Best CBD UK: Where Can You Buy CBD Oils & CBD Products In The UK? Legal CBD Shops Online In 2021

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, has been an increasing interest among British citizens, not only due to its history but also due to the alleged health benefits it provides. MiisterCBD™ has compiled information about the legislation in place in the UK in regard to CBD, along with detailed reviews of brands and shops to buy CBD online that make deliveries to the United Kingdom. Our compromise to our readers is to offer up to date and honest information that will allow you to make the top choices in terms of legal, biologic, and the best high-quality CBD Oils and other CBD products in the UK.


Top Seller 1 CBDfx Review | The cruelty-free from seed to sale CBD online shop from the USA
Our choice 2 Naturecan Review: CBD Products From the USA to the World
3 The Drug Store Review: Amazing CBD products from the UK
4 Cibdol Reviews: Opinion on the specialist of 100% Swiss pure Oils
5 Endoca Review: the international leader in CBD oil 100% natural
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How to get CBD in the UK?

physical cbd shop

In a local & physical shop

In the United Kingdom, it is also possible to find physical shops, known as dispensaries, where you can purchase your CBD products. Usually, you will be able to get advice from the salesperson which will guide you to the best option for what you are looking for.

Importing cbd

Importing from abroad

The internet has changed the way we consume, and the good thing is that it was for the better. While shopping online you can easily find shops and brands from different countries that will deliver to the UK, thus widening your chances of finding the ideal product for you.

online cbd shop

In an online shop

Easy, fast, efficient, and stress-free – what more can you ask for when shopping for CBD? Buying your CBD products online offers you the possibility of comparing different shops, brands, and products, in order to find the perfect balance in terms of quality and price. 

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Where to buy CBD online in the UK? The best CBD brands:

With the increase in popularity of CBD, there has also been a surge of online shops offering these types of products. Although there is a lot of offer, there are some CBD shops that take the lead when it comes to selling premium-quality and safe cannabidiol items. Let’s see the list of the best British online shops:

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TOP 5 best CBD shops online and brands in the United-Kingdom (October 2021)

1. CBDfx UK

Focused on innovation and organic production methods, CBDfx was established in 2014 and aims to create premium-quality pure CBD products. Originally from San Fernando Valley, this brand is now opening its doors to international markets. With a wide range of products made with full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate, you’ll find whatever you want in this online shop.

  • PRO: 30-day guarantee
  • CON: Less range of products than in US

2. Naturecan CBD UK

Naturecan’s products are made using top-grade industrial cannabis sativa and, not only does this brand offer a wide range of items, but it also does free delivery orders to the UK. 100% vegan, with organic MTC carrier oil, and made from broad spectrum CBD and CBG, you will find here some of the top choices in the market.

  • PRO: Short delivery times
  • CON: Only broad-spectrum CBD

3. The Drug Store UK

TheDrug.Store focuses on natural and innovative products. This is one of the most personal brands you will find online, and the customer service is just as good as its items. The CBD products are made using isolate and contain 0% THC. This brand also uses non-GMO industrial hemp to offer you the best quality possible.

  • PRO: Supplier of the most famous brands
  • CON: Products often out of stock

4. Endoca CBD store UK

Endoca is one of the highest rated online shops in the CBD world and there are many reasons why the customers’ satisfaction is so high. The CBD products are 100% organic and produced under pharmaceutical control, as well as being third-party tested. Made with full spectrum CBD, you’ll benefit from additional cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, and CBN.

  • PRO: 100% organic CBD products
  • CON: Prices in Euros

5. Hemp Heros CBD shop UK

Hemp Heros is headquartered in Ireland and the UK, and over the past years has truly shown that it means business. The CBD products available in this shop are innovative, varied, and suitable for both humans and animals. If you are looking for uncommon CBD based items, such as butters or coffee, this is the place to shop!

  • PRO: Innovative variety of products
  • CON: Only 13 products currently available

MiisterCBD has analyzed different brands’ reviews and has evaluated them by following a series of strict criteria. From the sourcing of the cannabis sativa to the third-party laboratory tests, passing through delivery times and packaging, as well as the quality of customer service, these are the top five online shops in the UK (above).

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TOP 10 best CBD oils in the UK (October 2021)

NumberCBD Oils UKTotal CBD (in mg.)Range of CBD potencyCBD FeaturesCost for 500 mg.Customer ReviewsWhere to buy?

CBDfx CBD Tincture Oil

500 mg. to 1500 mg.

16,6 to 50 mg./ml.

Organic Broad Spectrum, MCT

$54,00 AUD



Cibdol Full Spectrum CBD Oil

500 mg. to 4000 mg.

