CBD Near Me: List of 50 Shops To Buy Cannabidiol Next To You

Perhaps you've just discovered the potential health benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol), and you want to try the product yourself. Nowadays, many CBD vendors in the market supply a wide range of products. However, it's important to choose high-quality brands that will offer ensure you get your money's worth. Learn more below with MiisterCBDs advice!

50 Best CBD Shops That Deliver To Your Home in 2023

Kiara Naturals | The products which are made with respect and inspired by tradition

Our choice 1 kiara1-1

CBD Magic Review: The best Canadian Online Dispensary with Affordable Prices

Our choice 2 cbdmagic

Naturecan Review: CBD Products From the USA to the World

Top Seller 3 Naturecan

NuLeaf CBD Reviews: The shop that wants people to live healthier and happier lives

4 NuLeaf-Naturals-Logo

Hemp Heros Review: The CBD online shop with the highest rating

5 hemp-heros

CBD2GO Review

6 cbd2go

Joy Organics Reviews: One of the fastest-growing CBD companies in the market

7 joy organics

CBD2HEAL Review: the luxury CBD brand in Canada

8 cbd2heal-logo

Charlotte’s Web Reviews: The most respected and trusted CBD brand in the world

9 charlotte_web_logo

CBDfx Review | The cruelty-free from seed to sale CBD online shop from the USA

Top Seller 10 cbdfx

CBD American Shaman | Discover the magic of CBD with this brand

11 american-shaman-Logo-color

Sativum Review: high-quality organic CBD to connect you to Nature

12 sativum logo

Diamond CBD Reviews

13 Diamond cbd - logo (1)

HempElf CBD Reviews

14 Hemp Elf - Logo

Avengarde Review: Innovative products from Switzerland

Top Deal 15 avengarde

Barker Wellness CBD Reviews

16 Barker_Wellness_Logo (1)

Five CBD Reviews

17 Five CBD

Secret Nature CBD Review

18 Secret-Nature-CBD-Review-Logo (1)

Plain Jane CBD Review | Offering accessible products through innovation

New 19 Plain Jane

GreenRoads CBD Reviews

20 green roads - logo (1)

JustCBD Reviews

21 JUST-CBD logo

Simply CBD UK: One Of The Leading CBD Brands In The UK

New 22 Simply_CBD_Logo

Feals CBD Review

23 feals logo (1)

CBDistillery Reviews: Products of high quality and which are fairly priced

24 cbdistillery logo

Nordic Oil Review: One of Europe’s fastest-growing CBD brand

25 nordic-oil-logo

CBDNorth: The CBD shop from Canadians to Canadians

Top Deal 26 cbdnorth-logo

Cibdol Reviews: Opinion on the specialist of 100% Swiss pure Oils

27 cibdol-logo

Endoca Review: the international leader in CBD oil 100% natural

28 Endoca

Premium Jane Australia: The brand that offers passion, knowledge, & quality

29 premium-jane LOGO

Herb Approach Review: The #1 online dispensary for medical cannabis in Canada

30 herb-approach

Pure Spectrum Reviews: The CBD brand of the athletes

31 pure-spectrum-cbd

Koi CBD Reviews

32 Koi_CBD_logo- (1)

Sensi Seeds Review: The largest Seed Bank in Europe

33 sensiseeds

Plant of Life

34 Plant Of Life

Dr.HempMe Review: The most famous CBD shop made in Ireland

Top Deal 35 drhempme

Ceelabb CBD Review: Irish Grown Organic CBD

New 36 ceelabb

Weedy Review: Europe's leading provider of fast deliveries of CBD

Top Seller 37 weedy logo

Happy Bears Edibles: The Leading Family-Owned CBD Brand In Canada

38 happy bears edibles

Canvory Review: The perfect CBD supplier for our readers

Our choice 39 canvory

Miraflora Naturals: All-natural CBD grown in Colorado

40 miraflora

Dutch Passion: Review of one of the older CBD Seedbank in the world

New 41 dutch-passion-logo

Top Garden Review: the best high-quality CBD products from Portugal

42 top-garden

Africanpure Reviews: Everything you need to know about this South African shop

43 africanpure

Seedsman Review: One of the most reliable seed banks in the industry

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The Tree CBD Review: the best biological CBD, from Spain into the World

