Best CBN Products to Buy in 2023 & How to Choose Cannabinol Items?

With the market expected to reach $6.36 billion in 2022, CBD is on everyone's tongue these days. From capsules and oils to tinctures and gummies, the proliferation of these items is enormous.

However, not many know that CBD is just one of the 120+ cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Among these, the THC-derived CBN is an up-and-coming substance that may be an effective alternative to conventional cannabidiol.

The Best Cannabinol Products Reviewed for 2023

What is

What is CBN?

Like CBD, CBN is a cannabis product, meaning that it is essentially derived from extracts of the cannabis Sativa plant. However, unlike cannabidiol, cannabinol does not exist naturally in the plant.

As mentioned, CBD is just one of the 120+ phytocannabinoids found in cannabis – it is also the second most populous, after THC. To make CBD products, cannabidiol is extracted directly from the plant and refined – in contrast, CBN is not present in cannabis plants at all – instead, to make this compound, manufacturers use dried and aged leaves and flowers.

Cannabinol is derived from the THC present in these materials – when tetrahydrocannabinol is oxidized, it loses much of its psychoactive potency, transforming it into CBN. Cannabinol, thus a less powerful variety of THC, contains about ΒΌ of its original strength.

Definition of Cannabinol

The chemical formula of cannabinol is C21H26O2, formed by the oxidation of THC. CBN is a non-enzymatic byproduct of tetrahydrocannabinol, formed by aging/drying cannabis leaves. It possesses mild psychoactive properties and may have potential as a sedative.

Cannabinol has a strong affinity for CB2 receptors, which may be an effective immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory drug.

CBN: Another Cannabinoid from Hemp

Though its cousins THC and CBD take much of the spotlight in terms of popularity, CBN has the potential to be a market disruptor, particularly as a sleep aid. One of the major issues with CBD is that limited research exists for these compounds.

Scientific insight into the 120+ other cannabinoids found in cannabis is alarmingly scarce. Cannabinol is one of these compounds, though it is not found naturally in Sativa plants. The studies tend to focus primarily on CBD and sometimes THC.

These cannabinoids are an important part of any cannabis product because they are responsible for producing its characteristic effects. These substances interact with compounds within the body, known as endocannabinoids, producing anxiolytic and analgesic effects.

Chemical Composition of CBN Molecule

As mentioned, C21H2602 is the chemical formula for cannabinol – CBN is a cannabis compound found by isolating and oxidizing THC. To extract it, manufacturers use aged/dried cannabis plants – this step is crucial as THC transforms into CBN upon oxidizing, i.e., on exposure to air, heat, or light.

Cannabinol has a boiling point of 365 Degrees Fahrenheit, and its molecular mass is 310.43 g/mol. This compound's primary interaction is with the body's CB1 receptors, which makes it well suited for dealing with neuro-inflammatory issues.


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3 Main Differences Between CBN and CBD

Although cannabinol and cannabidiol share the same parent plant, these are not the same compound. For example

  1. CBD is found naturally in the cannabis plant. To make cannabidiol items, manufacturers can extract this compound directly from the leaves and flowers of the plant. CBN, however, can be derived only from degraded THC – the cannabis materials have to be aged and oxidized to make these compounds.
  2. CBD works by interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors, offering a balanced set of benefits. This list includes effects like anxiety and stress relief, pain alleviation, and more. On the other hand, CBN has a greater affinity for CB2 receptors, making them effective as a potential treatment for neurodegenerative disorders.
  3. CBN is typically accepted to be a stronger sedative than CBD. Its THC base works in its favor when used as a sleep aid.
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How Can CBN Work on the Body?

Cannabinol and cannabidiol have a similar way of working within the human body. As cannabinoids, these compounds function mainly via their interactions with the endocannabinoid system.

The ECS, or the endocannabinoid system, has a separate system of receptors and stimuli based on working substances known as endocannabinoids. CBN functions by interacting with these compounds.

Homeostasis is the state where these endocannabinoid levels in the body are perfectly balanced. It refers to a state of balance where all the functions are smooth-running. Using CBN may help promote such overall uniformity.

Potential Benefits of CBN

Incorporating CBN into your wellness routine has the potential to provide access to benefits like

Enhanced Pain Relief

As a cannabis product, cannabinol has strong, natural analgesic properties. This cannabinoid reacts with the body's immune system to diffuse muscle and joint inflammation. This quality has the potential to make CBN-effective pain relief products.

