CBD Canada: Where Can You Buy The Best CBD Oils In Canada And Legal Products In 2021?

In this CBD Canada guide, you will find out more about the applicable laws in the country, but you will also discover the best CBD sites where you can buy your CBD products. Following our advice, you will be able to discover high-quality biological CBD products while at the same time having a pleasant shopping experience, and ensuring that your payments and orders are safe. Keep reading to find out which are the best CBD oils in Canada and the online shops to buy them.


New 1 CBDNorth: The CBD shop from Canadians to Canadians
Our choice 2 CBD Magic Review: The best Canadian Online Dispensary with Affordable Prices
3 CBD2HEAL Review: the luxury CBD brand in Canada
Our choice 4 Naturecan Review: CBD Products From the USA to the World
5 Max CBD Wellness: The online shop that consistently delivers high-quality
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How to get CBD in Canada?

physical cbd shop

In a local & physical shop

Each territory and province is responsible for the control of physical shops, so the best way to find out more information about the legality of the shops near you is to do some research on the current legislation in your location. This option of shopping for CBD products is great as you will be able to have close interactions with shop staff that can guide you and advise you in your purchases.

Importing cbd

Importing from abroad

Canada’s legislation allows for the import of CBD products from foreign countries. Having the possibility of ordering from overseas will allow Canadian consumers to have a wider range of products available to choose from. In fact, several brands available in France are some of the most sought after by consumers from Canada.

online cbd shop

In an online shop

The best and easiest option to purchase CBD products is opting for an online shop. The internet has a large number of high-quality brands and products, which are usually at a more competitive price. The wide range of variety will allow you to be able to compare and decide on which products will be the best match for your needs.

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Where to buy CBD online in Canada?

Canada has one of the most forward legislations in the world in terms of CBD products, so buying and importing CBD products is not a problem. We recommend that you have a look at the shops in our website that deliver to Canada, as you will surely be able to find one that sells the products you are looking for, and you might even get a discount through our promo codes!

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TOP 5 best CBD shops online in Canada (October 2021)

1. CBDNorth Canada

CBDNorth is the ideal online shop for buyers that like to purchase their products locally. The premium-grade CBD products sold by this brand are made with all-natural ingredients and made in British Columbia. You can rest assured that all products you can find are of the finest industrial grade hemp extract.

  • PRO: Isolate and full-spectrum CBD available
  • CON: Doesn’t have a wide range of products

2. CBDMagic Canada

The most trusted CBD seller in the country is CBD Magic, and there are many reasons for that. This company believes in pairing innovation with nature, and that is why the products made by this brand are some of the best in the market. The reviews from previous customers speak for themselves, with 99% satisfaction! Learn more about CBD Magic here

  • PRO: Products are made in Canada
  • CON: Deliveries only in Canada

3. CBD2HEAL Canada

CBD2HEAL is one of the best online shops to buy your CBD in Canada. This shop offers quality and variety, and you can benefit from their expertise in the industry. With over 40 years of combined experience, this team aims to be the leader when it comes to luxury CBD products. From full-spectrum to isolate, whatever you are looking for is available here. Learn more about CBD2HEAL here

  • PRO: Free shipping in Canada
  • CON: Deliveries only in Canada

4. CBD-Oil-Canada.ca

CBD-Oil-Canada makes it to the podium with one of the most interesting CBD products on the market. Apart from the high-quality CBD items for humans that this brand sells, you will be amazed by the impeccable options for pets. On top of the products, CBD-Oil-Canada also has an excellent blog to help its customers learn more about the benefits of the cannabis plant.

  • PRO: The best CBD brands on one website
  • CON: Lack of details about certain products

6. Herb Approach CBD Canada

Herb Approach is one of the leaders in the market, and there are plenty of reasons why. This shop caters to all tastes and needs, and you’ll find an incredible collection of CBD products available. From tinctures to gummies and everything in between, whatever you’re looking for can be found here.

  • PRO: Extreme variety of products
  • CON: Minimum order of $100

From Ottawa to Calgary, and across the whole country, many online shops deliver CBD to your home. But how to choose the right one? MiisterCBD analysed many shops to give you a list of the best ones. Our criteria include:

  • Growth, sourcing, and production methods used for the CBD
  • Certification by third-party laboratories
  • Delivery times and locations

Other excellent shops that didn’t make it to the top 3 include Charlotte’s Web, Tilray, and Sativex.