50 to 400 mg./ml.

CO2 extracted, THC Free

£27,99 GBP



Endoca Raw Hemp Oil

300 mg. to 1500 mg.

30 to 150 mg./ml.

CBD + CBDa, Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO

£30,00 GBP



Naturecan Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

250 mg. to 4000 mg.

25 to 400 mg./ml.

THC Free, Vegan, and Organic MCT Carrier Oil

£29,99 GBP



Nordic Oil CBD Drops

500 mg. to 2000 mg.

50 to 200 mg./ml.

Full spectrum of natural cannabinoids

£35,00 GBP



Trip Orange Blossom CBD Oil

300 mg. to 1000 mg.

20 to 67 mg./ml.

THC Free, with adaptogens

from £25,99 GBP



MaxCBD Wellness Relief CBD Oil

300 mg. to 2500 mg.

10 to 83 mg./ml.

All-natural ingredients, ideal for pain relief

£37,50 GBP



Dr. HempMe Cannabis CBD Oil Extract

500 mg. to 3000 mg.

50 to 300 mg./ml.

Full Spectrum Cannabidiol

£31,00 GBP



Hemp Heros CBD Drops Oil

500 mg. to 1500 mg.

25 to 50 mg./ml.

Vegan, Non-GMO, Flavored

£35,00 GBP



Pollen Hemp CBD Drink Drops

500 mg. to 1500 mg.

33 to 100 mg./ml.

THC Free, Various flavours

£55,00 GBP


Made from cannabidiol that is extracted from the hemp plant, CBD oil is one of the most popular products in the UK. MiisterCBD has reviewed a series of items and selected the top ten CBD oils available in the United Kingdom.

Where to buy the best CBD oil online in the UK?

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

  • From £29,99 GBP
  • 250mg. to 4000 mg. CBD
  • THC Free, Vegan and Organic
  • 15% Off with MIISTERCBD15
Buy CBD oil now

What is CBD oil UK and why should you buy it online?

The production process of CBD oil is quite simple: after growing a hemp plant, you extract the CBD from it and mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut. Cannabidiol has been used for decades by people as a health supplement, and more and more scientific research is being conducted to understand the positive effects this compound can have on the body.

In fact, the World Health Organization has published a report where it states that CBD that occurs naturally from cannabis sativa is safe for humans and animals alike, being a very well tolerated substance. Moreover, the report also states that CBD isn’t associated with any negative health effects.

As such, many companies are using CBD in their items to help their customers have access to its wellness properties, which may be:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Sleep aiding
  • Reducing seizures
  • Aiding with pain management

In the UK and Ireland, the Cannabis Trades Association works with the goal of promoting good standards and practice and providing customers with access to legal hemp. As such, there are several physical shops where you can purchase CBD products, such as Holland & Barrett, however, the easiest way to access a wider range of quality CBD is by shopping online, such as Blessed.

buy cbd in uk
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The best CBD gummies UK


1. CBDfx CBD Gummies

  • 1500 mg. CBD
  • Broad Spectrum, Sustainable product
  • from £49,99 GBP
  • 4,8 (870 reviews)

Buy now


2. Naturecan CBD Gummies

  • 300 mg. to 1200 mg. CBD
  • THC Free, Broad Spectrum
  • from £19,99 GBP
  • 4,9 (170 reviews)

Buy now


3. Pollen CBD Gummies

  • 300 mg. CBD
  • Infused with Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp oil
  • from £35,00 GBP
  • 5 (1 review)
Buy now

CBDfx’s CBD gummies are made using premium-quality cannabis sativa and CO2 extracted cannabidiol. They come with 1500mg of CBD and can be found in a wide range of flavours, such as berry, turmeric, spirulina, chamomile, and many more! Along with CBD, this brand also uses other herbal and natural ingredients to give you the most wellness benefits possible.

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The best CBD flowers UK


1. Skywalker OG CBD – Weedy

  • ~ 7% CBD
  • Indoor, Indica Hybrid
  • from £7,50 GBP
Buy now

2. Amnesia CBD – Top Garden

  • ~ 4% CBD
  • Organic, Sativa
  • from £12,99 GBP

Buy now


3. Himalyan CBD – Endoca

  • ~ 10% CBD
  • 100% Organic hemp flowers
  • from £16,50 GBP
Buy now

The Himalayan Indica Flower sold by Endoca is a high-CBD hemp flower with a citrusy and floral scent and flavour. Filled with terpenes and cannabinoids, this product is organic, vegan, GMO-free, and tested by a third-party laboratory. You can buy a jar with 300mg of CBD, which contains circa 100mg CBD per gram.

