12 Best CBD Oil Brands to Consider in 2023

Without regulating authority, getting your hands on a quality CBD oil often hinges on choosing the right brand. Companies like Joy Organic and Charlotte's Web have risen to such high ranks because they consistently produce high-quality products. If you are looking for a reliable brand to purchase CBD oil, the following list represents some of the best in quality, services, and pricing. 

How Did We Pick These CBD Oils Brands? 

We've compiled these CBD oil brands and companies primarily based on user testimonials. More than industry reputation, user reviews give us an in-depth look into the real-world applications of CBD oils. Client reactions to products give us a glimpse of company advertising and marketing. 

However, this is not to say industry reputation is unimportant. These brands have acquired these images for a good reason- via consistency in quality rollouts through the years. The sum of their past CBD items has built their reputation. 

In addition, each of the brands we chose abides by the strict regulations on CBD use in the US. From the maximum 0.3% THC content to the advertising regulations, these companies seek to regulate production per each state and territory's federal and local laws.  

Also, if you prefer to read reviews about the best CBD oil itself, don’t hesitate to click on this article. 

List of the 12 Best CBD Oil Brands and Companies in 2022

  1. The Most Famous CBD Oil Brand in The World: Charlotte's Web
  2. The Most Liked CBD Oil Brand in the US: CBDistillery
  3. Our Favorite CBD Oil Brand: Kiara Naturals
  4. Naturecan CBD Oil Brand
  5. Green Roads CBD Oil Brand
  6. CBDFx CBD Oil Brand
  7. Joy Organics CBD Oil Brand
  8. JustCBD Oil Brand
  9. Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil Brand
  10. Pure Spectrum CBD Oil Brand
  11. Plain Jane CBD Oil Brand
  12. Joy Organics CBD Oil Brand

Whether a new CBD user or an old timer, the following guide to the 12 best CBD oil brands will help you on your CBD journey, from industry veterans like Charlotte's Web to rising stars like Joy Organics, these companies represent the best CBD oil brands on the market in 2022.  

14316 Reviews

1. Most Famous CBD Oil Brand: Charlotte's Web 

Rightly marketed as the “World's Most Trusted Hemp Extract,” Charlotte's Web represents an industry standard. As one of the pioneer CBD oil brands, the company has been mentioned in everything from CNN to The New York Times. Today, Charlotte's Web offers various strengths, flavors, and compositions of CBD oils.  

Brand Highlight: Charlotte's Web flagship formula is a full spectrum blend of 50mg CBD per ml. 

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  • CBD oil available in strengths ranging from 7 mg/ml to 50 mg/ml. 
  • Offers some of the best full spectrum blends on the market. 


  • The flavor of full-spectrum oils isn't pleasant. 
cbdistillery logo
38000 Reviews

2. Most Popular CBD Oil Brand in the US: CBDistillery 

Boasting over 2 million satisfied customers and 38,000 5-star reviews, it is clear to see that CBDistillery is one of the most beloved CBD brands in America. The pocket-friendly prices of the accessible Relax/Relief and Synergy oil options make this brand a great fit for your daily CBD needs. 

Brand Highlight: The Relief and Relax CBD Formulas and the Synergy Collection offers the best of CBDistillery.  

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  • US Hemp Authority Certified oils. 
  • Uses US-Grown hemp 
  • Affordable prices 


  • The website may be difficult to navigate.  

3. Personal Favorite CBD Oil Brand: Kiara Naturals 

This Swiss-based brand is known to produce some of the best CBD oils in the world. Kiara Naturals uses only organic Swiss hemp containing less than 0.02% THC. Furthermore, the oils are made in GMP-approved, and Swiss Medic authorized facilities to ensure that high standards are met. 

Brand Highlight: Full Spectrum Organic CBD Oil 

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  • Made from organic Swiss Hemp 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee 
  • Vegan, GMO-free 


  • It takes longer to produce an effect. 
4896 Reviews

4. Naturecan CBD Oil Brand 

Passed through an extensive CO2 extraction and Rotacgrom filtration method, Naturecan produces some of the highest quality CBD oils. All of their products use 100% natural US-grown hemp containing non-detectable THC. Naturecan offers certifications from Columbia Laboratories, Food Standards Agency, and more to help verify these claims. 

