After Uruguay, Canada became the second country in the world to legalize cannabis. In 2018, the recreational use of CBD became federally legal across Canada. The user growth has increased since then, with the Canadian Health Food Association estimating the CBD market's worth to reach $2.45 billion by 2023 alone. However, if you are new to CBD Canada and wish to try something new, it's not too late, and the best CBD gummies are a great way to start.

How Did We Pick These CBD Gummies Delivered In Canada?

CBD gummies could provide the same benefits as CBD oil in a better-tasting mix. The bitter earthy taste is covered by extracts and flavours like watermelon, strawberry, berry, and more. Most of these products have added natural flavours to mask the taste of raw hemp.

However, not all products on the market are reliable, and you need to check several product credentials before buying any CBD gummies. To ensure that you get only the highest quality products, we've chosen our gummies based on criteria like brand reputation, usability, user experience, and more.

These factors help us pick CBD gummies that look good on paper and have great real-world use. Some brands are more transparent about their production and ingredient list, ranking them higher.

List of the 5 Best CBD Gummies in Canada (2023)

  1. Zen Leafs CBD Gummies
  2. Happy Bears CBD Gummies
  3. Mellow All-Natural CBD Hemp Gummies
  4. Plant of Life Full Spectrum CBD Gummies
  5. Happy Bears CBD Dried Fruit Chips

The best CBD gummies in Canada combine ease of use with great taste. The CBD content in these varies from product to product, so you have the freedom to choose your strength. You can opt for a gummy with a higher CBD concentration if you are a regular CBD user. Similarly, a 10 mg CBD content is a great fit for new CBD users.

The best CBD gummies in Canada also have many flavour options and varying strengths. You will surely find a gummy that suits you best, from berry to watermelon and lemon.

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1. Zen Leafs CBD Gummies

Available in three variants targeting specific conditions, these gummies from Zen Leafs are a great way to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle. With their Full Spectrum Pain Gummies available in an impressive 30 mg CBD per gummy concentration, it is perfect for chronic and neuropathic pain.

Recommended Dosage: Initial use should be one capsule daily as each gummy consists of 30 mg CBD.

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  • High CBD concentration with 30 mg CBD per gummy. Different gummy strengths for pain (rest), anxiety (calm), and sleep (relief).
  • Products are made in Canada and follow the local regulations for production.


  • Lesser number of gummies in comparison to other products.
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2. Happy Bears CBD Gummies

For their “sleep” formula, Happy Bears CBD Gummies use melatonin alongside CBD to enhance the natural relaxing properties of cannabis. With an added natural lemon extract, these jellies have, as Stephanie L says, “No aftertaste.” and are “the best I can find on the market.”

Recommended Dosage: Depending upon composition.

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  • Gummies are available in different compositions targeting sleep, energy, and sleep.
  • Potential to help regulate sleep and maintain sleep cycles
  • These gummies are great for everyday use as wellness products.


  • Sleep gummies require a higher quantity to take a good effect on some people.
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3. Mellow All-Natural CBD Hemp Gummies

The problem with most CBD gummies is the additives. The jellies often contain high amounts of sweeteners and artificial flavouring. However, these All-Natural Gummies from Mellow contain no synthetic sweeteners or high fructose ingredients like corn syrup. Instead, it uses substances like fruit juice, pectin, brown rice syrup, and more to make a delicious and healthy product.

This focus on all-natural ingredients combined with a potent 50mg per jelly makes these gummies a well-rounded product.

Recommended Dosage: One gummy per day

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  • Available in delicious, natural flavours like peach, orange soda, and blue raspberry.
  • These commies are extra strength and have a high hemp content of nearly 50 mg per jelly.
  • Low calorie at only 7 calories per gummy.


  • The prices may be a bit steep.
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4. Plant of Life Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

The power of these Full Spectrum Gummies by Plant of Life is evidenced by customer reviews like Racquel S's, which states, “I've been looking for something to help with my sleep deprivation, and these gummies were a lifesaver.” These jellies also have a high CBD concentration of 20 mg per gummy and are available in natural flavours like raspberry, pineapple, and dragonfruit.

Recommended Dosage: One or two gummies daily.

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  • Available in various flavours, including dragon fruit, blue raspberry, and golden pineapple.
  • The brand provides free shipping on all orders within Canada.
  • The gummies have no additives like refined sugar, artificial flavouring, and colouring.