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The best CBD capsules UK


1. Naturecan CBD Oil Softgels

  • 300 mg. to 3000 mg. CBD
  • THC Free
  • from £24,99 GBP
  • 4,8/5 (41 reviews)

Buy now


2. CBDfx CBD Gel Caspules

  • 750 mg. to 1500 mg. CBD
  • THC Free, MCT Coconut oil
  • from £69,99 GBP
  • 4,9/5 (631 reviews)

Buy now


3. Cibdol CBD softgels

  • 500 mg. to 4000 mg.
  • Made in Canada, MCT Coconu oil
  • from £27,99 GBP
  • 5/5 (3 reviews)

Buy now

Naturecan takes the lead again with the best CBD capsules in the market. Made with broad spectrum cannabidiol oil which was extracted from high-grade industrial cannabis sativa, these capsules allow you to easily control your CBD intake. Available with concentrations of 10mg and 25mg per capsule, you also have the choice of added ingredients such as Vitamin C or Astaxanthin.

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The best CBD vape oils UK


1. CBDfx Vape Juices

  • 500 mg. to 2000 mg. CBD
  • Vegan Pure CBD Isolate
  • from £24,99 GBP
  • 4,8/5
Buy now

2. Naturecan CBD E-liquids

  • 250 mg. to 1000 mg. CBD
  • Broad spectrum, Menthol, Strawberry, Citrus
  • from £24,99 GBP
  • 4,8/5
Buy now

3. CBDfx Terpene Vape Liquids

  • 500 mg.
  • Pure CBD isolate, Various flavours
  • from £49,99 GBP
  • 5/5 (3 reviews)
Buy now

With 9 options on offer, CBDfx has made a name for itself in the vaping world. Offering CBD vape oils with 500mg and 1000mg cannabidiol, the choice available is incredible in terms of flavours: blue raspberry, wild watermelon, strawberry kiwi, strawberry milk, platinum rose, pineapple express, gelato, and OG Kush.

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The best CBD oils for dogs UK

Cibdol’s collection of CBD products for dogs is one of the best in the industry, counting with CBD oils, pastilles, and treats. The CBD oils for dogs come in doses of 2% and 4%, and were specially formulated to ensure that your pet can make the best out of CBD.

  1. Cibapet CBD oil for dogs – Ideal for sensitive pets
  2. Natupet CBD oil for dogs – With beef or chicken flavours
  3. Naturicious CBD oil for pets – Hemp extract, fast shipping
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What are the best CBD products to buy in the United-Kingdom?

You will find many CBD products on the online market that could be very useful for you. Regarding your needs, you can inhale, mix with food, or swallow your cannabidiol. Quite the opposite of THC, CBD can’t get you high and will directly impact your body. You can use CBD to relax, sleep, or as a painkiller. Here are the products you will find on our list of the best CBD shops in the UK:

  • CBD Oils for pain relief UK,
  • CBD isolate UK,
  • CBD tea UK,
  • CBD hash UK,
  • CBD buds UK,
  • CBD creams UK,
  • CBD balm UK,
  • CBD bath bombs UK,
  • CBD vape pens UK,
  • CBD coffee UK,
  • CBD drinks UK,
  • CBD for pets UK.

Also, to get the perfect shopping experience, we advise you to click on one of our shops that you will find on this page. We ranked and tested many CBD shops to find exactly which one is the best. Following objective criteria, our team provides you with a list of CBD shops which have been tried by us and that will deliver your products in the UK.

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Final thoughts: How to buy CBD online legally in the UK? The guide for beginners

Our guide aims to provide our readers with a diversified range of CBD products, reason why we aim to give you honest reviews about different online shops. You will be able to find the ideal product, based on its brand, shop, characteristics, and ingredients, all from the comfort of your own home, and always at the best quality/price ratio.


How to choose your CBD store?

The most important thing when selecting an online CBD shop is ensuring that its products have been tested by a third party laboratory – this will guarantee that the quality of the product itself will be as advertised, and you will be safeguarded as a consumer. We also recommend that you check our suggestions of online shops for CBD items, as you will be able to compare the reviews we have made, as well as the reviews of previous consumers. The reviews we have presented on our website taking into consideration the following: the balance between quality and price, the certification of the products, their packaging, as well as any other types of services that are offered by the best CBD websites.

Find the CBD product that suits you!

