8 Top Rated CBD Brands for Dogs in 2023

If you love your pooches as much as we do, you won’t hesitate to get the best possible products for them. With 11% of pet owners attesting to using them, this means getting your pet some of the ubiquitous CBD. Dog owners primarily use cannabidiol-based products to treat symptoms of anxiety, pain, and seizures in their pets.

How Did We Pick These CBD Brands for Dog Products?

To ensure that you and your pooch are completely satisfied, we’ve compiled a list of the best CBD brands for dogs. These companies merge high-quality service with top-grade products – the industry renowned can acclaim this fact. The brands we’ve highlighted boast admirable reputations, only from industry experts but also from their everyday users.

We’ve compiled only those brands with overwhelming customer support for their CBD products in recent years. Alongside this, our choices are known to produce clean, contaminant-free items that pass the legal requirements for sale in the US. 

8 Best CBD Brands and Companies for Dogs Reviewed in 2023

  1. Editor's Choice: The Anxious Pet
  2. Most Famous CBD Brand for Dogs: Charlotte's Web
  3. Top Rated CBD Brand for Dogs: CBDFx
  4. Highly Recommended: Zesty Paws CBD
  5. HolistaPet CBD
  6. Honest Paws CBD
  7. Pet Hemp Company CBD
  8. Innovet Pet CBD

From old-timers like CBDFx and Charlotte’s Web to emerging brands like the Anxious Pet, the following represents the best CBD on the market today. From oils to salves and tinctures, you are sure to find CBD products for your every need from these companies.

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1. Editor's Choice: The Anxious Pet

Among all brands here, the Anxious Pet website feels and looks premium. The brand offers products like oils, chews, and supplement bars, many of which contain CBD as a primary ingredient. The website layout uses muted gray tones, which add to the brand's ambiance.

If you want to give your pet an extra jog in their step, don't miss out on the Anxious Pet’s Hip and Hop Supplement Bars containing ingredients like willow bark, cat's claw, turmeric, and more.

Shop Now at Anxious Pet


  • Premium Website Design
  • High-Grade Ingredients.


  • Complex Website
14316 Reviews

2. Most Famous CBD Brand for Dogs: Charlotte's Web

If you have used CBD before, chances are you already know how big a brand Charlotte’s web is. The brand has also ventured into dog CBD with its range of canine produce. Charlotte’s web offers items like oils/drops, chews treats, and more.

 As pioneering as they are, their dog treats aim to specific symptoms, including old age mobility/brain functioning, calmness, hip, and joint pain, dog coat, allergy protection, and more.

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  • Products for Various Uses
  • Reliable Brand


  • Laggy website
43700 Reviews

3. Top Rated CBD Brand for Dogs: CBDFx

These CBD dog products are an extension of CBDFx’s popular cannabidiol-based products. You can access these items by clicking on the “Pets” section of the main website. Here you will find items like oils, salves, treats, and tinctures, all cannabidiol-based, meant for your pet’s use.

As for other CBD products, the navigation for these products is top-notch. CBDFx boasts bright, interesting visuals and clear tests that are minimal yet informative.

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  • Variety of Flavors
  • Well Developed Website


  • Limited Offerings
cbdistillery logo
38000 Reviews

4. Highly Recommended: Zesty Paws CBD

As a range under the CBDistillery line, Zesty Paws is guaranteed to offer high quality products. The brand offers premium roas t beef soft chews for dogs with each treat containing 5 mg CBD. The company uses the same website as other CBDistillery products so the navigation and operations are always smooth and clean.

As with other CBD products at Zesty Paws you can read customer reviews, leave comments, and check use instructions with the touch of a finger.


Shop Now at CBDistillery


  • Free Shipping (Conditional)
  • 60 days Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Lesser Exposed Brand
holistapet-logo (1)

5. HolistaPet CBD 

Carrying on its holistic theme, all products under HolistaPet CBD are lab-tested, and Cruelty-free. The website continues this theme with its muted shades of brown and pale pink. The layout is designed keeping convenience in mind and the products are separated according to pet types. You will find separate sections for cats, dogs, and horses on the HolistaPet CBD site. 


  • Attractive Prices
  • Free Shipping
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee


  • Dated Website
Honest Paws CBD logo (1)

6. Honest Paws CBD 

From the first glance you can make out that Honest Paws is a more premium brand. From their polished interface to their colorful site design the brand oozes class. Having been featured inn Fox, BuzzFeed, NBC, CBDS, and more, Honest Paws is no stranger to the spotlight.

For optimum customer reach, the brand separates their products into ranges including Calm, Mobility, wellness, and relief. Each range boasts products like chews, oils, supplements, powders, butters, and more. 

Pros : 

  • Fast Shipping Within US
  • Skin And Coat Products and Appliances Also Available


  • Expensive Products
Pet Hemp Company LOGO (1)

7. Pet Hemp Company CBD

The “Shop by Concern” feature on the Pet Hemp Company website is one of the most user friendly to look for CBD products online. Products on the site are separated according to “concerns' ‘ like Relief, wellness, Mobility, and Calm. Instead of a regular product-based section, this unique way helps you find the most appropriate product for your dog.

For example, if you are looking to treat joint pain for your pet you can click on the “relief” section and check out the products there. Here you will find everything from oils to treats and capsules, all aimed at pain relief. The next step is simply to find the most appropriate CBD and hit buy.


