Where Can You Buy Legal CBD Products in Ireland? 10 Best Irish Shops in (2023)

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound that naturally occurs in the hemp plant. This plant is also commonly called Cannabis Sativa, and it has been used for several years due to the benefits it promotes in those who consume it. At MiisterCBD, you’ll find detailed information about different online shops, CBD Ireland brands, and products. Our main goal is to help you find the best shop to buy CBD online in which you can discover high-quality oils products in Ireland.


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Top Seller 3 Naturecan
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How to Get CBD in Ireland?

online cbd shop

In an Online Shop

Buying CBD products online is, without a doubt, the easiest way to find high-quality products at the best prices. By choosing an online shop to purchase your CBD you’ll have access to several brands and types of products. This also allows you to compare products before making your choice.

Importing cbd

Importing from Abroad

Being part of a global economy gives you the chance to purchase your CBD products from other countries. This is one of the best options, as foreign online shops often have different types of products for sale that might not be available in Ireland yet.

physical cbd shop

In a Local & Physical Shop

There are certain physical shops in the Republic of Ireland where you can find CBD products. This option is great if you want to ask the shop assistants for help or recommendations on the ideal product that will match your requirements.

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TOP 3 Best CBD Shops Online in Ireland (May 2023)

🥇 Number 1 shop in Ireland

1. Dr.HempMe CBD Ireland

Dr. Hemp Me has 4.5 stars on Trustpilot and is considered an excellent brand by previous customers. It's one of the most trustworthy brands in Ireland, and it offers a very complete online shop with a wide range of CBD products. You can select CBD oils, gummies, cream, vaporizers, and even CBD for pets.

  • PRO: Great offer of products
  • CON: Some products are pricey
🥈 Number 2 shop inIreland

2. Hemp Heros CBD Ireland

Hemp Heroes is another very well-rated brand of CBD that sells in Ireland. This brand offers its own brand products, which have exclusive formulas that are available in a range of potencies. It offers a good range of CBD oils as well as some novelty products such as balms.

  • PRO: Great product collection for pets
  • CON: Smaller potency range than competitors
🥉 Number 3 shop in ireland

3. Naturecan CBD Ireland

Naturecan is known across the world and for a good reason: high-quality products. This is one of the best-rated brands in Ireland and it offers one of the most comprehensive shopping experiences in the country, due to its complete range of products. The products are made with all-natural products and are THC-free.

  • PRO: Free delivery over €50
  • CON: Doesn’t show all products on one page

When looking for a good shop in Ireland there are a few aspects you should always consider if you’re looking for high-quality CBD products: transparency about production and extraction methods, information about tests issued by third-party laboratories, the potency of the products available, range of the products sold, and reviews given by previous customers.

The variety of CBD products available today is neverending, which is quite positive: the online CBD market has decreased the gap between customers’ needs and the products’ accessibility.

Nevertheless, this increase in types of products makes the selection process a bit harder. That is why we want to help you find the best CBD product for you based on the effects you expect and the type of ingestion you prefer.

Make sure to check out the recommended shops that offer CBD products for Ireland. We have analysed the customers’ reviews, the websites and the information they contain, to rank the best CBD shops according to objective criteria.

Buying CBD Oils in Ireland

Selecting the right CBD Oil Ireland is a very individual process as what is ideal for one person might not be for another. Nevertheless, there are always some aspects that should be taken into consideration when searching for top-quality CBD oils:

  • Give preference to oils made through supercritical CO2 extraction of organically grown hemp plants;
  • Ensure that the online shop discloses information about the test results of the CBD batches;
  • Due to the entourage effect, CBD oils made with full-spectrum tend to be more efficient. In case you prefer THC-free oils, then a broad-spectrum option would be preferred;
  • Take the experiences from previous customers into consideration.
  • You can also give CBD to your pets. Read our article about the best CBD oils for Dogs Ireland here.
🥇 1 Best Seller May– Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

  • From £29,99 EUR
  • 250mg. to 4000 mg. CBD
  • THC Free, Vegan and Organic
  • 15% Off with MIISTERCBD15

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Buying CBD Gummies in Ireland

In case you don’t like the taste of hemp, then the best option for you is CBD gummies. These are quite similar to the multivitamin gummies that children often take, except that they are filled with the potentially beneficial properties of CBD oil. Certain CBD gummies also have other vitamins or nutrients. Find out our list of CBD Gummies Ireland here.

Naturecan Vegan and Fruity CBD Gummies

1. Naturecan CBD Fruit Gummies

  • 300 mg. CBD
  • 19.99 EUR
  • 15% off – Coupon: MIISTERCBD15

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CBD gummies Cibdol

2. Cibdol CBD Gummies

  • 300 to 1500mg. CBD
  • From 29,95 EUR
  • Full spectrum

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The Best CBD Vape Juices in Ireland

There is an increasing offer when it comes to CBD vape oils, however, it’s important to note that CBD oils on themselves shouldn’t be vaped. CBD vape oils are often also called vape juices or e-liquids and are formulated to be used in a vaping machine. These ensure your safety and the best results.


1. Naturecan CBD E-liquids

  • 250 to 1000 mg. CBD
  • 24.90 EUR
  • 15% off – Coupon: MIISTERCBD15

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2. Cibdol CBD Vape Juices

  • 500 mg. CBD
  • 29,95 EUR
  • mint, mango and strawberry

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The Best CBD Capsules in Ireland

CBD capsules are ideal for people who want to ensure they take the right dosage every time. These are small capsules that are filled with CBD oil and allow whoever takes them to not only control the right amount of CBD they’re ingesting but also provide a very discreet usage.


