Best CBD vape : Where To Buy Disposable & Reffilable Vape Pens In 2023 & What You Need To Know

CBD vape pens are one of the most popular devices to consume CBD. Looking quite similar to pens, hence the name, you can use vape pens to vaporize the CBD and take advantage of the wellness benefits of this molecule without the harmful aspects of traditional smoking.

Where can I buy the best CBD vape pens near me?

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2 NuLeaf-Naturals
3 cbd2go
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Our reviews of the 3 best CBD vape pens to buy online

MiisterCBD’s team has tested and reviewed several online CBD shops and has found the best CBD vape pens that are currently available in the market. Below we will give an overview of our top choices based on a strict evaluation. From full-spectrum CBD vape pen to CBD vape pen kit, you will be able to choose the ideal product for you.

Vapen Kits by CBDfx reviewed


The CBD lovers who are looking for vape pen kits will find the best solutions at CBDfx online shop. With 18 different products to choose from, you will be able to even build your own CBD and terpene pen bundle to have access to your favourite products at the best price.

This brand offers some of the best disposable CBD vape pens with broad-spectrum 30mg CBD, that comes with expertly crafted flavours such as strawberry lemonade, mint, blue raspberry, gelato, pineapple, and many more. You can also purchase a rechargeable vape pen kit that allows you to select a CBD vape juice, a CBD terpene vape liquid, or a CBD vape oil additive.

Vaporizer X-Max Starry 3.0 reviewed


Top Garden offers probably the best CBD vape pen available in the market. The Vaporizer X-Max Starry 3.0 is a small portable 2 in 1 vaporizer that is made from aluminium and guarantees a high-quality experience. The pen has a ceramic heating chamber and zirconia mouthpiece, as well as a battery from Samsung (2600mAh) that can be replaced easily.

Providing fast heating and the possibility to be used while charging, this vape pen can give you the best vaporizing experience. The temperature can be converted between ºC and ºF, and it is adjustable between 100ºC and 230ºC (212ºF and 446ºF).

Evolve Plus XL vape pen reviewed


Herb Approach offers the Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer Pen which has a quad coil design to help you maximize your vapour production. This pen includes a 1400mAh battery and a built-in dual compartment silicone jar. This pen's design is not only pocket-friendly, but the silicone jar also makes it extremely versatile.

The charging period of this pen is 2 to 4 hours, and it has a 15-second battery safety cut-off. One of the biggest pros of the Yocan Evolve Plus XL is that it heats up instantly, allowing you to take advantage of the CBD whenever you want.

How did we pick these CBD vape pens and brands?

The CBD industry is constantly growing and the number of CBD products is increasing by the day, so it’s important to ensure that proper research is done before selecting the right product. MiisterCBD follows a series of strict criteria to evaluate the CBD products we recommend in our shopping guide, such as:

  • Ensure that the vape pen is safe and effective
  • Confirm that the products sold by the brand are tested by third-party laboratories
  • The potency of the vape pen
  • The sourcing and extraction methods of the CBD vape liquids
  • The quality of the carrier oil used
  • Overall characteristics of the CBD vape pen
What is

What is a disposable CBD vape pen?

A disposable CBD vape pen is a device that allows you to vaporize CBD without any of the harmful substances associated with traditional smoking. Vape pens include a battery, an atomizer, and vape juice also known as e-liquid.

One of the biggest advantages of using a disposable CBD vape pen is that these are smaller and more discreet than the reusable kits. Moreover, disposable pens are also cheaper as you don’t have to make the investment in purchasing a full vape set. Using a disposable CBD vape pen also tends to be easier as the product is quite straightforward.

Although there are numerous benefits related to using a disposable vape pen, there are also some disadvantages:


  • More affordable than reusable kits
  • There is no maintenance required
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use



  • There are no customization options
  • Less cost-effective over time when compared to reusable vape pen kits


All in all, the final choice will always come down to what you are looking for in a CBD vape pen. Some people prefer to have a pre filled CBD vape pen because they like to have an easy experience, while others prefer refillable pens as they enjoy making their own customizations.

