Negative Side Effects Of CBD Gummies

CBD gummies of the hemp-derived type have no more than 0.3% THC content at worst, and this is probably why people generally consider it to be low risk. And in this article, we'll let you know what possible side effects to have in mind as you chew on those little pops of cannabinoid bliss.  

Is it safe to take CBD Gummies? 

While research on the safety of CBD consumption is ongoing, CBD gummies have long been considered a relatively safe product. This is mostly due to its position as a hemp-derived product, with its zero to tolerable THC content as its biggest advantage. And while there are some potential side effects to look out for while using it, many of them are mild and will probably not be too much of a concern.  

So if you can verify the authenticity of the product or the reputation of the supplier, you can go ahead to use it without much worry. The product's manufacturer's label should provide information about its composition. It should also come with a CoA report from an independent third-party lab, accessible through a scan-able barcode.  

Potential Side Effects of Eating CBD Gummies 

Dry Mouth 

If you've ever had a taste of other THC-containing cannabis products, then you may have experienced the dry mouth effect, also known as “cotton mouth.” While it is probably not as severe, CBD gummies can give you a dry mouth when you take them in sufficient amounts. You may feel your mouth sucked dry of every bit of moisture, and it is most often the herald of a kicking in of the CBD effect. While you can feel the dryness mostly around your mouth, your eyes can also experience the same sensation. This effect will most often wear out after a couple of hours at most.  


When taken in sufficient quantities, CBD gummies can slightly knock you off your perch. The cannabinoid receptors in our brain may react differently to different doses of CBD consumption. And while this may look like a bad thing, some people have turned to it to help them sleep better. It has a sedating effect that can be put to good use and likewise abused. If you need to get some serious work done at the office, taking a heavy dose of CBD gummies may not be the best idea. But if you've recently been struggling with your sleep, you can take a healthy dose to set you up for a quality night's rest.  


CBD gummies, like every other edible product, pass through the digestive system before they start to take effect. And on its way through, it may literally touch a nerve and cause some discomfort in its users. This depends to a large extent on certain factors such as the sensitivity of the person to CBD usage and the presence of any eating disorders, to mention a few. The body weight and rate of metabolism of the user also play a part, thus making it less straightforward to categorize Nausea as an obvious side effect.  

Changes In Appetite 

If you've ever experienced the “highs” that come with taking most cannabis products, you may have also experienced the munchies at some point. It is the pressing urge to fill up your stomach with food, and it is due to the appetite-stimulating effects that can come from cannabis use. While you'll not remotely reach the same heights when you take CBD gummies, you may experience a similar sensation, albeit very mildly. This is mostly because CBD gummies do not quite boast of the same THC content as their cannabis counterparts.  

Final Thoughts: How to know if you took too many CBD Gummies 

There are some downsides to CBD gummies use, and many of them easily kick in when you've had a little too much. If you feel dizzy or even sloppy after having a go at it, it could be your cue to drop the jar or packet of gummies. This calls for moderation on your part (as the user) and the need to be vigilant while using it.  

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