Brand Highlight: 40% CBD Oil 

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  • A+ Labdoor Certified brand 
  • Organic Certified Hemp 
  • FSA Certified  


  • Bitter taste. 
30000 Reviews

5. Green Roads CBD Oil Brand 

Winner of the Best CBD Products at Cannabis Business Awards 2019, Green Roads represents a new kind of CBD oil. Not only are these products manufactured in an FDA-registered manufacturing facility, but they are also produced using a special formula.  

Co-Founder Laura Fuentes, a compounding pharmacist with over 25 years of experience, is the brain behind Green Roads' unique-tasting CBD oils. Made to enhance the CBD experience, the oil is naturally pleasant and sweet-tasting.  

Brand Highlight: Full Spectrum CBD Oil (Mighty) 

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  • Interactive website 
  • Award-winning products 
  • Unique oil blends 


  • Products on the costly side 
43700 Reviews

6.CBDFx CBD Oil Brand 

The 43,700 5-star ratings for CBDFx's CBD oils indicate the brand's commitment to producing quality products. After passing through the automated single-pass CO2 extraction, these CBD oils get reviewed by the company's in-house Medical Advisory Board to check their purity. 

Brand Highlight: Focus Mushroom + CBD Drops 

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  • US-made, solvent-free products 
  • 60-day guarantee 


  • The opaque dropper for some oils tends to make dosage difficult.  
joy organics

7.Joy Organics CBD Oil 

Joy Organics is an industry mainstay for a reason. Mentioned in publications like Vox, Forbes, and The Denver Post, this brand is known for its rich, broad, and full spectrum blends. Joy Organics is one of the major CBD brands to wholeheartedly embrace sustainability through its carbon-neutral shipping.  

The CBD tinctures from this brand are also known for their great taste, as they are available in flavors like fresh lime, summer lemon, tranquil mint, tropical sunrise, and more. Combined with pocket-friendly prices, Joy Organics CBD oils are a no-brainer for any CBD enthusiast.  

Brand Highlight: Fresh Lime Organic Full Spectrum CBD Tincture with THC 

Shop Now at Joy Organics


  • US-Grown Hemp 
  • Free shipping over $50 
  • Carbon neutral shipping 


  • Acute symptoms require higher-strength oils. 
34131 Reviews

8. JustCBD Store CBD Oil Brand

Boating over 22,000 5-star reviews, JustCBD is a CBD brand on its way to the top. The range of CBD products on JustCBD is huge, and you can find everything from conventional products like oils to novelty items like CBD bath bombs and honey sticks. The secret to their success to their GMP-verified products, which all boast a US-made tag.  

In addition, their full spectrum blends are fast-acting yet affordable, offering 50 mg CBD per ml of the dropper. 

Brand Highlight: CBD Oil Tincture Coconut 

Shop Now at Just CBD


  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Free domestic shipping on orders above $35 
  • US-Made Products 


  • The hemp smell of the products is not very pleasant.  
25000 Reviews

9. Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil Brand 

Despite its founding in 2014., the brand has quickly achieved fame and is one of the top cannabinoid wellness companies in the US today. With the strength of its full spectrum oil varying from 300 to 6000mg, NuLeaf Naturals also offers some of the most diverse concentrations in the market. 

In addition, the company is dedicated to providing transparency with each CBD oil. Users can access independent lab tests to verify that the products are devoid of mold, fungi, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and more. 

Brand Highlight: Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

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  • Made with US-grown organic hemp 
  • Available in durable, light defense glass. 
  • Free priority shipping throughout the US 


  • It takes time to get the dosage right. 
368 Reviews

10. Pure Spectrum CBD Oil Brand

If you love working out or are into active sports, Pure Spectrum is your brand. With each ml serving equating to 64 mg of CBD, this oil is for experienced CBD users. The Black Label, in particular, offers some of the most potent full spectrum blends, at up to 5000 mg.  

