5 Best CBD Chocolates Reviewed in 2023 For Food Lovers

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been used for centuries as herbal medicine on its own, however, innovations in the way of ingesting it have paved the way for tastier approaches to its consumption as is the case of chocolate or other CBD edibles. Here you’ll learn which brands offer the best CBD chocolate and the benefits you can get from it.

How Did We Pick These CBD Chocolates and Brands?

The team of MiisterCBD wants to give our readers information about the best products and brands in the market. With this in mind, we have done thorough research about the available offers and followed through with an evaluation based on strict criteria.

When analysing the different brands and products, our team made sure to confirm if those mentioned in our guides meet the following selection criteria:

  • The online shop is licensed and operates legally
  • The hemp is produced organically
  • The CBD is extracted through healthy methods
  • The products are tested by third-party laboratories
  • The quality of the product itself and the packaging

The 5 Best CBD Chocolates on the Market in 2023

  1. Top Rated CBD Chocolate Bar: Green Roads
  2. Tastiest CBD Chocolate: Vital Leaf
  3. Editor's Choice: Five CBD Chocolate
  4. Most Popular CBD Chocolate: Lazarus Naturals
  5. Best Dark & Full Spectrum CBD Chocolate: CBDistillery

The offer of CBD chocolate bars has increased over the years and due to that, it’s hard to choose from the hundreds of options available. MiisterCBD tried, tested, and reviewed a wide range of products to give you our selection of the top 3 CBD chocolates you can buy online.

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1. Top Rated CBD Chocolate Bar: Green Roads

Green Roads is a well-known brand for its work with CBD edibles, so it is no surprise that they have scored another hit with their CBD chocolate. Made using 62% cocoa, this gourmet chocolate offers 15 mg of cannabidiol per square to ensure a product that is both delicious and effective.

The CBD Isolate further stops the choclate from inheriting any unwanted terpene smell, creating delicious melt-in-your-mouth goodness. As verified user Andrew D puts it, “Chocolate is great on its own but combine with CBD? Best combo.”

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  • Small-batch chocolates hand-crafted by local chocolatier
  • 15 mg CBD per every square
  • Vegan, CBD Isolate based


  • Isolate-based items tend to be generally less potent than full-spectrum CBD chocolates. 
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2. Tastiest CBD Chocolate: Vital Leaf 

As verified customer Hannah puts it, the CBD chocolates by Vital Leaf are “Delicious, naturally sweetened (and have a) perfectly crisy crunch.” The brand uses top-grade ingredients to achieve its famed taste, including popped quinoa, sea salt, vanilla bean, coconut sugar, cocoa butter, and more.

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  • Available in hazelnut/sea salt, vanilla bean, and classic dark variants.
  • Lab tested products
  • Uses THC-free broad spectrum hemp


  • Product on the costlier side.
44 Reviews

3. Editor's Choice: Five CBD Chocolate

Have trouble sleeping at night? You should give the CBD chocolates from Five CBD a chance. Made using full-spectrum, all-natural hemp, these little treats pack quite an unexpected punch, with one user writing, “These work super well and I sleep like a rock.”

Alongside classic dark chocolate, Five CBD also offers a toffee-based milk CBD choclate to give your taste buds a little variety.

Shop Now at Five CBD


  • US-made chocolate
  • Available in buzz sea salt dark chocolate and buzz toffee crunch milk chocolate variants.
  • All-natural, full-spectrum hemp.


  • Higher price point
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4. Most Popular CBD Chocolate: Lazarus Naturals

With ingredients composed of 70% dark choclate, sea salt, vanilla, and more, it's easy to see why this CBD chocolate by Lazarus Naturals is one of the brand's most popular items.

However, the taste isn't its only USP because each square of this chocolate is packed with 20 mg of cannabidiol. With 12 blocks in a bar, this amount equals 240 mg CBD per pack of chocolate.

Lazarus Naturals also uses all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients and ethically sourced cocoa to make these delicious treats.

