CBD Auto (Dutch-Passion)

This CBD rich plant is of the Sativa strain and has a very low content of THC. With 15% CBD, it takes around 13 weeks to flower and it has received quality prizes in international competitions. It can grow up to one meter tall, with large yields, and an earthy and fruity fragrance.

  • PRO: Less than 1% THC
  • CON: Can be expensive

5.   Girl Scout Cookies CBD Feminized (CBD Crew)

This strain is a mix of OG Kush and Durban Poison, which are Indica plants, and has a flowering period of 54 days. The CBD content can range anywhere between 3% and 12%, with lower contents of THC. It can be grown indoors in any environment, has small buds, and is very resinous.

  • PRO: High resin content
  • CON: Can have higher contents of THC


6.   White Widow CBD Auto (Dutch-Passion)

This CBD rich strain can be grown outdoors or indoors and takes between 9 and 10 weeks to flower. It averages 7.5% CBD, with a CBD/THC ratio of 1:1. This is a very easy to grow plant that yields above average. It usually has a tall central bloom surrounded by smaller blooms.

  • PRO: Fast-growing plant
  • CON: Medium THC content


7.   Critical Mass CBD Feminized (Seedsman)

This is one of the highest-yielding ones we have seen, and you can get around 500gr per square meter. The plants usually grow well indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses, and can take up to 8 weeks to flower. The CBD content averages around 6% and 8%, and it has a sweet honey flavour.

  • PRO: Above average yield
  • CON: Require support


8.   Diesel CBD Feminized (Weed Seed Shop)

The “diesel” strains are very well known and the New York Diesel CBD seed variety is quite famous among seed enthusiasts. With a CBD content of about 13% and a THC content below the legal 0.2%, we particularly like this variety. For those who like a little spicy taste and citrusy sensations, such as guava or even banana, NYC Diesel CBD provides a fairly thick smoke.

  • PRO: Very resistant to pests
  • CON: Can be quite pricey


9.   Alpine Delight CBD Automatic (Sensi Seeds)

This seed was developed from two world-renowned and award-winning plants: Swiss Dream and Skunk #1. With a spicy aroma (from Swiss Dream) but very sweet and also earthy (from Skunk), the effects of this plant are considered to be rather moderate and relaxing. Some countries consider this variety as industrial hemp since the THC level is very low.

  • PRO: Great for colder climates
  • CON: Long flowering period


10.   Afghan Pearl CBD Automatic (Sensi Seeds)

This autoflowering seed is a variety derived from a mix of Sativa (60%) and Indica (40%) cannabis. It is especially ideal for people looking for a relaxing effect thanks to the influence of the Caribbean variety Jamaican Pearl. You will discover a rather fruity but sweet aroma with a hint of citrus and spices, which comes from the influence of the mother plant “Hindu Kush CBD”.

  • PRO: Compact plant
  • CON: Long flowering period

How did we pick up these CBD seeds?

There are many so-called “seed shops” on the web. The online shops of cannabis CBD seeds are developing and growing daily, which is not a negative thing as it provides a very wide range of options. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to find your way around such a vast and diversified offer.


We have, therefore, carried out our own research to help you choose a seed shop and to allow you to make the best purchase with a smooth buying experience. What are our selection criteria?


  • The diversity of CBD seed’s variety.
  • The choice between different types of seeds.
  • Suggested tips for growing your seeds.
  • The quality/price ratio of the products.
  • The delivery times.
  • Disclosure of test results issued by third-party laboratories.
  • The flowering periods and yield size.
  • Whether the seeds are feminised, autoflowering, or male.
  • The feedback of previous customers.
  • The CBD/THC ratio of the seeds.
  • The scent, taste, and fragrance of the flowers.
  • The size of the plant and characteristics of the buds.

Which are the best CBD seeds?

Alpine Delight CBD Auto
  • 🌿 THC / CBD = 1:30
  • ❓ Indica and Sativa
  • 🛒 Sensi Seeds
Kush CBD feminized
Himalayan CBD feminized
  • 🌿 THC / CBD = 1:2
  • ❓ Indica and Sativa
  • 🛒 Sensi Seeds
emoticone cbd

What is CBD seed exactly? The ultimate guide

Cannabidiol, often referred to as CBD, is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis Sativa plant. This plant is also often called the hemp plant, and it has been used for millennia as herbal medicine, and even as source material for clothes, paper, and rope.

Over the past decades, scientific studies have demonstrated how CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is part of the bodies of most animals, including humans. This system, which can be compared to the nervous system, has the purpose of keeping the body in balance.

Due to this, the interaction between CBD and the ECS has been increasingly studied with the goal of understanding which benefits we can get from consuming CBD.