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Medterra CBD Reviews

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Formula Swiss Review: High-quality & 100% organic CBD products from Switzerland

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Fab CBD Reviews

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The Drug Store Review: Amazing CBD products from the UK

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BuyMellow CBD: Review of the Canadian-based online CBD shop

50 Mellow
In a physical shop

What To Know About CBD Stores and Retailers

Cannabidiol is legal in most US states, excluding blah blah, and you can work into your local drug store and find the product you want. Authentic CBD dispensaries also specialize in providing cannabis products that contain less than 0.3% THC. In addition, you can walk into a store or shop online and get your product delivered to your home.

However, you should beware of shopping from an online marketplace like Amazon because it's easy to fall victim to scammers and fake CBD vendors. Amazon, for one, doesn't support the trade of CBD products on the website, so many vendors sell hemp seed oil as CBD oils. Finding legit products on such sites is also harder, especially if you don't know what you're searching for.

Many CBD manufacturers also put all sorts of claims on their products without any scientific evidence or research to support these statements. It would help if you also looked out for retailers that claim that their products can be used in place of pharmaceutical drugs. Overall, it's best to research before purchasing any CBD product.

Understanding Marijuana Dispensaries in the US

Recreational cannabis is legal in ten US states, and places like New York are still legalizing the product. With the growing research on Cannabis products, more people are interested in using marijuana for their wellness routines. However, while going into a store to get legal marijuana may seem strange, things are fast progressing.

States like Alaska, California, Nevada, and Massachusetts, amongst others, have legal marijuana dispensaries where you can get weed. It's just like a regular supermarket, only that you're shopping for weed buds and other cannabis products. These stores may also have attendants that will guide you in making the right purchase if you're a novice to recreational marijuana.

Additionally, marijuana has the same status as alcohol in these states and can be sold to anyone over 21 years. Meanwhile, you may require a prescription to get medical marijuana to manage underlying health problems. You can also check your state laws to see whether recreational marijuana dispensaries are legal in your area.

Where To Find CBD Local Stores in the US?

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, the commercial production and sale of CBD are legal in the United States. However, this law only applies to cannabis products with less than 0.3% THC; anything else is classified as a controlled substance. Nevertheless, you can buy your CBD oil or capsules from a local dispensary near you.

Washington, Oregon, California, and Colorado are among the most progressive CBD states in the US. There are no restrictions on CBD use, and consumers can purchase and possess hemp-derived CBD oils. In addition, many CBD dispensaries offer consultation, and attendants are available to guide you on how to administer every type of product.

Minnesota and North Dakota also have conditional legality, so you'll need a doctor's approval or a licensed medical card to get cannabis products. However, it can be harder to find good CBD dispensaries in states that require a medical card or doctor's prescription to use CBD. In addition, there are also local online stores that deliver products within the state.

States Where CBD Dispensaries are Illegal

Generally, CBD is available in practically all US states, and you may even come across CBD supplements in your local drug stores. However, US states still have yet to approve the commercial production and possession of CBD products. In South Dakota, using medical and recreational cannabis products is illegal.

North Carolina also restricts the possession of cannabis-derived CBD oil to only those who have obtained a medical license. As a result, you can't walk into just any store asking for CBD supplies. These states also have a no-tolerance policy for recreational CBD use. They do not allow local CBD dispensaries to operate their business.