  • Easy Concern Based Shopping
  • Clean Website
  • Easy to Navigate


  • Limited Products
Innovet Pet CBD logo (1)

8. Innovet Pet CBD

Featured in publications like Forbes, Los Angeles Times, USA Today and more, Innovet is the go-to brand for all your dog's needs. The brand hosts a clean informative website that offers a glimpse into the types of items they offer. At Innovet you can find everything from flea and tick products to items to improving  your dogs’ coat. However, CBD oil for dogs is their best seller, primarily due to their attractive pricing.


  • Huge Product Variety
  • Affordable Pricing


  • Website Can Seem Congested Sometimes
What is

What to Look for in the Best CBD Brand for Dogs

Though high cost is not always a stable indicator with most products, with CBD brands, an item's tag is often a reflection of its quality. For this reason, it is important to refer to a product's price when looking for CBD items.

Brands with higher priced products are more likely to be effective because the amount of these items is an indicator of the cost required to make these items. To make a high grade CBD item, brands need to incorporate the following

  • Locally-Grown High Grade Hemp
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Precise Extraction Techniques

All of these measures require higher sums, which in turn is reflected in the product’s final price. However, this factor is not always a stable indicator of quality and is thus not a fit-all solution for all your needs.

Another tip when looking for CBD brands for dogs is to look for companies that offer Certified Organic products. Pure items are likely to fare better with your pets as they are less likely to contain harmful toxins.

Most manufacturers and brands randomly use the term organic as there are no legal restrictions on its use. These tags carry no weight behind them, in fact to get authorized organic CBD products you should look for a brand with a USDA Organic Certification.

This authorization is notoriously difficult to come by, and requires passing tests for

  • Soil Purity
  • Crop THC content
  • Organic Ingredients Used
  • Seed Variety
  • Production Methods, and more

Any CBD brand with USDA Organic Certification is thus a shoo-in for purity and cleanliness of production.

Since your pets are more sensitive to ceratin compounds, it is your responsibility to buy products from brands that carry no toxins in their CBD items for dogs. For these reasons you

cbd pets

Things You Should Know About Specialized CBD Brands for Dogs in the US

Even though CBD items are federally legal in the US since 2018, many of the laws surrounding cannabidiol use. To avoid legal issues with pet products, it is thus essential to choose CBD brands that align not only with the federal but also your state's CBD laws.

For example, no CBD brand for dogs is allowed to make health claims when advertising their products. Because of concrete evidence to back their claims, all advertising for CBD dog items, including the labeling must be conditional. For example, despite much anecdotal data, no CBD company can directly claim to be a medical/dietary supplement for treating inflammation and anxiety in dogs.

As CBD is not generally recognized as safe GRAS), brands need to have the authority of the FDA to make CBD items for dogs. An example of the US FDA exercising its powers in this regard was seen in 2019. This government body sent open letters to 15 CBD companies for using cannabidiol in their pet treats without their approval.

If you need, here are the producs you can buy online: 

The Anxious Pet: Why Do We Recommend This Brand?

Offering everything from hemp oils to CBD soft chews and supplement bars, the Anxious Pet should be your go to for all dog-related treats.

One of the USPs of buying from this brand is the assured transparency for each product – all items by this brand are third party tested to check for potential contaminants. Manufacturer sat the Anxious Pet are also known for using premium ingredients,  

For example, besides cannabidiol, the ingredients for the company’s Relax and Roll Soft Chews include carnitine, willow bark, melatonin, organic flaxseed powder, ginger root, and more.

emoticone cbd

Pros & Cons of Buying CBD Products for Dogs Online

Purchasing CBD products for dogs online poses its specific set of advantages and disadvantages, including


Access to More Offers: Let's face, buying CBD from physical stores can be a bit of a loss. Unlike on an online store, you have a limited number of promotions, if any. In contrast, an e-store offers numerous discounts and offers, including price cuts, stock clearance sales, new product offers, and more.

Buying CBD oil for dogs from an online store can also be advantageous because of various extra offers. These sites offer free delivery (conditional), return offers, satisfaction and more to boost sales.

Less Inventory Issues: Unless you are looking for a high demand product, the “out of stock” sign is something you do not see often on online sites. Purchasing your CBD products for dogs online has the benefit of eliminating inventory issues.

With a brick and mortar store, due to the space limitations, the number of items stocked is also limited. However, with an online purchase, you will face no such issues as your product is likely to be shipped directly from the warehouse which is sure to carry large numbers of your item.


Absence of Professional Advice: One of the disadvantages of buying CBD products for dogs online is the lack of a professional advisor. Most physical locations have assistants that help you with purchases, provide information on items, and recommend products. Without this help your purchase is less likely to be precise and detailed.

Conclusion: What are the Best CBD Brands for Dogs ?

1 charlotte_web_logo
Top Seller 2 cbdfx
3 cbdistillery logo

When looking for the best CBD brands for dogs it is crucial to opt for companies prioritizing pure organic ingredients. Cannabidiol items have a high chance of contamination from pesticides and heavy metals and as damaging as they are to your health, the danger is doubled when it comes to your pooch. Buying safe, clean products from reputable brands is thus one of the few ways to avoid risking your pet’s health.

I have been writing several articles on the Internet about natural products and eco-friendly ways to help with general wellbeing. I became interested in CBD when I traveled to the US. I believe everyone should have access to reviews and testimonials to obtain quality and certified products.

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