What Does CBD Do For Cats? The Facts and Potential Benefits

Perhaps you've heard about the potential benefits of CBD products for dogs, and now you're wondering what CBD can do for your cat. Unfortunately, few studies show that CBD can effectively treat different kinds of cat health conditions. Follow this article to learn more about the facts and potential benefits of CBD for cats.  

Is CBD Safe For Cats? Experiences and Researches  

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the most active ingredients in the cannabis plant. Studies show that CBD comes from the hemp plant, a Cannabis Sativa extract containing less than 0.3 THC. Some people give their pets CBD products as an alternative remedy to conventional medicine to ensure different health benefits.  

So far, no scientific studies or clinical trials have been published concerning the use of CBD in cats. As a result, most vets and pet owners try to interpret the research and studies on using CBD in dogs for their cat patients. Based on this, CBD is generally effective and safe for cats with some minimal side effects.  

In addition, a survey by Leafreport on 1,448 American pet owners showed that 50 percent use CBD for their cat or dog based on their vets' recommendation. Over two-thirds of the survey members confirmed that CBD significantly improves their pet's well-being. Seventy-four percent admit that they could recommend CBD products to other pet owners.   

Meanwhile, in a report by Weedmaps, Malaca Lang shared that her cat hates loud noises and would get very nervous during a thunderstorm. Lang stated that she purchased a CBD oil for its calming effects, which worked for her cat. Some brands also offer pet-specific in various forms like oil tinctures, edibles, and chew treats.  

How Can CBD Work On Your Cat's System?  

The endocannabinoid system or ECS is a complex system that regulates the body's essential processes in all humans and some animals. The brain has the majority of endocannabinoid receptors. And each ECS component, such as cannabinoids, enzymes, receptors, and others, interacts with various systems and mechanisms.   

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system enzymes and can positively impact the human brain and behavior. In 2019, the Animals journal published a study on how CBD-rich hemp nutraceuticals in pets' diets affect their blood chemistry. Scientists administered 2mg CBD concentration to eight dogs and eight cats twice daily.  

After 12 weeks, the dogs showed no significant changes. Still, the trial's cats showed behavioral changes such as excessive head shaking and licking. In addition, one cat had high levels of a particular enzyme. However, the study remains inconclusive on how CBD dosage and other factors affect felines.  

In addition, CBD does not contain THC, so it doesn't have any significant psychoactive effects and causes a “high” sensation. It comes in various forms and contains three extracts: Full-spectrum, Broad-Spectrum CBD, and CBD Isolate. Overall, CBD can help improve your cat's mental and physical well-being.  

4 Potential Benefits of CBD for Cats  

Despite the limited science-backing on the safety and effects of CBD oils for cats, its use in animals is pretty common. Many people admit that they give their cats CBD products to treat different health conditions. This section will address four potential benefits you can get from using CBD for cats.  

1. CBD can help cats suffering from Anxiety 

Like humans, many cats suffer from anxiety, possibly due to several situational and health conditions. So your feline may experience anxiety due to a recent move, separation anxiety, health problems, or trauma. Some signs that your kitty is stressed include pacing, hiding, panting, toilet accidents, or even aggression.  

However, many believe that CBD can be a natural remedy to lower anxiety in cats with minimal side effects. Studies show that CBD can reduce the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers anxiety. CBD cat treats come in various forms and offer a calming effect on the feline's endocannabinoid system.  

2. CBD can help cats with Arthritis  

Arthritis is quite prevalent among dogs, but few people know that this disease also affects cats. The symptoms of arthritis in cats include mobility issues like slow movement, stiffness, limping, lack of appetite, and lethargy. It also causes joint inflammation, which can cause severe pain and discomfort.   

The disease affects both old and young cats, and it's a problem for many cats. However, some cat owners use CBD oil for arthritis alongside the standard drug prescription. It can offer natural anti-inflammatory properties to ease pain and reduce joint inflammation. In addition, CBD targets the brain's vanilloid receptor by decreasing pain perception to reduce chronic pain, increase energy and restore mobility.  

3. CBD can relieve cats with Epilepsy  

Cats with epilepsy experience a lot of seizures and tremors. It creates a way for the brain to release excess electrochemical energy. But, it is not a pleasant experience, and watching your cat have seizures can be very frightening. However, most medicines don't work and come with harsh side effects.  

The good news is that CBD supplements offer neuroprotective qualities. In addition, the American Epilepsy Society conducted a study showing the effects of CBD cats supplements on cats with seizures. The results showed that adding CBD supplements to the cats' diets can reduce the frequency and intensity of attacks by about 50%.  

4. CBD can stimulate the overall health of your cat  

CBD comes in various forms, such as oil tinctures, pet treats, and soft chews with different concentrations of CBD full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate extracts. You can add a healthy supplement to your cat's diet for extra health benefits. For example, some owners give their cats CBD to treat anxiety, stress, seizures, and pain.  

Meanwhile, CBD is a holistic product, and it can help stimulate your cat's overall mental and physical health. You can add CBD supplements to your regular diet to increase energy, productivity, and alertness. It provides the nutrients that may be missing in your everyday diet to promote wellness.  


What Are The Side Effects of Giving CBD to Your Cat?  

After administering the CBD oil dose, you may observe some potential CBD side effects, including;  

  • Diarrhea – Some cats react to CBD with gastrointestinal discomfort or diarrhea. But, cat diarrhea can also be a sign of poor feeding habits.  
  • Vomiting – The taste of CBD oils may also trigger vomiting in some cats. If the vomiting is excessive, you should contact your vet to avoid dehydration and worse.  
  • Drowsiness – High doses of CBD oil has a calming and relaxing effect and cause drowsiness. If your cat falls asleep after taking CBD, then this could be the product taking an impact on the feline. 
  • Low Blood Pressure – A high CBD oil dosage can cause a drop in your cat's blood pressure. It can cause lightheadedness, lethargy, or drowsiness.  

Caution Before Using CBD For Cats 

Dr. Gary Richter, a holistic veterinarian, owner, and medical director, confirmed that CBD oil is generally safe for cats and offers a variety of holistic health benefits. However, he stated that you have to be careful to use the proper dosage. Otherwise, you may risk overdosing, and the CBD product may cause unwanted effects. 

In addition, pet owners have to be careful when selecting any CBD supplement. You have to choose a company that ensures third-party lab testing with proper certification. It is also essential to discuss with your vet before you start your cat on any alternative supplement to avoid any unpleasant health risks.  

Final Thoughts  

Unlike many drug prescriptions, CBD offers a holistic approach and natural supplements for treating cats. There isn't enough research on the effects of using CBD oil to treat feline health conditions. However, few data reports from vets and owners suggest that CBD is generally safe for cats.  


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