Therefore, traveling to New Hampshire, South Dakota, or North Carolina must be on your best behavior. Otherwise, you may be arrested or fined if you're caught with CBD supplies without a medical license. However, as the conversations around CBD grow, these regulations may change soon as more states adopt recreational cannabis.

online cbd shop

How To Choose Your CBD Shop

If it is your first time buying CBD products, you need to research the vendor and the type of product you're getting before you make an actual purchase. There are many CBD products in the maroon, but you can't guarantee the quality of everything. Hence you have to take extra precautions to get the best results.

To start with, before you go to a CBD shop, you should know exactly what product you're looking for. For example, are you getting CBD oils, gummies, or capsules? And are you looking for full-spectrum, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate? In addition, it would be best if you also considered shopping with licensed dispensaries that provide the necessary details about their growing and manufacturing practices.

In addition, we also recommend purchasing USDA organic products to ensure that you're using safe, healthy products without any pesticides or fertilizers. When you buy cheap, low-quality products, you lose your money and may also be exposed to toxic chemicals and additives.

Other criteria you should consider when buying CBD products include the following:

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA): The COA is a lab test report verifying cannabinoid content and safety. High-quality CBD shops conduct third-party lab testing, which helps you know that the product's contents match the descriptions.
  • Check for additives: Some CBD supplements contain flavorings, preservatives, and other additives that are supposed to increase the product's lifespan. Before choosing a vendor, we recommend checking the ingredient list to ensure no harmful toxins or additives are included. Many licensed shops also have certifications to show that they offer safe and clean CBD supplements.
  • Product label: You can tell if a product's brand is authentic by examining the product's label. Look for relevant details like the name and address of the manufacturer, production date, batch number, ingredients list, dosing info, and warnings.

Advantages of Buying CBD in a Local Store

You can enter a drug store and get CBD supplements OTC in many US states. This has made CBD more accessible to many consumers, and you can try out multiple brands simultaneously. It is also easier to purchase when you can hold the product in your hand to examine its quality.

Consumers may need help finding a trustworthy, reliable vendor to deliver high-quality products. But with local dispensaries, you can see for yourself and choose what you like. You will also find several cost-friendly options, and you can expand to more than one brand.

In addition, you'll also get expert advice from attendants on how to properly administer CBD supplements. Going to a local store means you wouldn't have to worry about shipping and transportation mishaps, and you get your product immediately. You are confident that you're getting the best value for your money. However, there are also local online stores that deliver products to your home.

Inconvenience of Buying CBD in a Local Store

The popularity of CBD stores has grown in numbers since the legalization of the compound across the United States. This increased demand has also opened a market for businesses and CBD manufacturers.

However, shopping in-store is only sometimes convenient, and CBD prices are often lower online than in physical stores. In addition, the lower overhead charges, location, and inventory costs can incur additional expenses, which increase the product's price. In this case, you're more likely to discover that the product you want has been sold-out or is out of stock in a physical shop. 

Many local dispensaries are more focused on profit, so they stock different types of CBD brands regardless of the manufacturer's reputation or quality. When buying through a local retailer, it is also harder to find multiple products of the same brand. You can save time and energy by shopping online and delivering your product to your home.  

Our Best CBD Shops Reviews to Buy Cannabibiol Online

Why You Should Read Customers' Reviews to Find a CBD Shop Near You

If you're living in a state where CBD dispensaries are legal, chances are you'll find many local stores in your area. The problem is finding a legit shop that offers authentic products at affordable prices. However, physical shops allow you to examine the item in person and get directions from shop attendants on the best products to buy.

Whether shopping online or going to local stores, you can use customer reviews to find a CBD shop near you. You can look at non-sponsored reviews on independent websites to see what customers say about a particular shop. Customer reviews help you avoid bad service and find brands that satisfy your needs.

Ultimately, you can also use customer reviews to know what products to look out for when shopping. It provides a firsthand idea of the shopping experience and real user feedback. Overall, we recommend checking and reading customer reviews first before you make a purchase at any CBD store.

Where to Find the Best CBD Shops in Your Country?

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