How Long After Taking CBD Oil Can I Drink Water?

Did you take your dose of CBD and suddenly realize that you are parched? Are you wondering how long you should wait before drinking water? 

Drinking water immediately after using CBD can have some effects on the substance. Read on to find out. 

Should You Drink Water After Taking CBD Oil? 

It is best to stay off the water if you want your CBD oil to have the maximum effect possible.  

People take CBD oil for several reasons. Due to its anxiolytic and analgesic properties, CBD can be highly effective in treating anxiety, stress, and body aches. 

Depending on these symptoms, the methods of taking CBD vary, from sublingually administered tinctures to CBD oil capsules. But all CBD products' main aim is to enter the bloodstream from where it can work its benefits. 

Drinking water immediately after using CBD oil disrupts this process of CBD entering the bloodstream. The effect of this interruption is greater in orally-ingested CBD because it hampers its proper breakdown. 

When you take CBD as oil capsules, you need to give your body some time to metabolize it. A minimum of 30 minutes is necessary because, during this period, the capsule gets broken down in the stomach before entering the bloodstream.  

Drinking water during this time interrupts the proper breakdown of this substance and affects the potency as the water dilutes the CBD. Even sublingually using CBD oil, you should wait at least 30 seconds to 1 minute to drink water after taking the oil. 

Liquids can affect the effectiveness of the CBD as it gets absorbed via the mouth lining in the sublingual method. For most types of CBD oil administration, drinking water can affect the potency of the CBD and should be taken before taking the oil to ensure the best experience. 

Can You Drink Water Immediately After Taking CBD Oil? 

Drinking water immediately after taking CBD oil is possible but not recommended. 

A precaution like this is necessary because water can negatively affect the potency of CBD oil. This care is doubly necessary when using orally administered CBD products. 

CBD must be properly absorbed into the bloodstream to provide its full benefits. When taking CBD oil sublingually or in capsule form, it is best to let it sit in the system for some time. Drinking water at this crucial time could potentially flush away the CBD before it can get absorbed into the blood. 

Of the two, the sublingual methods require lesser time to take effect than CBD oil capsules. So when taking CBD oil via the mouth lining, you need to wait for a lesser to drink water. The substance takes around 15 minutes to take full effect, and after this, you can drink water without causing many issues. 

For CBD oil capsules, the wait time is much longer, going up to 60 minutes for some products. During this time, it is vital that you not drink water as it could flush away the CBD and diminish its effects on your body. 

But there are instances where you can take CBD oil by adding a few drops into your food or drink. This method of CBD intake is suited for beginners who don’t have much experience with CBD. 

Since the effects of this substance vary depending on the person’s constitution, using CBD with food is a great way to venture into the CBD lifestyle. Adding the oil into your morning cup or salad dressing decreases the chances of the CBD being overwhelming while still being potent enough to provide all its necessary benefits. 

What is Water Soluble CBD? 

Research shows that in the case of administered CBD oil like tinctures and capsules, only as little as 4% can sometimes get accessed by the body. 

The hydrophobic nature of CBD oils is to blame for most of this issue as they cannot get dissolved in water. The nature of the carrier oils also contributes to this quality.  

Because CBD oil refuses to dissolve in water, the body can access a lower percentage of the substance's CBD content. In such situations, despite the CBD successfully passing the lipid bilayer, its benefits are still unavailable because of its hydrophobic nature. 

Water-soluble CBD is the answer to this problem because CBD is soluble in this form, making more of the substance accessible for the body’s use.  

Such a product also ensures that a lesser amount of CBD is flushed away even if you drink water after using the product. This result is possible since the CBD, already water-soluble, is quickly absorbed by the mouth or stomach linings after ingestion. 

Since the body absorbs more CBD in lesser time, there is a lesser loss of the product even if you drink water after using the CBD oil. 


Your body typically needs some time to fully absorb the CBD into your bloodstream when using CBD oil. 

Drinking water immediately can cause the substance to get flushed out of the body. So, it is better to wait for the CBD to be absorbed than take a second dose. 




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