History of the seeds and varieties of CBD

The history of hemp varieties with a high CBD content is rather recent. It is considered, moreover, that the first plant in this process belongs to a certain Jimmy of the Reggae Seeds clan. He crossed a male New York Diesel plant with female plants from his own cannabis crop. The result, which appeared in Girona, Spain, was called “Juanita la Lagrimosa”. At that time (between 2006 and 2009), the first cannabis plant that contained as much CBD as THC appeared. After various tries and clones, many seeds were developed and sold in Europe.

Nowadays, you will find many seeds with a high CBD content. Based on the feedback we get from our readers, we think that the OG Kush CBD is the most popular. Depending on the ratio between CBD and THC, you will get different effects on your body. As far as wellness, relaxation and even anti-anxiety use is concerned, we advise you to get a seed with a 1:2 ratio of THC/CBD.

Different type of strains

When browsing for seeds, it's important to understand the different strains available: Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. Moreover, it's important to know that the original names of the cannabis plants have changed over time and, for instance, what is now known as Cannabis Indica was originally called Sativa. This means that it's very important to know these terms before purchasing any seed.

  • Indica: This strain is now recognized as the short, broad-leaved plants that have body relaxing effects.
  • Sativa: Refers to tall plants that present narrow leaves and which induce effects that leave you feeling energized.
  • Hybrid: As the name indicates, this is a mix between an Indica and a Sativa plant.

Different species

When it comes to the cannabis plant, seeds can be female, male, or hermaphrodite. Female seeds germinate into a female plant, which are the ones capable of producing flowers and resin. Male plants, on the other hand, grow pollen sacs near the leaves.

So, which of these seeds are the best for you?

  • Feminized seeds: these seeds germinate into a flowering plant, as they have been bred to always become a female plant.
  • Regular seeds: these seeds often include both female and male seeds, which are ideal for more experienced growers who want to breed the different gendered plants.
  • Autoflowering seeds: these seeds are female seeds that require less attention to grow. These are often chosen by people who don’t have the infrastructure or time to dedicate to the growth of the plant.

Potential benefits of CBD seeds and strains

Each type of cannabis strains has a different set of potential benefits, which is definitely something you should read into before selecting the best CBD seeds for your individual situation.

With this in mind, you can base your search for the ideal strain according to the expectations you have:

  • Energizing: Acapulco Gold, Sour Diesel, and Pineapple Express.
  • Relaxing: Blue Dream, Afghan Kush, and Northern Lights.
  • Pain relief: Purple Kush, Super Silver Haze, and LA Confidential.
  • Sleep aid: Granddaddy Purple, Northern Lights, and Bubba Kush.
  • Creativity: Maui Wowie, Golden Goat, and White Widow.

The strains above are merely examples, as there are hundreds of different options from the Indica, Sativa, and even hybrid varieties.


How can you choose the best CBD seeds?

As the cannabis CBD seed catalogues are rather well supplied with information and different types of seeds, you will need to know your expectations before choosing a product. So what are the questions you need to ask yourself before buying a seed among all these different varieties?

  • The THC:CBD ratio: you’ll often see the ratio percentages on the product descriptions, such as 1:1 or 18:1, but what does this mean? Simply put, it’s the ratio of CBD there is in the product to the same amount of THC. Therefore, a 1:1 ratio means there is an equal concentration of CBD and THC, while 2:1 means there is twice the amount of THC.
  • The growth difficulty: the seeds have different genetics which gives them different characteristics. For example, some seeds will be more resistant to outdoor cultivation, and others to indoor cultivation. The growing environment is an essential point to consider before buying a CBD seed.
  • The light cycle: it will depend on your growing habits. There are two types of seeds: feminized seeds, for example, which will flower only by changing their period of light. On the contrary, the “auto-flowering” seed does not need a change in the hours of light. Moreover, their life cycle is faster: about 2 months.
  • The genetics of the plant: plant breeders have been working for decades to develop seeds that include the best properties of the different strains of plants. Often, hybrid plants have a stronger genetic profile that not only increases their strength against pests and disease, but also increases their CBD, terpene, or other cannabinoids’ concentration.
  • The terpene profile: terpenes are oils secreted by the plants that give them their characteristic scents. More than 100 terpene profiles have been identified in the cannabis plant, so it’s important you take this into consideration before selecting the seed. Whether you prefer fruity aromas or are more interested in the diesel profile, you can find this information on the product page.
  • The potential properties: as mentioned before, different cannabis strains have different properties. From relaxing the muscles to helping you sleep, you can often read into the different properties a plant offers in the description. Make sure to invest in seeds that match your properties’ criteria, as each plant is different.