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TOP 10 best CBD oils in Canada (October 2021)

NumberCBD Oils CanadaTotal CBD (in mg.)Range of CBD potencyCBD FeaturesCost for 500 mg.Customer ReviewsWhere to buy?

CBDNorth Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

500 mg. to 2000 mg.


Full Spectrum, CBD, CBG, CBDV & THCV

$70,00 CAD



CBDMagic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

500 mg. to 4000 mg.

17 to 133 mg./ml.

Full Spectrum Tincture, MCT, < 0,3% THC

$59,99 CAD



CBD2HEAL Pure CBD Oil Tincture

500 mg. to 4000 mg.

17 to 133 mg./ml.

THC Free, 100 % Organic & Non-GMO

$49,99 CAD



Endoca Raw Hemp Oil

300 mg. to 1500 mg.

30 to 150 mg./ml.

CBD + CBDa, Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO

$52,00 CAD



Honest Botanicals Full Spectrum CBD Oil

250 mg. to 2500 mg.

8 to 83 mg./ml.

MCT Oil, from Canadian Grown Cannabis

$65,00 CAD



Mota CBD Oil Tincture

450 mg. to 1000 mg.

15 to 33 mg./ml.

Good taste and perfect to sleep well

$80,00 CAD



Naturecan Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

500 mg. to 4000 mg.

50 to 400 mg./ml.

THC Free, Vegan, and Organic MCT Carrier Oil

$43,50 CAD



Island Therapeutics CBD Oil

250 mg. to 1000 mg.

8 to 33 mg./ml./p>

THC Free, local crafted products

$65,00 CAD



MaxCBD Wellness Relief CBD Oil

300 mg. to 2500 mg.

10 to 83 mg./ml.

All-natural ingredients, ideal for pain relief

$80,00 CAD



Naturicious High Quality CBD Oils

500 mg. to 3000 mg.

17 to 100 mg./ml.

Fast shipping

$58,50 CAD



Sativum Raw Hemp CBD Oil

300 mg. to 2500 mg.

30 to 250 mg./ml.

Full Spectrum, Sustainably packaged

$45,00 CAD


Whether you are from Quebec or British Columbia you’ll find here the best CBD oils available in the country. CBD oils are made from cannabidiol extracted from the Sativa Cannabis plant. These oils can be ingested orally and give you access to the health properties of medical marijuana.

Where to buy the best CBD oil in Canada?

1. CBD Magic: Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Tincture 1000mg (30 ml Bottle)

  • $89.99 CAD
  • 1000mg (30ml bottle)
  • Buy it for $71.99 CAD 20% off – Coupon: MIISTERCBD

Buy now

How to get CBD oil in Canada and Why?

On the Internet you will find thousands of websites where you can buy CBD products. Nevertheless, our goal is to protect you against any possible scams and untrustworthy brands. In fact, we are only promoting 100% organic products at the best prices.

Discover our reviews of the best shops that deliver in Canada. Here you will learn more about all the services provided by the best brands in the CBD world. All the online outlets you will find on our website can deliver oils and other products to you in Canada completely legally. With high-quality products, tested by laboratories, you will finally find the CBD that will fit your needs.

Cannabis is used as a herbal medicine for centuries, but only today is research trying to discover how this plant’s components react with the body. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a biological system that all mammals have, much like the digestive or the nervous system, that is responsible for keeping the body in balance. By using CBD oil, you’re helping your body ensure it keeps its balance, thus allowing for a healthier feeling. Some benefits of CBD include:

  • Pain relief
  • May reduce anxiety and depression
  • Helps with cancer-related symptoms
  • Decreases inflammation

Although very rare, some people notice side effects from CBD, such as digestive alterations and diarrhea.

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The best CBD gummies Canada


1. Zen Leafs CBD Gummies

  • 300 to 900 mg. CBD
  • $39.00 CAD
  • 20% off – Coupon: MIISTERCBD

Buy now


2. Cannabis Cousins CBD Candies

  • 100 to 300 mg. CBD
  • $29,00 CAD
Buy now


3. Honest Botanicals Vegan CBD Gummies

  • 300 mg. CBD
  • $36,00 CAD
Buy now

The best CBD edibles in Canada are those sold by CBD Magic. With six options of CBD gummies, you can choose different ones to help you with sleep or pain. The dosages vary between 300mg and 900mg, with some products being made from 99% pure CBD isolate while others are full-spectrum.