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  • Full spectrum 20 mg CBD for every chocolate square
  • Lab-tested quality
  • Vegan and gluten-free


  • You can't always tell the CBD apart from the chocolate.
CBDistillery - chocolate Bar (1)
27 Reviews

5. Best Dark & Full Spectrum CBD Chocolate: CBDistillery

Only three words describe this product, and verified buyer Kelly G puts it best. In a review for the Dark, Full Spectrum CBD Chocolate by CBDistillery, she writes, “Extremely strong and effective.”

CBDistillery's cannabidiol-based chocolates have the potential to treat everything from chronic pain to anxiety. Offering 30 mg full spectrum CBD per chocolate block, it is easy to see where such an opinion comes from. With a US Hemp Authority Certification to back up its ingredient quality, it makes for n enticing product.

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  • 30 mg CBD per serving
  • Low-calorie product- only 20 calories per piece
  • US Hemp Association Certified


  • Maybe excessively strong for new CBD users.

What To Look For In High-Quality CBD Chocolate?

Before purchasing any type of CBD products it’s important to consider several aspects that will help you better understand the quality of the product.

One of the most important aspects to analyze is whether the cannabidiol is extracted from high-grade organic hemp. Industrial grade hemp is grown from authorized seeds that were bred to ensure that the plant meets all the criteria of the regulations in place.

Along with that, it’s essential that you try to find information about the extraction method used for CBD. We recommend that you buy products that use CO2-extracted CBD as this is the cleanest way to obtain high-quality cannabidiol, and it doesn’t contain any chemicals that might be harmful to your body.

Another important consideration is whether the online shop offers information about the laboratory results. Reputable brands believe in transparency and will add the lab certificates on the product page so that you can consult them.

Last but not least, you should also consider the type of chocolate you want. CBD-infused chocolate can have many flavours and ingredients, so do some research to find the right flavour for you. From CBD mint chocolate to CBD oil with chocolate flavour, there are so many options to choose from!

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Potential Benefits of Buying CBD Chocolate Bars

One of the main reasons why you should buy these products is the positive effects of CBD chocolate you may feel.

Although there are still many scientific studies underway to prove the health benefits of CBD, certain publications have found some positive news:

With the advance in medical studies happening daily, it’s good to see that there is finally some scientific proof that cannabidiol does in fact have positive effects on your health.

As such, it’s easy to understand why someone would want to consume CBD, but one aspect that is often left unmentioned is the taste of CBD oil. Not many people are fans of the earthy flavour of hemp, and there is where chocolate comes in.

Infusing chocolate bars with CBD will give you the perfect balance between the possible health benefits of cannabidiol and the tasty and sweet flavour of chocolate. Moreover, not only does CBD chocolate make it easier for you to take your daily dose of CBD, but it also gives you plenty of options when it comes to flavours: from mint chocolate to white chocolate and all in between, you’ll surely find one that ticks your taste buds.

Pros & Cons of Eating CBD Chocolate


Mood-Boosting Formula: Both CBD and chocolate are known for their mood-boosting potential. The latter is rich in the amino acid tryptophan, which is known to aid in synthesizing the “happy hormone” serotonin. Similarly, cannabidiol is known to interact with the body's endocannabinoids, resulting in a regulation of the same neurotransmitter.

Combined in a single product, tryptophan and cannabidiol have the potential to be a long-term solution for stress relief and general wellness.

Long Lasting Effects: Though CBD products like vapes and sublingual oils have higher bioavailability, studies show that CBD-based edibles can have their advantages. Scientific research reveals that orally ingested CBD can potentially have a longer effect time when compared to other methods.

Such a difference can be evidenced in vapes and capsules. The effects of the former tend to fade within an hour, while the benefits of CBD capsules can last for more than four hours. Moreover, a study conducted in association with Trait Biosciences Inc., Los Alamos, NM, USA, revealed that the fatty acids found in food items increased the bioavailability of cannabidiol.