On MiisterCBD, we also introduce you to wholesalers. Wholesale CBD seeds are particularly popular in the sense that you will be able to take advantage of reduced prices if you order in quantity. So don’t hesitate to follow our tips for ordering!

Best selling CBD seeds in 2023

Swiss Dream CBD auto-feminized
Black Harlequin CBD feminized
  • 🌿 THC / CBD = 1:1
  • ❓ Indica and Sativa
  • 🛒 Sensi Seeds
Diesel CBD feminized

What is the highest CBD hemp strain?

As we explained above, when selecting the right type of plant for you it’s important to calculate the THC/CBD ratio. This information alone can help you move towards plants that have a higher concentration of CBD when compared to THC. For instance, try to give preference to plants that have at least 2:1 CBD, and ideally select one that has even higher amounts. Certain varieties of cannabis can have CBD to THC ratios of 24:1, which is a very high CBD hemp strain.

List of the best high CBD seeds in 2023

  • Bubba Kush
  • Lifter
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Elektra
  • Hawaiian Haze

How do you grow your CBD seeds? Basic tips

In order to grow your Cannabidiol (CBD) seed the same criteria as a regular cannabis seed must be taken into account:

  • Light: the duration of sunshine (or light) is estimated at 12 hours over a period of 24 hours, i.e. over a day. For an outdoor culture, it is necessary to think of delaying this parameter so that your plant receives at least 8 hours of sunlight. For indoor cultivation, you can then use a timer to measure this essential criterion.
  • The environment: consider in particular the organic cultivation with its different types of soil. Nevertheless, a CBD seed can also be grown in a so-called “neutral” environment. These types of environments use other nutrients that are effective for the plant such as rock wool, vermiculite, or coconut.
  • Air: this is also an essential factor in the proper growth of your plant. Your CBD seed will need fresh air that is always in motion to grow at its best performance. For this reason, there are fans or exhaust fans for indoor growing. These tools help reduce mould or pests that are unfavourable to the growth of your plant.
  • Nutrient supply: Just like a conventional plant, your CBD hemp plant will need food to grow and live. So remember to provide it with quality soil that is rich in living organisms. You will also need to ensure that your plant is supplied with pure water.
  • Room temperature: it is generally advisable to keep your plant under a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. To do this, you can use fans or heaters indoors, but also pay attention to its exposure to the sun if you are growing outdoors.

The new seeds of CBD in 2023

Skunk Dream CBD feminized
  • 🌿 THC / CBD = 1:26
  • ❓ Skunk #1 & Alpine Delight CBD
  • 🛒 Sensi Seeds
Afghan Pearl CBD auto
  • 🌿 CBD / THC = 1:1
  • ❓ Abundant harvest
  • 🛒 Sensi Seeds
Black Lights CBD auto
buy cbd online

How can you buy CBD seeds legally online?

The first thing you should take into consideration before purchasing any CBD seed is to consult the local legislation of your place of residence. In case growing CBD seeds is illegal in your country, you should not buy CBD seeds with that goal.


Those who live in countries where the growth of CBD plants is legal can easily purchase their seeds online by following these steps:

  • Select the online shop you’re interested in using (make sure you’re buying from a reputable brand);
  • Select the strain and the number of seeds you would like to buy;
  • Add them to your shopping cart and proceed with the payment;
  • Ensure that you add a detailed delivery address;
  • Track your parcel and wait until it arrives.

Final thoughts: what to look for in the best CBD seeds?

Selecting the best CBD seeds is a very individual experience, as each of our readers is looking for something different. Nevertheless, there are certainly some aspects that should always be considered by everyone:

  • Make sure that you are buying your seeds from a reputable brand, as this increased the chances of having high-quality seeds which will sprout;
  • Consider the strain of cannabis that you want to buy. Don’t forget that different strains have different properties and terpene profiles;
  • Ensure that you have the necessary conditions to grow the strain you’ve chosen.
  • And most importantly, be patient! Every plant is different and germination takes time, and so does growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are CBD seeds legal?

The answer to this question varies depending on your location. We always recommend that you consult the legislation of your place of residence before purchasing any type of CBD products. Please note that if CBD seeds are illegal in your country, it’s possible that the parcel will be seized at customs if you order it online.

Can I buy CBD seeds online?

Yes, there is an incredible market of seed banks online which count with an impeccable collection of CBD seeds. It’s always important that you confirm if the shop you’re buying from is reputable and what the experience from previous customers has been like. The process to buy seeds is quite similar to that of purchasing any other item online.

What is the best CBD seed to buy online?

One of the first things you should consider before buying a CBD seed is the THC/CBD ratio. Seeds with a higher concentration of CBD are often considered industrial seeds and are bred for medicinal purposes. You should also consider the terpene profile you like the best, as well as select a seed that will grow well in your environment.

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