1. Naturecan CBD Softgels

  • 10 to 25mg. CBD
  • 24.99 EUR
  • 15% off – Coupon: MIISTERCBD15

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2. Cibdol CBD Softgels

  • 8,33 mg. CBD
  • 29,95 EUR
  • 60 capsules

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Where to Buy CBD Online in Ireland?

When buying CBD online in Ireland, people often wonder if the shop is legit or if they’re being scammed. With this in mind, we have decided to review the feedback given by previous customers as well as evaluate different criteria to give you access to trustworthy and transparent brands that sell the best CBD products in Ireland.


Why Can You Trust These CBD Brands?

It’s often difficult to know whether an online shop is trustworthy or not. Because of this, we’re committed to providing our readers with transparent and honest information about the various brands and products. These reviews were made based on a series of strict criteria that you can read below.


Products of the highest quality

We want to ensure you have access to top-notch CBD products. With this in mind, we give preference to brands that have been positively evaluated by previous customers and which share transparent information about their production practices. Through our suggestions, you’ll always find the best products in the market.

online shop

Good delivery services

Delivery times and locations are one of our priorities when it comes to suggestion brands or online shops to our Irish readers. We always prefer brands that offer delivery services to the country and which offer fast processing times. We also confirm if there is a refund policy on shipped items.


Organic sourcing & Transparent production

MiisterCBD believes in environmentally conscious production, and because of that, we want to give our readers access to organically grown hemp CBD products. This ensures that our readers don’t consume anything that might be toxic or that was treated with pesticides. We also take into consideration the extraction processes used for the CBD.

criteria- cbd

What is our selection criteria?

MiisterCBD™ believes that the first step to take before purchasing any type of CBD based products is to do solid research on the different brands, products, and online shops available in the market, as well as take into consideration the feedback given by previous customers.

We developed this shopping guide where you can find informative and detailed reviews of the different shops to make your research easier.

With our help, you will easily and quickly select the products that can be a better match for you, and that are safe for consumption. Our selection criteria are:

  • The customers’ reviews and the brand’s reputation.
  • The variety and quality of the available products.
  • The sourcing and extracting methods used for the
  • The production methods of the CBD final products.
  • The testing by certified third-party laboratories.
  • The accessibility, usability, and navigation of the website.
  • The transparency and level of detail of the information available on the website.
  • The delivery conditions, times, and packages.
emoticone cbd

Final thoughts: How to Legally Buy CBD Online in Ireland?

Our main goal is to provide our readers with a varied range of CBD products, as well as offering honest reviews about the shops we mention in our shopping guide. Through our help and suggestions, we hope you’ll find the product or brand that better matches your needs and that always offers the best ratio between quality and price.


How to choose your CBD store?

The first step anyone must take before choosing their online CBD shop is: ensure the products have been tested by a certified third-party laboratory. This ensures the high quality of the products you can buy, as well as guarantees that you’re safeguarding yourself and your health.

MiisterCBD™ also recommends you check out the shops suggested for Ireland. We believe we made a selection of the best ones available in the market. You can read our reviews, evaluations, and specific criteria to ensure that it’s the right choice for you.

What is the best CBD product for you?

Once you’ve selected the ideal CBD shop for you, which should be one that offers the brand or types of products you are looking for, the next step is to choose the product itself.

Many shops have several menus depending on the type of products, and some even allow you to filter according to the type of product, brand, or price.

The offer of CBD products is vast, especially internationally and online. Because of this, the best option to find the ideal product for you is to ensure that it meets your requirements in terms of:

  • Type of consumption;
  • Dosage/potency;
  • Taste;
  • Any other properties you might be looking for.

Promotional codes to help you cut down your costs

MiisterCBD™ made the effort to gather several discount codes to help our readers benefit from as many promotions as possible. Through the use of one of our exclusive promo codes, you’ll have a decreased final cost to your purchase. This might allow you to try on a different product or brand.

The last step is receiving the order, and enjoying it!

Once you confirm that your shopping cart has all the necessary items and you have proceeded to the payment section, you can validate your order and soon enough it will be on its way. The delivery times vary from one shop to another. Make sure to read the information about the delivery times and locations before completing your purchase.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really legal to buy CBD in Ireland?

Yes, generally, CBD products are legal in Ireland, however, you should ensure that you are only buying your CBD from shops that are compliant with the EU’s directive on novel foods. Any shop that you can find on MiisterCBD™ offers certified and legal CBD products that you can purchase in Ireland.

Why can I buy CBD online in Ireland?

The variety of products and brands that you can find online will surely allow you to encounter the best products, at the best price, all without having to step out of the door! Shopping for CBD online will also allow you to compare brands and shops so that you can find the right products, as well as benefit from exclusive promotional codes for online shopping.

How to use the best Irish CBD products?

One of the beauties of CBD is that there are several ways of consuming it. Certain products can be ingested orally, while some can be inhaled, or even spread on your skin like a cream. We suggest that you consult your doctor on what type of CBD product is better for your situation and which potency is preferred.

Where can I get the best CBD Oils in Ireland?

While there is a wide variety of different brands selling CBD oils in Ireland, the best ones are Dr. Hempme, Hemp Heros, Naturecan, and Endoca. These four brands offer high-quality, biologically sourced CBD oils with different percentages of CBD. Discover our list of the best CBD oils in Ireland here.

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