Improved Sleep

If sleep is an issue, a cannabinol-infused oil/tincture/product may be a natural way to promote drowsiness. Made from aged, oxidized tetrahydrocannabinol, this compound works by regulating melatonin and cortisol levels in the body. Balancing these hormones may lead to improved sleep cycles and fewer nighttime interruptions. Here you will find the best CBN for sleep.

Potential Negative Effects of Cannabinol

However, as beneficial as it is, like all products, improper use of CBN can also have adverse consequences. For example,


Proper supervised dosage is crucial when using any cannabis product. You may use excessive products without medical supervision, leading to symptoms like fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, and more. To ensure a safe experience, you should always consult with your doctor before using your CBN items.

Reaction to Existing Medication

Studies show that CBD can adversely affect the potency of pharmaceuticals like cyclosporine, sildenafil, and haloperidol. However, not much research into CBN may have similar side effects. To avoid issues, you should always get a doctor to review the compatibility of cannabinol with your current prescription.

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Is It Legal to Buy CBN Products?

According to the Farm Bill, or the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, it is federally legal to buy/sell CBN in the US. However, the THC content for these products must not exceed 0.3%. The source materials for these plants must also be industrial hemp – extracting CBN from marijuana plants is illegal because it is considered a Schedule I Controlled Substance under the Controlled Substances Act of 1971.

For cannabinol products to be legal within the US, they also must meet certain advertising criteria. For example, no CBN product must be sold as a medical supplement – companies cannot make their cannabinol infusions as health products.

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Different Types of CBN Products You Can Buy Online

There are several ways to consume cannabinol, from gummies to oils to capsules. You can choose from the following to find your perfect fit depending on your requirements and preferences. For example, if everyday relaxation and great taste are on your radar, the best CBN gummies by American Shaman should be your go-to.

NuLeaf_CBN_900 (1)
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CBN Oil by Nuleaf

Manufactured according to GMP in an ISO-certified factory, each drop of these CBN oils by NuLeaf is as pure can be. With 60 mg concentration per every ml of oil, this full spectrum blend offers all the characteristic benefits of CBN.

Recommended Dosage: 30 mg daily

Pros :

  • Organic hemp
  • Green farming practices

Cons :

  • Not flavored
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2 Reviews
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CBN Gummies by American Shaman

Tropical fruit, raspberry, green apple, peach – no, we are not ranting off candy flavors. These are only a few assorted gummy flavors available with American Shaman's CBN jellies.

Made using the brand's proprietary nanotechnology, these products have nine times the bioavailability of other gummies. Added with the high per pack gummy count, these make for a great addition to your CBD routine.

Recommended Dosage: Two to three gummies daily

Pros :

  • 30 count per pack
  • Vegan

Cons :

  • 2 mg CBN per gummy
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CBN Capsules by Nuleaf

“Done wonders for my sleep patterns,” “very pleased with the product,” “slept so well” – these are just a few of the verified customer reviews for these CBN capsules by Nuleaf.

These full spectrum pills made with organic hemp are perfect for relaxation and make for a great daily-use item with a 15 mg potency for tablets.

Recommended Dosage: Two capsules equating up to 30 mg daily

Pros :

  • 15 mg CBN per capsules
  • US grown hemp

Cons :

  • Limited sizing
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How To Choose The Best CBN Products?

When choosing your CBN products, you should always be clear about your tastes and preferences first. Awareness of your needs and wants makes the process smoother and hassle-free.

As noted above, cannabinol products are available in a large variety, ranging from tasty edibles like gummies to classic oils and tinctures. Each of these items offers unique benefits, which can help make your CBN shopping easier.

For example, the best CBN oils have a high bioavailability, especially when compared to gummies or capsules. This higher bioavailability improves effectiveness as more of the compound is absorbed into your body. Oils are also quick-effecting and usually take about 15 minutes to produce the intended benefits.

On the other hand, gummies and capsules take anywhere between 30 minutes to 90 minutes to produce the intended effects. However, compared to the 2-hour effect time of oils, these products can offer benefits lasting over 4 hours.

Therefore depending on your needs, you can choose the fast-acting oils or the long-lasting capsules and gummies.

Where to Buy The Best CBN Products Near Me?

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Conclusion: Why Can You Take CBN?

Despite being less popular compared to THC and CBD, cannabinol has the potential to be a strong alternative to these products. Whether you are looking for an effective sedative/sleep aid or a treatment for neurodegenerative disorders, CBN items have the potential to be effective solutions.



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