Brand Highlight: Black Label CBD range 

Shop Now at Pure Spectrum


  • Free domestic shipping on orders above $100 
  • Tinctures are available in strengths up to 5000 mg  
  • Contains less than 0.01% THC 


  • Favors strength over taste. 
Plain Jane
10604 Reviews

11. Plain Jane CBD Oil Brand 

Primarily known for its CBD flower buds, Plain Jane is one of the most popular places to get CBD. With more than 75,00 dedicated customers across the US, they are known for their low-smell CBD.  

Plain Jane is dedicated to sustainable farming, sourcing its hemp from 15 small family farms across Southern Oregon. 

Brand Highlight: Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower 

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  • Practices sustainable, regenerative farming 
  • Known for their low-smell CBD  
  • Farms more than 20 hemp strains


  • CBD oils are not their primary product 
endoca review
4823 Reviews

12. Endoca CBD Oil  

As a leader in European CBD products, Endoca's full spectrum blends contain all the benefits of cannabis, including Vitam E and D, flavonoids, terpenes, nutrients, omega-three, and more.

Also including the cannabinoid CBDa, these oils are crafted to be natural as possible, with options available on strength on raw/heated formulas. US customers also get the special full spectrum Raw CBD Oil 300 mg CBD/ml strength oil.

Brand Highlight: Raw CBD Oil (Strong)

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  • 100% Organic CBD oils
  • Made under pharmaceutical supervision
  • European industry leader


  • May face issues with delivery.
What is

What To Look for in The Best CBD Oil Brands?

A 2020 study conducted under the authority of the United Cannabis Business Association showed that out of 17 randomly selected samples, 70% failed the test for contamination. A report like this emphasizes why a Certificate of Analysis is crucial when selecting your CBD oil brands.

Cannabis plants are natural bio accumulators, meaning they absorb all the components in the soil, good or bad. It may include necessary substances like nitrogen or absorb toxins like mercury and arsenic. These heavy metals can cause serious health issues if consumed, including stomach bleeding, coma, and even death.

Importance of CoA

A Certificate of Analysis, complete with third-party testing results, helps avoid such potential risks by providing details of the chemical composition of your CBD products. These documents reveal the presence and percentage of compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, THC, pesticides, and toxic metals in CBD items. For this reason, you should only trust brands that are transparent about their oils' cannabinoid and toxin profiles.

Extraction Methods

Companies' production method is another factor that sets the best CBD oil brands apart from other manufacturers. While cannabidiol can be extracted using various processes, Supercritical CO2 Extraction and Ethanol extraction are the preferred means.

These methods help brands produce accurate THC and CBD percentages that ensure that the legal requirements are always met. Though CBD can get extracted via other means, you should look for companies that produce their oils using the abovementioned techniques, as the product is always more potent and purer.

Organic Hemp

While on purity, the best brands use top-grade hemp to produce their CBD. Not only is the cannabis organically reared, but these companies also use cultivators who use GMO-free seeds. The ingredients used by the best brands are also markedly different as they are typically vegan, paraben-free, and devoid of irritants.


In addition to these qualities, you can also discern the best CBD oil brands from their product packaging. Not only do these companies use glass bottles, but these packages are also tinted to obstruct light. Since CBD is known to react with UV, this design helps improve CBD oil longevity.

Things to Know About CBD Oil Brands in the US

Relevant Laws

Despite its legalization in over 19 US states, CBD remains a federally restricted substance. Since it is still legally regarded as an extension of cannabis, cannabidiol remains a Schedule I Controlled Substance under the Controlled Substance Act of 1970.

However, due to the Farm Bill of 2018, also known as the Agriculture Improvement Act, conditional manufacturing and sale of CBD are legal within the US. Under this act, CBD oil brands in the US can market and sell CBD products as long as they maintain a limit on the products' THC content.