Less Potency: One of the disadvantages of using CBD chocolates is the reduced product potency. The cannabidiol in the chocolate must first be broken down by the digestive system before the body can access it. During the digestive process, there is a significant loss of product, with studies suggesting only up to 6% of CBD is available for eventual use.

Where Can I Buy CBD Chocolate Bars Near Me?

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How to Use Your CBD Chocolate?

The beauty of CBD edibles, such as CBD chocolate, is that they’re very easy to use. Depending on the type of chocolate you buy, there will be many ways of ingesting it.

The good news is that no matter the type of CBD chocolate you have chosen, it’ll surely be one of the easiest and tastiest ways to ingest your daily dose of cannabidiol.

When it comes to the traditional chocolate bars, all you have to do is check how much CBD each portion contains and eat accordingly to reach your daily intake. In cases where that information isn’t displayed on the packaging, you can easily calculate it by diving the total amount of CBD by the number of squares.

Other types of CBD chocolate might be a bit trickier to measure, especially when it comes in the form of powder. Nevertheless, in these cases, the brands often add information on how to calculate the content of CBD per gram, which makes it easier for consumers to know just how much they need to eat.

Whatever the case, one of the benefits of eating CBD chocolate is that the bioavailability of this product is often higher than other edibles. This means that your body will absorb the cannabidiol faster and easier, something that happens because the chocolate melts in your mouth.

How To Make Your Own CBD Chocolate

Are you planning to make CBD chocolate at home? Don't worry; it is surprisingly doable even if you have never tried to make your chocolate before. In fact, with the right ingredients and set-up, you can have your item ready in less than two hours.                                   

Making CBD chocolate requires the same steps as regular chocolate making, the only difference being the addition of CBD drops to the mix before preparation. The ingredients for both types of chocolate are essentially the same, and to make a basic, no-frills CBD item, you will need

  • Chocolate Molds
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Saucepan
  • Clear, heat-resistant bowl
  • Coconut Oil
  • CBD Oil

The typical dose for a regular-sized CBD bar is approximately 180 mg, so if you are planning to make an item of this size, the amount ought to serve you well.

To make CBD chocolate, you only need to melt the chips first – you can use the glass bowl for this purpose. First, heat water in the saucepan till it boils. Once the liquid is sufficiently hot, place the bowl onto the water and add the chocolate chips and the coconut oil.

Stir the mix until all the chips have properly melted, and let it cool for a while. Once the mix is sufficiently chilled, you can add CBD drops to the mix before pouring the molten chocolate into the molds.

You only need to freeze the mix for an hour until your CBD chocolate is ready!

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Conclusion: What is the Best CBD Chocolate?

The flavor is an important determinant of all good CBD edibles. The best CBD chocolates use high-grade cocoa and natural sweeteners to achieve their unique flavors. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for darker, more bitter variants or sweeter, milk-based chocolates. But no matter the product, you should always insist on a CoA to back up the purity claims of the brands.




What does CBD chocolate do?

CBD chocolate is a cannabidiol-infused edible. This means that you will be able to ingest your daily dose of CBD by eating the chocolate and access all the possible health benefits this cannabis compound has to offer. Moreover, chocolate melts in your mouth and, unlike other edibles that you need to chew, allows you to absorb the CBD more easily.

How much CBD chocolate should you eat?

The answer to this question depends on the amount of CBD you want to take in a day. We recommend that you check this with your doctor. Once you know what is the ideal dosage you should take, all you need to do is check the quantity of CBD present in a portion of chocolate and eat enough to match your desired amount.

Is CBD chocolate legal?

The legislation on CBD varies widely between countries and even regions in the same country. We recommend that you consult the local regulations on cannabidiol and CBD-infused edibles in your place of residence before purchasing any product online. Please also check if it’s legal to import CBD products from abroad to avoid having your parcels seized by customs.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more informations.

I have been writing several articles on the Internet about natural products and eco-friendly ways to help with general wellbeing. I became interested in CBD when I traveled to the US. I believe everyone should have access to reviews and testimonials to obtain quality and certified products.