What is a refillable CBD vape pen?

As the name indicates, a refillable CBD vape pen is a vaporizer that allows you to reuse it over time, as opposed to the disposable pens. In order to use this product, you will have to buy your CBD juice or cannabis concentrate oil separately from the pen.


Although you have to make more purchases with this utensil, most users say that refillable vape pens tend to be more cost-effective over time. This happens due to the fact that these use less CBD to have similar effects.


Another advantage that is often named by users is that refillable CBD vape pens have customization options when it comes to adjusting airflow and power. This allows the user to choose the settings they prefer and have a customized vaping experience. For instance, you can start your vaping experience with the lowest setting and adjust over time according to your own preferences.


Refillable vape pens also have some cons, such as the initial cost that is a lot higher than buying a disposable vape pen. Moreover, it also takes some time getting adjusted to the tool before you can successfully optimize the vaping experience to your preferences. These pens also require maintenance when it comes to cleaning and fixing, as you will be using them multiple times.

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How to choose your CBD vape pen?      

When selecting the ideal CBD vape pen for you there are a series of factors that you should consider:

  • Temperature control: your vape pen will heat up the CBD e-liquid/juice in order for it to be able to be vaporized. Some pens will tell you the exact temperature they heat up to, while others do not display that information. Ideally, CBD vape pens should heat up the liquid at circa 72ºC/160ºF which ensures that the CBD will not burn.
  • Size: depending on the type of vaporizers you are interested in, size is important. Disposable CBD vape pens are usually smaller and easier to carry, while refillable vape pens are larger.
  • Refillable or not: if you want a vape pen that is easy to use, and you don't want to spend time in maintenance, then a disposable pen would be better. If you prefer the customization options, then a refillable vape pen would be preferred.
  • Battery life: depending on the type of use you want to give your vaporizer, the length of the battery time can be quite crucial. Some batteries can last for hours, while others last for a much smaller period.

How to choose the best CBD cartridge for your vape pen?       

The best CBD vape pen cartridge for you will depend on your vaping preferences. Nevertheless, one thing that you must always check before purchasing a CBD vape pen cartridge is the ingredients list, as some components may be harmful to your body.


Users should avoid using CBD vape pens that have thinning agents, fillers, or carrier oils such as propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), MCT oil, or polyethylene glycol (PEG). These components can cause undesired reactions in users and can lead to health issues. With this in mind, it is preferred that you opt for CBD vape pen cartridges that offer clean full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD, terpenes, and any other whole plant extracts.


Another ingredient that you should look for and avoid is vitamin E acetate, as it can also cause lung issues. We recommend that you buy your products from renowned brands which disclose the certificates they received by third-party laboratories. You can also check our CBD vape pen reviews to learn more about the best products currently on the market.


As mentioned above, there are other considerations that should be made before choosing your CBD vaporizer: temperature, battery life, portability, among others.


Can you use CBD vape pens for pain relief?

Yes, CBD vape pens can be used for pain relief as they allow you to ingest CBD. Humans have an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for pain management, and CBD interacts with the receptors from this system, thus aiding pain relief. We recommend you consult your doctor before ingesting CBD.

Where can you use a CBD vape pen?

CBD vape pens can be used anywhere, as they are portable. Although certain types of vaporizers are more portable than others due to their size, you will be able to use this tool anywhere you want. It is recommended that you use it outdoors, as the vapour can be a nuisance for others sharing a room with you.

Is it legal to buy a CBD vape pen?

The answer to this question depends on the jurisdiction you are residing in. For instance, in the UK and Ireland it is legal to use a vape pen, however, other EU countries have different rules. We recommend that you check your local legislation before purchasing a CBD vape pen to ensure you are complying with the law.

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