THC Content

The US FDA authorizes a maximum THC content of 0.3%; this limit is maintained as tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive compound capable of producing hallucinogenic properties in larger amounts.

CBD Oil Sale

The FDA also has several restrictions on marketing CBD oils in the US. For example, companies are not allowed to sell CBD oils as medical items, i.e., they cannot make health claims for these products. According to FDA sanctions, CBD brands cannot sell food items containing CBD.

Selling CBD is federally legal in the US as long as the products adhere to the laws and regulations set up by the FDA. In terms of CBD sale/manufacture/purchase, this authority is the most important/influential body.

So even though the Farm Bill of 2018 gives CBD brands more leeway over CBD oil sales, the power ultimately lies with e FDA. This results from the Bill explicitly preserving the power of this body to regulate CBD products as outlined by the FD&C Act and Section 351 of the Public Health Service Act.

What are the Best Worldwide Brands for CBD Oils ?

Joy Organics Reviews: One of the fastest-growing CBD companies in the market

1 joy organics

CBD2GO Review

2 cbd2go

Charlotte’s Web Reviews: The most respected and trusted CBD brand in the world

3 charlotte_web_logo

NuLeaf CBD Reviews: The shop that wants people to live healthier and happier lives

4 NuLeaf-Naturals-Logo

Sativum Review: high-quality organic CBD to connect you to Nature

5 sativum logo

Naturecan Review: CBD Products From the USA to the World

Top Seller 6 Naturecan

CBDfx Review | The cruelty-free from seed to sale CBD online shop from the USA

Top Seller 7 cbdfx

CBD American Shaman | Discover the magic of CBD with this brand

8 american-shaman-Logo-color

Barker Wellness CBD Reviews

9 Barker_Wellness_Logo (1)

Secret Nature CBD Review

10 Secret-Nature-CBD-Review-Logo (1)

Charlotte's Web: Why is This Brand So Famous?

Begun in 2011 by the Stanley brothers, Charlotte's Web is a pioneer of the CBD wave. Much of the current CBD proliferation owes its success to brands like these. This brand is so popular because it made several prominent experts change their opinions about cannabis, opening the door for the influx of CBD products.

The Stanley brothers helped develop a high CB-low THC strain called CW1AS1 that helped 5-year-old Charlotte Figi battle a rare form of epilepsy. This VBD helped reduce the frequency of her seizures from 300 per week to 2 to 3 times a month.

This success helped Charlotte's Web gain much attention, propelling their sales. Check out Charlotte’s Web Reviews here.

Pros & Cons of Buying CBD Oil from an Online Brand

As with most services, purchasing CBD oils online has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Special Prices and Discounts:From free shipping to 30-day return guarantees, most CBD brands have special offers and discounts on their online stores. Customers can access these primarily via digital channels as many of these rebates are not likely to be seen in physical stores.
  • Access to More Products:Online stores generally give customers better access to CBD products. A physical CBD store typically sells multiple brands, so their stock for each brand is likely to be limited. In contrast, online CBD stores almost always have your chosen CBD oils in stock as purchases have to be made from brand-specific websites.


  • Reliance on Product Descriptions:Users who purchase CBD oils online must rely on product descriptions when choosing their items. Unlike a physical store, they cannot try samples, try the weight, and check the packaging before purchasing. Such a handicap may lead them to purchase the wrong products.

Conclusion: What Is the Best CBD Oil Brand Online?

Brands like PlainJane, Joy Organics, Endoca, and NuLeaf represent some of the best online CBD brands. These companies have garnered such reputations due to their years in the industry. Brands like these can be considered the best online sources of CBD because they provide quality items at competitive prices. From strength variations to flavor options, the CBD oils from these brands live up to their reputation of being quality products. These factors, coupled with strong customer support and a well-developed after-sales service, make them the best online CBD oil brands in 2022.

I have been writing several articles on the Internet about natural products and eco-friendly ways to help with general wellbeing. I became interested in CBD when I traveled to the US. I believe everyone should have access to reviews and testimonials to obtain quality and certified products.

Reviews about this article: 4,9/5.