After choosing your prefered shop, you will be given the opportunity to choose one or various CBD products. To do this, online shops often offer the possibility of filtering your search, or even better, have different pages for each type of product. Nowadays, the offer in terms of CBD products is immense, and surely there will be several items which will seem attractive to you. The best way to find out which would be the ideal option for your needs is to verify which are the properties of each type of products. 

Use one of our best promo codes

MiisterCBD™ offers you also the advantage to find the best products at the best prices. We have as an aim being your favourite buying guide, and therefore our commitment to quality is unparalleled. We will offer you regular promotions, as well as promotional coupons and coders which you can use when making your purchase. This promo codes will make it possible to decrease the total cost of your order, so don’t forget to copy and paste our exclusive coders in your checkout page!

Fast and Easy: receiving your order

Finally, you will be able to make the payment and validate your order. Since you might be ordering from abroad, you need to take into consideration that delivery might take a few days, depending on the location of the shop and your address. It is also important to consider that, depending on the country of origin, the delivery times might take longer, especially if you are ordering from a different continent.

criteria- cbd
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Why can you trust these CBD brands UK?

As mentioned before, the Centre for Medical Cannabis has found several companies that have been selling products that did not match the descriptions of ingredients, especially in regards to the content of THC and CBD, MiisterCBD™ understands the need to do solid and thorough research about the different brands in the market, in order to ensure that the consumers are safeguarded and that they will always be satisfied with their purchases.

Having the main goal of protecting, helping, and guiding consumers in their quest to purchase CBD products. We focus on suggesting brands and items which are safe, tested, and have positive reviews from previous consumers. We have taken the compromise to test and review a wide variety of brands, items, and online shops, with the intent of guaranteeing that our readers have access to the best products online.

We believe that to do so, our selection criteria must be available to our readers, as to share which points and characteristics we take into consideration while performing our reviews. We want to be able to provide you with a good selection of the best online CBD shops, which offer top-notch products that are organically sourced and biologically produced, that you can consume every day.

Our commitment


The highest quality products

online shop

Fast and discreet deliveries


Biologic production

How did we pick up these brands? Selection criteria:

When ordering CBD products, wherever you may be based, the first step is always the same: conducting a thorough research on the different brands, items, and online shops available. MiisterCBD believes that, through our experience in this field as well as our knowledge of the market, it would be beneficial to any consumer to find a shopping guide which makes that research easier for you. Our selection criteria:

  • Quality and variety of the products available.
  • Sourcing methods of the CBD.
  • Production methods of the CBD products.
  • Testing certificates from third party laboratories.
  • Usability, ergonomy, and navigation of the website.
  • Transparency of the information available to customers.
  • Delivery times, packaging, and delivery locations.
  • Quality and efficiency of the customer support service.
  • Variety and safety of payment methods available.

MiisterCBD™ compromises itself to keep up with the promise to offer transparent information on how to find legal CBD online in shops that meet specific criteria and are safe. By following our recommendations you will have the opportunity to benefit from our promo codes, which will allow you to purchase high-quality CBD products at the best price.

cbd uk

Guide about CBD in United Kingdom written by Rita.

Article updated in:

Reading time: 10 minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is CBD legal in the UK (2021)?

Yes, CBD products are legal in the UK, as long as the maximum content of THC present in the product is 0.2%. There is some misinformation circling on the internet which indicates that in order for CBD items to be legal in the UK they must have a zero percent of THC content, which is false information.

Why can you buy CBD online in the UK?

Across Europe there are several excellent shops that sell and deliver to the UK, so why cut your variety short by not buying online? You will be able to find different types of products, a good range of brands, as well as compare prices across shops, and benefit from promo codes exclusive for online shopping. All of this from the comfort of your own home!

What is CBD used for?

CBD has been used for millennia due to its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. Nowadays, CBD products are usually consumed to improve health conditions such as eczema, depression, anxiety, or to decrease symptoms of other illnesses such as epilepsy.

Where can I buy the best CBD Oils in the UK?

You will certainly find the best CBD oils delivered to the UK in one of the following shops: Naturecan, CBDfx, The Drug Store or Endoca. High-quality products made from organically sourced CBD, these shops will offer you a wide range of CBD oils which will surely meet all your needs.

How much does CBD cost in the UK?

One of the most common questions we come across is “is CBD oil affordable?” The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors: strength, potency, quality of the CBD, type of product. The prices can vary between £8 and £400, depending on the brand and percentage of CBD.

How to find a CBD wholesaler in the UK?

The ideal option to find a CBD wholesaler in the UK is to check if your favourite brands offer that service. More often than not, online dispensaries have a tab on the menu of the website which gives you the information on how you can become a wholesaler.

Average customer reviews about the brands: 4,8/5.