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The best CBD creams Canada

cm-full-spectrum-cbd-pain-cream-1000mg (1)

1. CBDMagic CBD pain cream

  • 500 mg. to 4000 mg.
  • from $59.99 CAD
  • 20% off – Coupon: MIISTERCBD
Buy now

2. CBD2Heal Healing Salve CBD cream

  • 500 mg. to 4000 mg.
  • from $49.99 CAD
  • 20% off – Coupon: MIISTERCBD

Buy now


3. Mary + Wanda Eczema Relief CBD cream

  • 180 mg
  • $42.00 CAD
  • Full Spectrum, herbalist product
Buy now

When it comes to topical products, CBD2HEAL takes the lead. Not only are the products of excellent quality, but there is also variety. From salves to skin balms, and even a tattoo aftercare lotion, you will get the best of the best here. The CBD dosages range between 250mg and 4000mg. Discover the products here.

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The best CBD capsules Canada


1. CBD2Heal Pure CBD Gel capsules

  • 500 mg. to 1000 mg.
  • From $49.99 CAD
  • 20% off – Coupon: MIISTERCBD
Buy now

2. CBDMagic Hemp CBD Gel capsules

  • 600 mg. to 1000 mg.
  • From $69.99 CAD
  • 20% off – Coupon: MIISTERCBD

Buy now


3. Honest Botanicals CBD Gel capsules

  • 1500 mg.
  • $160.00CAD
  • Made in Canada, MCT Coconut oil
Buy now

Those who don’t like the taste of hemp can find the best CBD capsules at Endoca. This brand offers options in medium and strong concentrations, ranging between 300mg and 1500mg. Along with CBD, you will benefit from omega 3, vitamins D and E, flavonoids, terpenes, and much more! You can choose from raw or heated CBD formulas.

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The best CBD oils for dogs Canada

NumberCBD for dogs CanadaTotal CBD (in mg.)Range of CBD potencyCBD FeaturesCost for 500 mg.Customer ReviewsWhere to buy?

Honest Botanicals CBD oil for dogs

250 mg. to 1000 mg.8,3 to 33,2 mg./ml.Bacon flavoured$60,00 CAD4,8/5

CBD2Heal Pets CBD oil tincture

150 mg. to 500 mg.5 to 16,6 mg./ml.For small to medium-sized pets$49,99 CAD4,6/5

CBDMagic Full spectrum Hemp oil for pets

500 mg.16,6 mg.Free shipping$59,99 CAD4,5/5
If you are looking for the best CBD products for your furry friends then CBD-Oil-Canada has you covered. The CBD oil for pets by Honest Botanicals offers your pet 99.9% pure CBD isolate. You can choose from 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg. This product also contains MCT oil.
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What are the best CBD products in Canada?

It is difficult to select one or two of the best products available in Canada at the moment, as there is a very wide variety of CBD products on the market. Luckily, over the past years, the market has been bridging the gap between what the consumers are looking for and what the shops have to offer, so in 2021 there is nothing you can’t find in the CBD world. You will be able to find different types of:

  • CBD oils for anxiety Canada or for sleep
  • CBD bath bombs Canada
  • CBD isolate Canada
  • CBD seeds Canada
  • CBD vape juice Canada
  • CBD edibles Canada
  • CBD tinctures Canada
  • CBD teas Canada

The best option at the moment would be for you to go through our suggested shops and check out which products they are offering.

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Final thoughts: How to buy CBD online legally in Canada? The ultimate guide

Canada is one of the biggest hemp producers in the world. People in this country have a particular view on this plant and as well as on the effects of cannabis. For example, the molecule of cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, which means that CBD doesn’t have any direct impact on your brain and you can’t get high as you would with THC. CBD can be useful for some health treatments, but we advise you to consult your doctor to find out more information.


How to choose your CBD store in Canada?

One important thing to take into consideration when selecting a CBD shop online is how safe the shop is. Like any online business, there are scammers, so you need to be informed and protect yourself against buying low-quality or fake CBD products. By following our suggestions you will find the best online shops that offer delivery in Canada at the best prices.


What is the best CBD product for you?

The ideal CBD product varies from person to person, as well as their needs. Depending on the type of goal you have with your CBD consumption, you might opt for an oral ingestion CBD product, or maybe a cream, or perhaps you are looking for CBD for your pet. The best option is to do some research on the different types of products and dosages and find out which might be the best option for you. You might also consider contacting a health professional who might be able to better guide you in this matter.


Promotional codes to help you cut down your costs

MiisterCBD™ also offers the opportunity to match your ideal shop with promotional codes that will help you have the best products at a good price. We recommend that you check out the shops which offer a coupon code, so you can try some new products at the best price.