  • The gummy leaves a bit of an aftertaste.
happy-bears-dried-cbd-fruit-chips (1)
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5. Happy Bears CBD Dried Fruit Chips

Verified customer Eric describes the Happy Bears CBD Dried Fruit Chips best- “the fruit chips were delicious and most of all effective.” With the natural flavours of banana and kiwi, these fruit-based CBD chips are freshly-pick and quick dried to ensure freshness and taste, adding a fruity zest to the CBD experience.

Recommended Dosage: One or two slices as per symptom requirements.

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  • The dried kiwi and banana are freshly-picked and quick-dried to preserve the flavour and taste.
  • The product contains minimum preservatives and uses cane sugar for sweetening. Many attractive offers are available, including a 30-day money-back guarantee, free shopping, and free returns.


  • Available in only two variants.
law cbd

Are CBD Gummies Legal in Canada?

According to the Cannabis Act of 2018, cannabis use is completely legal in Canada; this includes its application in medical treatments and recreational use. As only the second country in the world to make cannabis federally legal, Canada makes it legal for adults above 18 years to purchase and carry cannabis and cannabis products.

In Canada CBD you can buy your CBD gummies from a pharmacy or online without any legal restrictions as long as you are the legal age. However, these legalities may change from state to state, so it is best to be informed about each territory's local law. For example, 21 is the minimum legal age to purchase cannabis and other related products in Quebec and 18 in Alberta

CBD Gummies

How to Choose the Best CBD Gummies in Canada?

To get the best CBD gummies, you must ensure that the products abide by the government regulations on CBD use. Though cannabis and CBD gummies are federally legal in Canada, there are still several strict laws regarding their production, packaging, and advertisements.

For example, to start the production of CBD gummies, companies need to get a series of permits and licenses from the government. This list includes an authorization for Land and Water Use Approvals, Health Canada Cannabis Licensing, Water Discharge Authorizations, Canada Revenue Agency Cannabis Licensing, and more.

The reason for these strict regulations is that cannabis was a Controlled Substance under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act before its legalization. These permits are difficult to come by and are also why most US CBD companies avoid the Canadian cannabis market despite the legal freedom.

Therefore,to get the best CBD gummies, you need to find companies which fulfill the above government credentials. These criteria can be difficult to meet for online suppliers as well, so make it a point to check out the supplier's legal status before ordering your gummies. Canadian brands know the legalities best, so one of the best ways to get the best CBD gummies in Canada is to find reliable, authorized Canadian CBD companies.

The government also has other measures regulating CBD advertisements and packaging. The best CBD gummies in Canada have factual, detailed information about their ingredients with minimal art and design. The government forbids any packaging that would make CBD attractive to young kids.

It also forbids advertisements in public places while also banning celebrity endorsements. A publication rightly states that these restrictions confuse most buyers, making them more prone to buying unregulated products. For this reason, the CBD-making company plays a big role when looking for the best CBD gummies in Canada.

As a major chunk of the government's legalities focuses on their authorization, advertisement, and packaging, you should choose transparent brands willing to provide necessary credentials like Certificate of Analysis and third-party testing results.

If you are looking for the best CBD gummies Canada that may help quit smoking, click here.

Where to Buy the Best CBD Gummies in Canada?

Our choice 1 cbdmagic
2 happy bears edibles
3 cbd2go
4 Plant Of Life

Final Thoughts: What Are The Best CBD Gummies in Canada

According to a recent study by Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, CBD in Canada was most commonly administered to treat anxiety, pain, and depression. The legal status of cannabis makes it easier to purchase CBD in the country. However, administration can be a hassle with CBD oils and tinctures due to the sublinglingual intake method via dropper use.

With CBD gummies, not only do you get an exact dosage, but you also get great-tasting products. One of the reasons many people are turned off by CBD oil is its characteristic bitter, earthy taste. The best CBD gummies mask this flavour by adding natural sweeteners and flavouring extracts. Therefore, the best CBD gummies in Canada provide the same relaxing, anxiolytic benefits as CBD oil in a better-tasting product.

I have been writing several articles on the Internet about natural products and eco-friendly ways to help with general wellbeing. I became interested in CBD when I traveled to the US. I believe everyone should have access to reviews and testimonials to obtain quality and certified products.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more informations.