How Much CBD For Dogs? The Right Dosage to Consider

Fortunately, many CBD products are available for topical or oral applications. However, before adding CBD supplements to your dog's diet, you must stick to the proper dosage. Otherwise, the product may not effectively manage your pet's conditions. Below, you can learn more about the proper dosage when using CBD for Dogs.  

How much CBD should I give to my dog?  

Perhaps, you've come across many reports on the potential health benefits of CBD, and you want to try CBD products on your dog. But, then, you must consider several factors like dosage, delivery method, and more before feeding your dog CBD products. Many Vets recommend starting with a moderate to low dosage to assess your dog's tolerance to CBD.   

You can start with a broad-spectrum CBD product with other cannabinoids, excluding THC, which is toxic for dogs. Based on the ongoing trials, some vets suggest about 0.1 to 0.2 mg per pound of your dog's weight. Then, you can observe the effects to see if you need to up or reduce this dosage.  

How to calculate the right CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs  

Unlike other CBD products, it may be harder to administer CBD oil to your dog, which usually comes with arranged doses. Some owners administer CBD oil to their dogs daily. In contrast, others only use CBD as an occasional supplement for specific issues. In addition, brands can give different guidelines based on CBD concentration in their oils. You will find here the best CBD brands for dogs.

However, you must consider your dog's weight and underlying health conditions before administering the product. The general rule of thumb is about 1 to 2 mg per 10 pounds of the dog's weight. So, for instance, if your dog's weight is 25 pounds, then you can give 5 mg of CBD.  

Examples of CBD Dosage for small-sized dogs  

To calculate a proper CBD dosage for your dog, you will have to look at the formula strength in your product. For instance, if your dog weighs about 20 pounds or less, the moderate dose of 75 mg formula strength will be 1.5ml for 3mg. We also stick to lower CBD concentrations for small dogs.  

Examples of CBD dosage for large-sized dogs   

If you have a big dog weighing about 40 to 100 pounds, you should consider a higher dosage of CBD, from 4 mg to 10 mg. Higher dosages for large-sized dogs can also range from 20 mg to 50 mg. However, this calculation is subject to individual CBD oil concentrations from different companies. 

What about the dosage of CBD treats for dogs?  

Finding the proper dosage when using CBD for pets and humans can be tricky. Since dogs are more sensitive than humans, you must follow a suitable pattern when adding CBD supplements to your dog's diet. Luckily, some brands offer pet-specific CBD treats, making it easier to administer the correct dosage of CBD treats for dogs  

Therefore, you should choose a reputable CBD dog treats company that will give you serving size suggestions based on your dog's weight. We also recommend purchasing a high-quality product to avoid toxicity and harmful side effects to your dog's general well-being.  


Our advice on finding the right CBD dosage for dogs  

You are ready to tap into your furry friend's miracle or potential healing benefits. But, it's crucial to determine the proper dosage before giving your dog any CBD product. This will ensure that your pet gets all the essential benefits you need. We recommend the steps below to find the right CBD dosage for dogs. 

1. Start small and give CBD step-by-step. 

First, you should note that CBD therapy does not offer a one-time cure to your dog's health condition; instead, it works through a gradual process. Therefore, we usually advise pet owners to start with smaller doses and observe the CBD effects on their dogs. You may also choose a high-quality company that offers detailed dosing guidelines for their specific products.  

In addition, smaller doses mean that you can observe your dog's reaction to CBD products without too many complications. You may not need a higher dosage if you're considering CBD therapy only for general wellness. 

2. Be regular and consistent. 

For effectiveness and general wellness, you must stick to a pattern when using CBD products for your dog. This means you must choose a suitable delivery method, orally through oil and treats or topically like lotions or creams. In addition, it helps to follow a standard and consistent dose guideline to promote the effects of CBD products on your dog.  

In addition, if you're using CBD products to manage joint pain and inflammation in dogs, you may have to wait for two to four weeks before noticing any significant improvement in your dog's condition. Therefore, you must follow a regular and consistent routine when administering CBD to your dog.    

3. Don't hesitate to adjust the CBD dosage.

Lastly, you should keep in mind that there is no conclusive research on the exact dosage of CBD products for dogs. So many pet owners often go through trial and error before finding the correct doses. Therefore, if you've started with a small dosage and haven't noticed any effects on your dog's behavior, you shouldn't hesitate to adjust your CBD dosage.  

However, just because you use higher doses of CBD doesn't mean you will get more effective results. Meanwhile, if the dose is too high or too low, likely, you won't get any benefits until you find the right dose.  

The Bottom Line  

Ultimately, you can choose CBD oils or CBD dog treats as an alternative treatment to ensure your dog's general safety and wellness. You must administer the right doses based on your dog's weight and the delivery method. After this article, you can now calculate the right CBD dosage for your dog.  

I am the author of many Internet articles and am very passionate about natural remedies. Thanks to my research and studies, I aim to provide the readers with clear and educational information about CBD consumption.