The last step is receiving the order, and enjoying!

Once you have chosen your ideal shop, selected your products, added your promo code and confirmed the order by way of payment, you are all set and ready to sit back and relax, while you wait for your package. We truly believe that you will be able to find the perfect shop and the right products for you on our website, so make sure to have a look through the available shops. And don’t forget, enjoy it!

criteria- cbd
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Why can you trust these CBD brands?

We know that CBD became a very famous substance in Canada after both the people and the government decided to recognize the benefits cannabidiol products have on its consumers’ health. Having been used for thousands of years, cannabis sativa is well-known for its anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties, and it is with great pleasure that we have set up our shopping guide to help you find the best CBD products online.

Our commitment


The highest quality of products

Our team has completed a thorough research about the different brands available in the market, as well as tested and tried a wide range of products and shops in order to guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchases. We provide you with detailed information on brands, items, and online shops that sell CBD, in order to ensure that you have access to the best, safest, and trustworthy products.

online shop

The best services

MiisterCBD™ has established a strict list of selection criteria which is available to our readers. We selected a series of characteristics and requirements that each shop must meet in order to be recommended on our shopping guide. (For example: Delivery services that will leave you satisfied due to their fast despachment and discreet parcels). Due to this, we have committed ourselves to provide our readers with the best guide for CBD lovers.


The transparency

Our main goal is allowing our readers to have access to a wide range of safe and serious online shops, with high-quality products, which are sourced and produced biologically. We aim to highlight CBD products derived from organic sourcing and biologic production. All the shops we recommend in our website are certified by third-party laboratories, have positive reviews from previous consumers, and have passed our quality assurance screening.

How did we pick up these brands? Selection criteria:

You will find that there are hundreds of different products, brands, shops, dosages, and it is normal to be confused and feel a bit lost, especially if this is your first time shopping. This might be one of the main barriers to consumers, and we therefore decided to put this knowledge of the sector into practice by sharing a list of detailed criteria that will help you make the right choice:

  • Are the available products of high-quality?
  • Is there a wide range of variety in terms of products?
  • What are the sourcing and extracting methods of CBD?
  • Which production methods does the brand use?
  • Are the products certified by a third-party laboratory?
  • What are the delivery times and locations available for delivery?
  • Is there a customer support service?
  • Are the payment methods safe and varied?
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is CBD legal in Canada (2021)?

The short answer is yes. Cannabis has been recognized as beneficial by the Canadian Government several years ago, thus being considered a medicinal supplement. The Federal Government has also passed the Canada’s Cannabis Act in 2018, which legalized recreational cannabis.

Do I need a prescription to buy CBD in Canada?

No, for the moment there is no need to have a medical prescription to purchase CBD products in Canada. We do, however, recommend that you get in touch with a medical professional before consuming CBD as they might be able to better recommend which type of product/dosage would be best for you.

What's the best brand of CBD oil to buy in Canada?

The beauty of buying CBD oil online is that you are able to find numerous brands that will match your needs. In the case of Canada, there are actually a top 3 of the best CBD oils to buy: CBDMagic, CBD2Heal, and Endoca. If you are looking for high-quality CBD oils, surely you will be able to get them in one of these shops.

Why to buy CBD online in Canada?

Canada has a great legislation on the sale and consumption of CBD, however, the country is massive and surely you will benefit from products online that you would not be able to find in physical shops, or, maybe you would have to travel for hours to find them. The safety and efficiency of buying CBD online will make you have a smooth experience, have access to some discount codes, all from the comfort of your home.

What is an online dispensary?

Very developed in all of North America, dispensaries are licensed outlets where you can find cannabis’ products, and therefore, CBD. Like a normal drugstore, these shops provide you with special customer service with sellers who listen and advise you. Currently you can also find dispensaries on the Internet. With a Live-chat service, they help you find the products that will fit your needs.

How much does CBD cost in Canada?

There is no easy answer to this question. CBD prices vary widely and depend on a number of factors. One of the aspects that has an important impact on the price of products is the concentration of CBD. This means that a product that contains 150mg of CBD is going to be cheaper than one that has 4000mg CBD.

How to find a CBD wholesaler in Canada?

The best option to find a CBD wholesaler in Canada is to check if your favourite brands provide this service. For instance, CBD Magic offers this option. You can also check if there are any local producers where you live and contact them to purchase your CBD in bulk.

Average customer reviews about the brands: 4,9/5.
cbd canada

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